Options to outsmart the SEO strategy of your competitors

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When somebody talks about beating their competitors, they think about outsmarting them in revenue generation, products sold, or clients’ ranks. However, the first step you can take in beating your competitors in all parts of a business is by outsmarting them at SEO. If this is your first encounter with digital marketing, you might not know the meaning of SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your web page so that it ranks higher not only on Google but on all search engines out there. It is an effective and functional marketing strategy.

If you are amongst those business owners who want to rise above their competitors but don’t know how to, working on SEO will give you the pathway to success. Search engine optimization consists of various marketing techniques that provide exposure to your brand and increase your online traffic. And trust us, your competitors are already doing it so they can outrank you. Now is the time that you take the same steps to beat them back. Keep on reading if you want to outsmart your competitors with your SEO strategy.

Keep an eye on the backlinking profiles of your competition

While you have to keep an eye on your backlinking profiles regularly, you must monitor the backlinking profiles of your competition as well. Be on the lookout for updates that they implement in their backlinking strategies. The best local SEO strategies are not available online. They are hiding. You have to do your best to find them without your competitors knowing about it.

Numerous websites provide you with the facility of monitoring the backlinks of your competition. One such website is https://www.semrush.com/analytics/backlinks/. Take a look at it if you want details about the backlinks of your competitors.

Give more attention to your content

In the world of digital marketing and SEO, marketers are aware of the fact that high-quality content is crucial to increasing customer engagement. Whether it be an SEO, its content is of utmost importance and will decide if you succeed. Backlinks are not the only thing to pay attention to.

Frequently updating your content with fresh and relevant ideas ensures your website’s relevance on all search engines. Not only will search engines find a liking in your website, but readers will also visit it more often. Plus, people love to share content that interests them. It could lead to your content spreading across the world and going viral. The more high-quality content you create, the more people will read it, which will result in you outsmarting your competitor in terms of bringing in traffic.

Use proper keywords

While you sit down and create content for your website, you must pay attention to the keywords you want to target. You might find a keyword that takes you to the top of all search engine results, but you will have to work extra hard to maintain that ranking. Using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster, you can find web traffic details regarding specific phrases and keywords.

When you find keywords and phrases that generate the most online traffic, try to incorporate them into your content. The more high-quality traffic-generating keywords you place on your content, the higher chance you will rank on the top of search engine results. But, don’t forget to make sure that you use keywords relevant to your niche. If you go for quantity of keywords over quality, it will become counterproductive.

Options To Outsmart The Seo Strategy Of Your Competitors 2

Create a mobile responsive website

According to research, 53 percent of all website traffic around the entire globe was through mobile devices. It made one thing clear to all marketers-You should not ignore mobile device users at all. If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you must adapt according to marketing trends. Building a mobile-friendly website is the first one. Suppose you are operating a website that users find difficult to navigate on their mobile devices.

In that case, it means that you will lose more than half of your website traffic. You will have to perform tweaks to it, including the use of structured data, same photos, texts, videos, meta descriptions, titles, and much more. Also, don’t forget to tweak it for speed. Users don’t like sitting around for ages waiting for your website to open. If something like this happens, they will close it before it even loads up. If your competitors do not have a mobile-based website, then take leverage of the situation, and build or optimize yours.

Ask customers to write reviews

People ask, do writing reviews helps with SEO optimization. Bright Local conducted a study that stated that eighty-six percent of all customers read reviews to gauge products when reaching out to businesses. Furthermore, the study also showed that around fifty-seven of the customers only choose to do business with companies with a 4-star rating.

Reviews provide businesses with a way to give their customers social proof. And such a thing is crucial if they want to attain new leads. So, go ahead and ask your customers to post positive reviews about the products they buy from you. Ask them to comment on your social media pages as thousands of people will be able to review them. If your customers write negative reviews about you, do not worry. Reply to them with professional and positive responses and solve the issues they are facing offline.

Localize your content

Quality content is the backbone of any Successful SEO strategy. If you want to target an audience in your locality, you need to develop content that the locals can read. Find out the pain points the local community is facing. For example, run a travel agency website. You can provide people with online suggestions for sights to see and restaurants to visit in the local neighborhood.

Your aim should be to answer questions raised by your local audience. In the end, whether it be to target the local audience or an international one, you need to have high-quality content on your webpage. And that content should solve the problem of your customer.


Improving your existing search engine rankings or holding on to your current top spot is a tough job. Whether you are a small online business operator or run a multi-million dollar online business, you should give some thought to SEO. If you are searching for leads but not getting any, then focus on using SEO techniques to give your online business a boost in web traffic. By utilizing these tips, you will overtake your competitors in the race for SEO supremacy.

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