Norton 360 Antivirus Review 2021 – Is Norton 360 Worthy?

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It is important to know that internet devices (e.g. mobile phones, PC and Mac, etc.) have become valuable to the lives of millions around the world that every aspect of our daily routine is dependent on internet processes and usage that despite the many good benefits. We derived from these internet devices, there are people who are trying to destroy these production processes. By creating software programs aimed at attacking and stealing our data.

They create threats such as viruses, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, and various malware attacks. That can cause harm to our devices when we accidentally open them. Efforts have also been made to counter the worst effects of these attacks. And one of the software to combat it is the Norton 360 antivirus.

A short description of Norton 360 antivirus

If you’ve ever thought about getting an antivirus, choosing an antivirus software like Norton 360 Antivirus for your internet devices is not an easy task as Symantec Norton Antivirus is an exception to 100% guaranteed protection from malware, spyware, phishing threats, digital Monitoring, and identity theft without disruptive notifications or impact on device performance.

Not only does it protect its users from malware attacks, but it also optimizes cybersecurity management with built-in functions such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a password manager, and cloud backups. Norton Antivirus has some of the best parental controls out there.

Norton 360 has improved dramatically over the years, and many of the problems that plagued it in the past are largely gone. Because it has so much to offer, it has been a household name for many years and provides anti-virus protection to millions of its users.

 In summary, Norton antivirus is best for the five core security features which includes:

  1. A secure Virtual private network (VPN)
  2. Device security and protection
  3. Cloud back-up
  4. Password manager
  5. Finally, Parental control (which is offered on 360 Deluxe and 360 premium plans only).

Before we go further in this article, we will be providing answers to some common questions that are usually asked by everyone hoping to secure and avoid various internet threats using an antivirus.

Here is a list of question and answers as regards Norton 360 antivirus:

Is Norton antivirus good and safe to use?

Norton 360 antivirus has recently been impressed with its independent lab test results as we have also enjoyed the various add-ons such as password manager and VPN (both great features which we found to be helpful). This antivirus software cannot be regarded as the cheapest solution on the market, but it is an antivirus leader for so many reasons as it also offers some great offline security solutions to its users.

Does Norton 360 antivirus offer a good value for the money?

Of course, Yes, even though one may think that Norton 360 antivirus is relatively expensive and has limited paid plans and it is true that the amount you pay matters a lot especially when there are cheaper antivirus options in the market.

On the other hand, Norton 360 antivirus provides a high-level of malware and ransomware prevention and protection through a trouble-free operation and an excellent package for its users. As a result of these, it’s just a question of what you need it for?

Does Norton 360 antivirus offer a free plan?

No, the product does not provide a free version. However, users can enjoy a trial version for their product for a period of 30 days and you can start the trial during the installation. And if you do not like the product works, you can uninstall it from your device and the system will not charge you for it.

Is Norton 360 antivirus compatible with all devices?

Norton 360 antivirus is available for all windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users.

Windows users usually need to have Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Professional with service pack 3 or above installed on your PC while for Mac users, the version needed is OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) or higher.

Android users need to have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher on their devices. To be able to use the Norton Family Premier Android app, Android users will only need to have the Android version 4.0 installed while iOS users will need iOS 8 or higher installed on their Apple devices.

Does Norton 360 antivirus scan external hard drives for viruses and threats?

Yes, part of Norton’s great features is to scan external hard drives for viruses and other malware threats during the full system scan. It is important to just make sure that your external hard disk is connected to your PC or Mac before running your full system scan.

Does Norton 360 provide great device security?

There is no question that it is a very powerful antivirus tool that is consistently ranked among the top-performing cybersecurity products on the market. Norton 360 has achieved a perfect result defending the device against various malware through our tests, research, and various reports, showing arguably the same strength comparably to its other market competitors such as McAfee and Bitdefender, etc.

