How to avoid plagiarism in Turnitin for technical papers? 

How To Avoid Plagiarism In Turnitin For Technical Papers
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This guide will help you avoid plagiarism in Turnitin for technical papers. Learning new information has become extremely easy with the development of information technology. Previously, when we had to research a specific topic, the sources available were usually manual, which required a lot of research and collection of facts. 

How To Avoid Plagiarism In Turnitin For Technical Papers

The data had to be collected through journals, books, research papers, newspapers, and other means. The method was time and effort consuming, which sometimes led to only a little assortment of material.  

Over time, the popularity of the internet, along with its easy access, made it easier for people to learn new specifics each day. In fact, through a computer or a Smartphone, you now have access to millions of research papers and other resources online. 

It is fair to say that unlike the old approach where everything had to be done by hand, and we now have a more electronic way of researching. Many students or research workers prefer the online material for reasons that it is readily available, and additionally, it is also more detailed. The sources we have today provide us with more information than we need.

Several people have used to opportunity to improve their knowledge. They research through the material extracting the crucial facts while developing an understanding of the others. At the same time, some often make the mistake of copying the online content and then find them surrounded by plagiarism assertions.

What is plagiarism? 

Plagiarism In Turnitin

Beginners and people that are new to the concept might not be aware of the term. Particularly students making their way to higher education are unacquainted with the consequences of the offense. 

Plagiarism is similar to theft, but instead of physical property, it is theft of intellectual property. It means that you copy someone’s work without making any references or citations to them. People often obtain the information relevant to them and use it for their purposes.

Plagiarism does not have one specific definition laid down for the acknowledgment of the public.

Because plagiarism can arise in different ways; it can be with intention and without intention. It can even occur as a result of reusing your composed writing that has already been published, and it could be because of copying a phrase or a quotation while failing to add quotation marks and mention to the author.

Types of Plagiarism 

The application of plagiarism can be seen in daily life. Some of its most commonly witnessed forms are as follows:-

  • Students are often assigned assignments that require research.  Instead of an examination of several sites online and creating a unique structure while composing a word structure for the paper, the student instead copies the related material from an online site. Such an act is a simple demonstration of Intentional plagiarism.
  • A writer with a stringent routine has to create several articles. Instead of drawing separate structures and thinking of words and sentences that need to be inserted, they copy information from a report they have previously written. It would lead to Self-plagiarism in their work.
  • A student, who is assigned a research paper, paraphrases an entire file but fails to add the proper citations or references. It is also a category of plagiarism called rephrasing plagiarism
  • If a writer combines the concepts and text from different websites but fails to cite them properly would be liable for plagiarism under its Mosaic category
  • If a person directly copies a section of text without adding any references, they would be liable for verbatim plagiarism. This category is mainly for research papers that comprise of sensitive facts and data. Usually, making changes to such information is not allows, and thus, it needs to be added as it is.
  • Accidental plagiarism is a kind that arises with the lack of intent

Examples of plagiarism 

There have been several notable instances where prominent figures of the society were caught in the act and thus faced severe consequences. 

It’s important to remember that regardless of the category of plagiarism in your work, their impression remains similar as they are designated under one umbrella of plagiarism. Thus, the culprit would be exposed to consequences. 

Kaavya Viswanathan, in 2006 published a book that was caught in plagiarism. It resembled the earlier works of Megan McCafferty, along with other writers. Kaavya, despite arguing that the plagiarism in her work was unintentional, was still open to strict consequences, which included the work getting removed from publishers along with the loss of contract relating to another book.

Doris Kearns Goodwin is an award-winning historian who was also caught plagiarizing The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys. Once she was found guilty of the act, she lost her distinguished position from the PBS News Hour program and had to leave the Pulitzer Board.

Avoiding plagiarism 

Many online plagiarism checker tools thoroughly scan the work and ensure that it’s free of any copied content. In the category, Turnitin is a notable and famous software that is the ideal choice of thousands of academic institutes. Many students or research workers prefer the online material on sites like Studocu for reasons that it is readily available, and additionally, it is also more detailed.

However, there are some ways that you can get around the software detecting plagiarism in your work, mainly if the content comprised of technical material.

Avoiding Plagiarism 

You can follow the tips below to eliminate plagiarism from your work: successfully-

  • Paraphrasing is a successful way of getting rid of copied material. Although rephrasing the entire text could result in the software detecting it. You can modify the words and change the sentence structure for your document. 
  • It is one of the most successful ways of getting around an efficient plagiarism detector. You can also do it online through proficient tools like the, Prepostseo rephrasing tool, rephraser, and many others, which can produce outstanding results.
  • The addition of photos is another way to avoid plagiarism. Adding relevant images and charts to the assignment would make it more appealing. And would also assist in getting around the tool.
  • Altering the word order manually might be a time-consuming task at first. But when you start doing it, it becomes exciting and a lot easier.
  • Changing the format for the file is one of the most used techniques among students. Making a change of format by converting the Word tasks into PDF. And conversion of the structure in a similar way can trick the software. 

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How to avoid plagiarism in Turnitin for technical papers?  FAQs

Is plagiarism a crime?

It depends on the county. But usually yes it is a crime.

Is using google translate plagiarism?

Not, is not. You can use it for free at any time.

Is cheating and plagiarism the same?

Usually yes, but sometimes scholars define plagiarism as a possible assumption

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