McAfee Vs. AVG – Which One To Go For In 2019?

McAfee Vs. AVG – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Hackers aim to find ways to get into your network and system. Hackers continuously release new malware that can cause a lot of trouble like stealing your sensitive data, causing malfunction in your system.

McAfee Vs AVG

Virus enter your computer like a thief with the motive to steal your data. Thus it is wise to get an antivirus program which will defend your computer from malware. Experts always recommend getting a reliable antivirus software to protect your data and privacy from the range of malware threats.

McAfee’s Antivirus

McAfee Total Protection is the company’s most popular antivirus offering. Provides top-notch malware protection and has almost all features including an advanced firewall, a file encryption tool, a password manager and a file shredder.

Also, a network manager which protects your WiFi against malware attacks, an anti-spam email filter and parental control feature to manage your kid’s digital life. It warns you about dangerous websites through browser extension called Web Advisor.

McAfee LiveSafe offers 16GB of online cloud storage along with all features and utilities jammed into ‘Total Security’ suite.

Both McAfee Total Protection and LiveSafe are compatible with Windows, MAC, Android and ios.


AVG’s Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus gives free antivirus solution to protect a range of malware threats like ransomware, viruses and worms. It doesn’t include advanced protection related features or other utilities than a file shredder.

AVG Internet Security company’s middle-level offering gives excellent malware protection, it offers advanced firewall, an encryption module, an anti-spam feature and a WiFi protecting against intruders and hackers.

Protection against webcam spying is also incorporated into the suite. A single subscription provides a year of protection to an unlimited number of devices like PCs, Macs and mobile phones.

AVG Unlimited company’s top-level offering includes everything jammed into the ‘Internet Security’ suite, plus advanced Tune-Up utilities like clean junk space, speeds up your system and boost performance.

Also, an anti-theft feature which helps you to find lost or stolen devices. And an automatic software updater. A single subscription of AVG Ultimate protects every Windows, Macs device in your household.


McAfee vs. AVG: Which offers better malware protection?

Malware protection is the most essential component of any security software system. A security product should protect against all sort of threats such as Trojan Horses, Viruses, Worms. Malware can be classified into two types- Known Malware also called wide-spread Malware and Unknown Malware also called zero-day Malware.

Unknown Malware is more dangerous as the previous mark is available for it, thus security program relies on advanced behavioural techniques to identify and eliminate them. Known Malware is detected using a signature-matching methodology which means by comparing a suspicious file against a huge database of known Malware samples.

AV-Test most recent evaluations were conducted in July and August 2018. McAfee gave a perfect performance with 100% detection rate against both malware type during both months. Also, awarded with 6 out of 6 stars by AV-Test experts in ‘Protection’ category.

AVG’s results were less impressive it scored marginally lower rates of 99.2% and 99.9% against zero-day and widespread malware. But managed to get 6/6 rating from experts.

Malware Protection Test recently held in March 2018, AVG scored a perfect 100% rate with 9 false positives while McAfee scored 99.95% with 10 false positives. AVG received the highest ADVANCED+ award while McAfee had to settle for the second best ADVANCED award.

False Positives is when security product wrongly classifies a clean file or URL as malware infected.

Recent Real-World Protection Test held from February to June awarded the highest ADVANCED+ award due to their impressive protection rate of 99.6% and 99.4% respectively. AVG returned 6 false positives during the five-month period while McAfee returned 7.


McAfee vs. AVG: Which puts less impact on system performance?

AV Test’s Performance studies the influence of a product on system performance by performing basic tasks such as launching websites, downloading applications and copying files.

McAfee got an excellent 6/6 rating from the experts in the ‘Performance’ category. On the other hand, AVG could get only 5.5 stars out of 6 in the test.

AV-Comparative’s Performance Test measures the influence of a security product on computer performance like AV-Test’s study. It assigns an impact score to each product depending on their level of impact. The lower the impact score, the lesser the influence a product has on a computer’s performance.

Both the McAfee and AVG both were awarded  ADVANCED+ award due to their impressive low score of 6.9 and 6.7 respectively.


McAfee vs. AVG: Which software offers a better user experience?

McAfee’s interface has gone through major changes, the new interface is simpler and brighter with colours of white, grey and pale blue.

On top, there is a horizontal menu with five items- Home, PC Security, Identity, Privacy and Account. There will be a link to settings, alerts and tips are also there in the top-right corner of the menu. PC Security, Identity, Privacy tabs contain relevant features while account view has information about your subscription plan.

The default view, the home view shows your computer’s protection status in the left rail either with a green check mark or a red warning sign. To run a full quick scan, buttons are available for it. Along with titles at the bottom to help you set up, remove browser cookies/trackers and true key password manager are also available.

AVG interface is dark and modern with shades of light green and grey. Looks complicated and tough at first but after some time of usage, it seems quite simple. The default screen has five modules-computer, web and email, hacker attacks, privacy and payments. Each module contains relevant features and their settings.

At the top, a checkmark or a warning signal represents your protection status. At the bottom you will see a noticeable ‘Scan Computer’ button which lets you run a quick scan. Provides information about when the last scan was run and virus definitions were last updated.

The name of AVG is displayed in the title bar. By clicking the menu button in the title bar opens a drop-down menu, which has links for support, settings and help.


McAfee vs. AVG: Which software is more popular?

OPSWAT releases a monthly report on the market share of leading antimalware products. According to a recent report published in September 2018, AVAST leads the table with 16.84% market share. McAfee is third on the list with 11.55% market share. AVG doesn’t make it to the list.

STATISTICA another popular company that reports on the market share showed similar to OPSWAT’s findings, last updated on August 2018.


Final Word

Recovering lost founds can be hard, keeping your system safe from cybercrime is really important. When it comes to security you don’t want to compromise or depend on the average suite. You need a software which you can trust with your eyes closed.

Both McAfee and AVG are impressive malware protection with minimal impact on system performance. Also offers a range of antivirus suites to manage your security needs.

But McAfee offers more security-related features and extra utilities in its security suites than AVG. Whereas there is ease in installation and running scan is huge plus in AVG, nobody wants to navigate through different windows.


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