With a fast response by quarantining every malicious file and also stopping all suspicious processes from running. Norton 360 antivirus prevented simulated attempts of threats to encrypts files, transfer data away from the device, or hijack CPU for cryptocurrency mining. Also, a full scan test was performed with Norton antivirus and it was completed in under 2 hours as I was still able to use the computer all through the scanning process without any slowdown.

It is observed that Norton’s security tools are set to be lightweight, fast, and user-friendly making Norton antivirus without doubts top marks in malware protection.

The device is infected

It is reported under the company’s policy that if your device is infected, and Norton can’t remove the virus, you are also qualified for a full refund under Norton’s virus protection promise. Such a generous offer shares a similar policy with few competitors on the market such as McAfee and Comodo.

Why Norton 360 antivirus?

The Norton 360 antivirus company (Symantec) has been around for quite a number of years and they are known for their exceptional antivirus products. They are one of the biggest and most influential companies in the antivirus industry which are based on the quality of their product offering.


If what you are looking for is an antivirus with some of the best versatile parental controls with great protection algorithms, Norton antivirus might just be what you need as the company created a flexible line-up that allows its users to choose between various paid packages.


The basic Norton security plan is fair but it is not perfect if you need more advanced features and/or protection for more than one device (PC/Mac/Mobile device), it is important to pay a little extra.

The advantage of Norton 360 services over their competitors is that they offer very competitive pricing for an average user, and this is the biggest selling point available adding to a generous 60-days money-back guarantee. It is also good to know that the detection rates, ease of use likewise speed have always been Symantec’s strongest suits because Norton antivirus is fast, reliable, easy to install with a great user interface.

Below is a list of Norton antivirus great features.

Ease to use

Setting up and running Norton 360 Antivirus was pretty straightforward as the team of professionals who worked on this antivirus did an excellent job on the recent makeover. Now Norton 360 looks better than ever. You need a quick look at the dashboard to learn more about possible security holes in the system.

Norton Ease Of Use

You can also choose the plan of your choice, follow the purchase instructions, and then click to run and install the software. Once done, you will see it charge and be ready, which took our device for about 3 minutes.

You will then be directed to the My Norton dashboard, from where you can set up device protection and other Norton antivirus features. Everything is very clear and you can access different menus with just one click.

Scans can be both quick and comprehensive and just a click away. This is considered, by far, to be one of the easiest and most intuitive antivirus engines out there.

The Norton 360 user-interface

Norton 360 has been around for so long we can remember when it was clunky software, with a dashboard so confusing we had almost no idea where to go or even run a simple analysis.

The new “My Norton” dashboard is so sleek and fluid that you can tell exactly where to go for each feature you are looking for. Shiny and functional are the best words to describe Norton’s user interface.

If there are no potential threats or dangerous malware on your device, a large green checkmark will appear.

When an error occurs, a red X mark is displayed.

On the main screen, you can easily see if the software is up to date or not, do quick scans, and other cool functions. Clicking on any of the above features will take you to a single pop-up window with other settings that will give you more details about your current status and other security checks you can perform. For example, by clicking on the “Device Security” button, you can access the menu with the categories “Analyses”, “History”, “SafeCam”.

To change the settings, go to the top right corner. Below we have four menus: Security, Online Security, Performance, and Backup. Simply click on each option to access more options. The main downside to the UI is the fact that while there is a lot of freedom to configure, it can be difficult to find your settings.

Norton 360 dashboard

If you are a fan of fiddling with settings, then check out the Advanced settings on your Norton 360 dashboard for the above options:

  1. Auto-protect.
  2. SONAR protection (detecting unknowns security threats in real-time).
  3. Smart firewall.
  4. Intrusion prevention (hijack and ransomware attempts).
  5. Mail protection.
  6. Browser protection.
  7. Download intelligence (monitoring and guarding your downloads).

Norton’s Performance

One of the best things about Norton Antivirus is the fact that it has almost no effect on the system. Yes, 1.6 GB of hard drive space is required, but only 50 MB of RAM is required after installation. In Task Manager, you will see Norton adding three background processes.

This is a “modest” software, which means that even people with 10-year-old computers can use the 24/7 anti-virus engine to watch movies and surf the Internet.

