5 reasons You need to keep an Eye on Your Website Historical Data

5 reasons You need to keep an Eye on Your Website Historical Data 1
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Does your business have an active website? If yes, you need to start archiving its historical data today. Here’s explaining why it is important to keep an eye on your website historical data-

1. It helps Digital Marketers to craft result-driven Marketing strategies

When it comes to digital marketing, the opportunities and scope of work are immense, as there are a lot of parameters that need to be optimized. The historical data of the website makes it easier for them to understand the aspects that need revision.

In fact, it acts as a gold mine for the marketers as most of the required actions can be easily identified by a close analysis of the data. Right from keyword optimization to mobile speed lag optimization, the historical data helps in understanding every version of the website.

2. It is important for Legal Compliance

There are various laws in the European countries and the USA, as well, which makes preservation of historical data mandatory. The laws have become more strict since the advent of internet-based businesses and the high usage of e-commerce space.

According to a statistic, close to 69% of Americans buy goods, online. Hence, to safeguard the interests of these consumers, storing historical data is also legally compliant.

Storing historical data is considered to be a time taking and laborious task but it’s 2021 and there are several alternatives to traditional web archiving. You can easily automate the archiving process using various software applications available online. This helps you save time and reduce human resource investment.

3. It helps business insight tools with forecasting

Since the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, data sciences have picked up a lot. This has resulted in businesses utilizing it in their day to day businesses for various reasons but primarily for appropriate forecasting.

Since websites are an avenue for businesses to make money, many of the businesses need to integrate these business insights’ tools to the website backend.

These tools make use of the site’s historical data to predict accurate and useful information for the business. Since the data helps in understanding the functioning of the website, these tools also suggest immediate actions for smooth operations.

5 reasons You need to keep an Eye on Your Website Historical Data 2

4. It prevents businesses from getting cheated

In comparison to all forms of businesses, online business is undoubtedly one of the most complicated ones.

There are so many false claims, scams, or even promo codes that are is-utilized. So, historical data is the only way that can help you to stand on your ground if there is a lawsuit against your business.

It is definitely a costly process done manually but if you are wise to select from the best available alternatives of traditional web archiving, it will automate the entire process for you.

The virtual world has its own rules and standards. There can be cases when your entire website crashes or has been corrupted due to some uninvited virus. In these times of crisis, a useful backup of the codes. The website’s historical data can prove to be your shining armor.

 5. You can have a benchmark for comparison

The website historical data is also a great way to understand your website status in recent times. With the growth in technology, the file format of the websites changes from good to better, and they get upgraded, too.

In today’s gen, technology is so fast-evolving that it’s very difficult to keep up with it, but if you don’t, you will be threatened to be out of the game. The website historical data is required for better conversion of files to a much better and adaptable format.

The historical data also helps businesses in setting a benchmark for future developments. Starting from Google Analytics, to SEO usage, all these tools need a website’s historical data for a better understanding of marketing activities. These tools also help to analyze the previous marketing efforts. Many use such analysis tools for link building, and other off-page SEO elements, to drive actionable audiences on the website.

5 reasons You need to keep an Eye on Your Website Historical Data 36. Save the value creation on digital platforms from being lost.

Before the advent of the internet, the promotion was done via traditional mediums that included posters, banners, and even pamphlets. And, the content, which was created through this media could be easily preserved and saved for generations to come.

But with digital media, things have become extremely fast and new content is uploaded every second of the day. Thus, this content is required to be stored for future references and smooth conversion into a better file format for an upgrade.

Further, this will also prevent any data loss and also help you gauge analytical observations for expansion.

7. Keep the web presence up even when everything is down!

Another upside to saving and archiving website historical data is that it can be used in place of a live website, at times of crisis. If the data is stored, you can easily preserve the minimal functionalities of the website. This is usually used when the websites are down for maintenance or in cases when the website is live. But the greater functionalities are not operating.

The website’s historical data can also be used to recreate an entire website. If the server accidentally deletes the current wireframe, or it is lost due to some technical challenges.

This backup also saves the marketers and web developers from building the website from scratch in case it gets corrupted due to some virus. It will also help during server maintenance and migration of hosting, as it will create a mirror façade of the website.

Over to you…

Thus, it is imperative that one should keep an eye on website historical data as this gold mine of data can be a powerful reservoir to build a brand. However, if the process seems difficult, you can watch out for the best alternatives of traditional web archiving i.e., Stillio, and can ease the process.

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5 reasons You need to keep an Eye on Your Website Historical Data FAQs

Does google analytics show historical data?

No, it’s not. You need to keep historical data yourself

What data does google analytics collect?

1. Time of visit, pages visited, and time spent on each page of the webpages.

2. The URI a user came through to arrive at this site (backlink)
3. Type of your web browser.
4. Type of your operating system (OS)

Does google have a finance app?

Yes, it is. This names Google Finance. This app have financial news, quotes, charts, and more

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