Malware protection

No-fault was found when it comes to Norton antivirus malware detection and protection. Based on the various report and researched carried out using the WICAR malware testing site, we found a whole range of the most common malware tests to run, and we tried to install the EICAR test virus which includes the Embedded VLC AMV files, and JavaScript Crypto Miner, only to have Norton antivirus tell us that it had blocked an attack via a pop-up window.

If you wanted to see more of Norton’s action, clicked ‘View Details’ to see an in-depth overview of the viruses we tried to install showing details on where they had come from, what had happened as well as Norton’s recommended default actions that had taken place.

It is important to know that Norton 360 antivirus removed every single piece of test malware that was tried to install even before you even tried to do it yourself.

Ransomware detection

Although most antiviruses say they’ll protect you against ransomware in practice, this can look very different across products; Norton 360 stops malicious programs from modifying any files across your device unless you set it as a trusted program. This takes just a second to do, and we didn’t have any issues with it.

With Ransim lab. Testing, a ransomware simulator, we test out Norton 360’s approach to ransomware. Norton 360 could detect something strange was happening to our device, let us know its displeasure by showing a red cross sign. Very soon, Norton offered us a list of quarantined and removed security risks from our system.

Features of Norton 360

There are some shortcomings with Norton 360. The RanSim still found some weak spots in Norton antivirus ransomware protection. Since it was particularly vulnerable to the Hollow Injector and Injector ransomware, and Norton even falsely blocked the Archiver and Remover functions. Norton antivirus was being over-cautious in blocking these two latter features. We were somewhat concerned that it had failed to identify two pretty dangerous ransomware encryptors.

As a result, Norton 360 review has some exciting findings when it comes to all types of potential ransomware available to infect. It looks like Norton antivirus could identify and quarantine most of them. Nonetheless, there are still a few areas for improvement.

Phishing protection

Once Norton 360 internet protection has been set-up, which only takes a few seconds to do so. Once it is enabled, a little green checkmark next to each site appears in google searches, showing if it is a trusted site or not. Another helpful notification found is one of the modes was on just so in cases when you stumble onto a site that has potentially a phishing scam.

A warning sign that shows a big orange or in some cases red color usually indicates that it is not a good idea to continue. This amazing feature is handy tools that are essential for its users.

Scanning options

To start a scan, go to Security and choose between quick and full scans. Or, if you want to dig deeper, Norton 360 gives you different scanning options depending on what you want to do. We started with a quick scan that finished in 30 seconds and didn’t find any malicious viruses or other hidden viruses.

Norton Scanning

Use the Custom option and specify exactly which files and folders to scan. In addition, the “Custom Scan” option offers a little leeway. For example, it is possible to skip certain types of scans while keeping others (cookies, rootkits, certain drives – all scan options are available). Planning is also possible. That’s it for the scans. If you’re an advanced user and need an antivirus engine that gives you more options, Norton is not a good choice.

Cloud back-up.

Cloud backup is handy because you can easily access your files on your phone, home computer, work computer, or anywhere you can access the internet. You will not lose access to your data if your computer is damaged, lost, or stolen. Norton 360 not only offers convenience but also cloud storage to protect against ransomware.

Hackers usually use ransomware to encrypt your files and force you to pay for the decryption key. Backing up in the cloud is one way to protect yourself against this threat. If your files are safely backed up on Norton’s servers. It will be encrypted as it doesn’t matter if the originals are encrypted.

Norton 360’s cloud backup feature is very user-friendly that when you set up cloud backup. Norton 360 can back up your data by file type such as pictures, emails, and files, office documents, etc.

Parental Control

Norton 360 offers the best parental controls and is an important investment for any parent who wants to control what their children see or see online. Norton provides different support to four different age groups. Small children should have very strict controls while older children need a little more freedom. Norton 360 also offers more detailed customization options if you wish, but you can leave them at the default values.

Norton Family

After you set up parental controls on my computer, Norton 360 asked you to install the Norton Family app on my child’s device.

Norton is careful and transparent about data protection. Asked me to agree to certain features such as location monitoring on my child’s behalf and he explained the implications.

Norton provides many details about your child’s online activity but it is important to know that Norton Parental Control will not help you spy on your children’s communications.

Secured Virtual private network (VPN)

Norton Secure VPN has a strict “no logging” policy for its users. This means that Norton won’t save your browsing history every time you use its VPN, which will keep your online activities really private. Some VPN companies, especially free ones, still track your browsing history, but the Internet traffic sent through Norton Secure VPN is heavily encrypted. This means that even if someone intercepts your traffic, they won’t be able to see what you are doing.

It is also encrypted, which prevents hackers from spying on you while you are using the internet. Whether you want to avoid pulling data from ISPs, protect yourself from hackers on public Wi-Fi networks, download confidential files, or unblock geo-restricted streaming content, a VPN is a must-have tool.


Norton VPN is disappointingly slow, but despite its slow speed, Norton VPN will serve most users well. The “log-free” data protection policy and the unlimited amounts of data are a considerable advantage for many competitors. It’s also easy to use, and it’s included in all plans. Unless you plan to use it to stream Ultra HD video from a server in the US, you should find it one that perfectly suits your needs.

Password Manager

Norton Password Manager lets you:

  • Store usernames, passwords, text notes, contact details, and payment card details using secure 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Assess the strength of your existing passwords.
  • Generate strong new passwords.
  • Automatically change passwords on over 60 sites including Facebook, Amazon, and eBay.
  • Autofill login details, addresses, and payment information as you browse the web.


Norton Password Manager runs as a web application in your browser and is tested on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.  Norton helps you to create my password vault immediately after installing the Password Manager browser extension. The first step is to create a vault password. Norton will tell you immediately how strong your password is.

The password vault has a clean and simple interface. An overall rating of the strength of your passwords is displayed on the Security Dashboard tool. In addition to login information, you can also save payment details, addresses, and notes in the password vault.

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager also has an Automatic Password Change feature. It can automatically change your password on compatible websites with just one click. It works on over 60 websites including Facebook, Amazon, and eBay.

Features like Norton’s automatic password change are very rare, even among the best password managers out there. Norton Password Manager has proved to be very impressed with the amazing features.

Norton Antivirus Support and Customer Service

With the simplest package, you can only call technical support if you have any installation issues. With the more expensive paid tariff, you receive 24/7 support not only by phone but also by chat and email.

Informative and easy-to-understand articles on malware, ransomware, Internet privacy, and other important topics are contained in Norton Internet Security Centre. The sections are huge and cover many topics. The dedicated forum is also large and the community is friendly and supportive.

Norton products and subscription plans

Norton has a wide range of different pricing solutions with several core features and some sophisticated offline add-ons (identity theft protection) as you go up the pricing plans. Here is a list of the various subscription plan available on Norton:

Here is what Norton 360 has to offer in terms of pricing;

Norton 360 antivirus plan Number of devices
Norton 360 standard 1 ($ 34.99) $45 OFF Norton 360 Standard
Norton 360 Deluxe 1 ($ 39.99) $60 OFF Norton 360 Deluxe
Norton 360 with LifeLock Select 5 ($ 99.99) $50 OFF Norton 360 with LifeLock Select
Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus Unlimited devices ($ 259.99)  $90 OFF Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

Norton 360 Standard

 The most basic package, even though it’s not basic in any way, shape, or form, Norton 360 Standard will give you:

  • Protection for one device: either PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Anti-spyware, Norton antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection: keeping your device/s up to date and protected from malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts, with Norton 360’s handy and protective antivirus. 
  • Smart firewall: protecting your device and preventing anything malicious from infecting it. 
  • Password Manager: handily storing all of your online logins, and even making them more safe and secure, in just a few clicks. 
  • The Virus Protection Promise: Norton 360 with LifeLock will refund your subscription if you get a virus that it can’t remove. That’s just how confident it is! 
  • Secure VPN (for use on 1 device only): encrypting your connection, and even allowing you access to internationally geo-blocked content too! 
  • PC SafeCam: giving you webcam protection against any malicious hijacking attempts, either with or without your knowledge.
  • Dark Web monitoring: making sure that your name or identity are protected from appearing on the Dark Web, and notifying if this should ever happen. 

It’s the cheapest package deal, at just $34.99 annually, including $45 off the subscription price. Remember, you’ll only be able to use this Norton 360 package on 1 device.

Norton 360 Deluxe

The Norton 360 Deluxe is a bit more expensive than the Standard 360. But it comes with some important additional features. You are likely to get almost the same package as the previous Plan has. But there are some specifications and additions:

  • 50 GB of secure cloud storage (40GB more than on the Standard plan)
  • Parental Controls: Allowing you to see what your kids are doing for their devices, where they’re located, terms they search for, and apps they download. You can also restrict and block access to certain content or apps. 
  • Secure VPN (for use on up to 5 devices).

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select has a more significant increase in price from the Norton 360 Deluxe package even though it is worth it. The user will access the main features described above, including firewall, password options, access control, and possible refund.

Above that, you will get:

  • Privacy Monitor: This feature scans popular data broker sites for personal details to check that no one has sold your data.
  • LifeLock Identity Alert: Monitoring the use of your information and sending alerts via text, phone, email, or push notification (if you have the Norton 360 software installed on your mobile device) if and when something suspicious is detected. 
  • US-based Identity Restoration Specialists: Should something troubling come up via the LifeLock alerts (see above), the Identity Restoration Specialists at Norton 360 will review and help you fix the issue.
  • Stolen Wallet Protection: If your (offline) wallet is stolen, whether or not it has your essential details in it, you need to be protected – and fast. With this feature, you can call Norton 360, and they’ll help you to cancel and replace your cards or stolen documents. 
  • Extremely Large Protection Package: This feature reimburses you for identity theft and your loss of expenses as a result. Norton is providing you with lawyers and experts and $25,000-$1 million coverage depending on the case. 
  • Credit monitoring: Once your credit score is ruined, it’s incredibly difficult to return it to your previous (hard-earned) credit score. This feature will give you membership of 1 bureau of the three leading credit areas and means that Norton 360 will alert you should any fraud occur. 
  • SMS and Credit Alerts: Easy, seamless monitoring of identities attempting to use your name to open new credit cards, take out lines of credit, utilities, car loans, or anything otherwise suspicious. Once suspicious activity is detected, you’ll be asked to confirm whether it was an action you took, and if not, Norton 360 will ensure it is blocked. 
  • ID Verification Monitoring: Norton will monitor networks and alert you should a company attempt to verify your identity; in case it wasn’t you who requested it. Norton 360 will also help you take action to prevent any potential threats.
  • Data Breach Notifications: Norton will let you know should you be the victim of any large-scale data breaches, helping you to protect your personal information should this happen. 

LifeLock Select plan

The Norton 360 with LifeLock Select plan is for you. If you want to cover all your bases both online and offline. Not only will you have the utmost in online protection. Across 5 devices, but your identity and more will be monitored way beyond the reach of your devices. This plan is more like a life insurance policy. Even going as far as to provide you with legal and expert support should the worst happen, if your identity is stolen

Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

The Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus is, well, the ultimate in online and offline security with a lifestyle antivirus system. If you want in addition to the features above, there is greater cloud storage, protection coverage budget, and even more options.

Here they are:

  • Bank and Credit Card activity alerts: Receive all of your banking alerts directly from the Norton dashboard. Protecting your finances against fraud by monitoring all of your accounts and cards activity.
  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring: This feature monitors your Social Security Number. Against ‘synthetic identity theft’ – someone attempting to use your SSN with another name. Court
  • Records Scanning: Protecting you against criminal identity theft. Checking court records for any matches of your name and date of birth, protecting you from false arrest, and unexplained convictions.
  • 401(k) Investment Activity Alerts: Protecting you against fraudsters attempting to steal from your 401(k) plan. Keeping your nest egg under wraps, and alerting you of any withdrawals or balance transfers.
  • Home Title Monitoring – monitoring and information you should anyone attempt to take out a loan or place a lien on your home without you even knowing.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus

Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus is all-encompassing protection for almost every asset, potential type of online and offline fraud, and more that you can think of. We did say it’s best for people with many assets to protect or need extra peace of mind. We also really like that Norton 360 throws in an unlimited number of devices available to use on the plan.

Screenshot 2021 09 09 Norton 360 Antivirus Review (2020) Is It Good For Security

Norton 360 Mobile App

Norton Mobile Security is available on all 360 plans. However, if you choose Norton 360 Standard, you only get one license. So you’ll likely want to use that on a desktop or laptop.

Norton is promoting a “free” version of Norton Mobile Security. Which almost took first place on my list of the best free antivirus apps for Android until it was just a free trial. What happens is that you can download the “free” version. After a 30-day trial, it defaults to the premium version which asks you to pay money to keep using it.

Norton Mobile Secuirty

Norton Mobile Security provides the following features for its users:

  • There are real-time malware protection and malware scanning for its users (Android only).
  • Norton mobile security provides Wi-Fi scans.
  • Mobile security provides Web Protection.
  • Norton mobile security provides Safe Search.
  • Norton mobile security provides App Advisor where you can check apps for privacy and battery-use issues.

The following features are also available on mobile through a separate software application:

  • Password Manager mobile version.
  • Norton Parental Control for its mobile users.
  • Norton Secure VPN is available for its users.

We tested Norton Mobile Security on a Galaxy S10e running Android 9 OS.

The first thing that was noticed was that Norton Mobile Security has a very simple interface. It shows the features available in the app itself. And it also displays the features that are available via a separate app.

Lab test results via AV-test

Noron Accuracy Lab Test

Norton 360 was reported to smash a perfect barrier in AV-Test of May/June 2021 malware detection. And removal tests, getting a 100% rating, compared to the industry average of 99.8%.

Download and Installation

For you to download Norton Antivirus, go to their official website; download, register, login and choose a package, then pay for it. Yes, it is very easy to use. Remember, you need to uninstall any other antivirus package that may be installed on your device.

Installation usually only takes just a few minutes. The installer gives you the option to add two browser extensions (these are 100% free).  There is Identity Safe which also is a password manager. Safe Web prevents you from accessing unsafe websites.

Once installed, the software requires up to 1.6 GB of hard disk space, which is a lot. The good news is that it doesn’t take up that much RAM.

Norton Pros

  • Norton antivirus is very easy to download, install, and also user-friendly.
  • Security Premium offers its users full protection for 10 devices.
  • There are top-notch parental control features which are an industry-leading feature.
  • Norton antivirus for Mac users is just powerful as well as the Windows version.
  • Norton mobile security for Android/iOS packages is cheap and robust.
  • There Configuration options will make the tweaking enthusiasts love Norton antivirus even more because it is super easy.
  • There is almost zero impact on your system performance.

Norton Cons

  • Scanning performance can be slow at times.
  • Antivirus security extras are not very great compared to other competitors.
  • Norton’s 2nd-year of use prices are very steep for its users.

Norton 360 FAQs

Is Norton 360 the Best Antivirus Out There?

After testing over 70 cybersecurity products. We can safely say that this is probably the best all-round antivirus software out there. Norton’s “360-degree” marketing angle really matters. It really does everything we expected an antivirus can do. During this test, Norton protected the device on all three plans from virtually every type of cybersecurity threat. That was imposed on it.

How long does the full system scan take?

It depends entirely on the number of files on your system but averagely. The virus scans more often take over an hour to scan viruses or cyber-attacks. However, if the user has a large amount of data on your system. The scan will take longer to process.

Fortunately, Norton’s developers designed the software to run subsequent scans much faster than skipping previously scanned files. And only focusing on newer or recently changed files.

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