How to Download More Ram – Is it Even Possible?

How To Download More Ram – Is It Even Possible 1
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RAM is the physical, ultra-fast memory sticks installed in the computer. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The data stored in RAM is easily accessible all the time while you are using the computer. It is swift – it works in milliseconds. RAM is directly connected with the computer’s CPU, the Central Processing Unit, and its brain.

Downloading RAM is not even possible. The reason is that RAM is not software, and it is the physical hardware. It is something that you can not install through the internet. You have to purchase it from a hardware dealer, open your computer and install it directly on your motherboard. 

To know more about RAM downloading websites, continue reading.

Can you download more RAM?

RAM is computer chips installed on a circuit board. They are silicon chips designed to store information that a CPU can retrieve quickly. A computer system only accepts the type of RAM that fits in the memory slots of the motherboard. These memory slots are built-in the motherboard and can not be changed. 

You can not download more RAM, just as you can not download a monitor or a CPU. The RAM chips can not be activated or powered by some secret code present on any dodgy website. 

If you require more RAM to increase your computer’s speed, you will have to buy it. RAM requires a proper installation in the same way as you install other hardware in your computer. The manufacturer specifies RAM’s speed and type, and therefore, you can not alter it much. 

If Downloading RAM is Not Possible – Why Are the Websites Claiming Then?

When you type “How to download more RAM?” your search engine will show a few websites that claim about free RAM downloads. Some shady websites offer malicious downloads claiming “Download Ram” or “Increase Your RAM.” Everyone who talks about it may be they are just doing some pranks.

An example of a website that offers a free RAM download is However, it’s a prank website that will never actually download RAM – because it can’t. Many websites claim a RAM download, but in reality, they may offer just a malware installation.

Malware is designed explicitly to gain unauthorized access to a computer system to damage or disrupt it. Malware is derived from “malicious software.” Malware includes all types of viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, ransomware, and adware. Going on any website.

How To Download More Ram – Is It Even Possible 7

Is RAM Downloading Website “” Safe?

Somebody created the website “” for fun. But due to its popularity, it is vulnerable to manipulation. Anyone can easily target the website and add a little bit of his downloadable code to the website. This is called a watering hole attack.

Running strange codes given by such websites can leave you in trouble. Hackers can use it to access your highly confidential and secret information. It may also cause you a significant expense in terms of repair and maintenance of your computer system.

To avoid such inconvenience, we highly recommend you to abstain from going to such websites. A curious visit to these shady websites that claim something non-sense just in the name of fun may cost you much more than expected.

As a rule of security, you should not run any website that claims to do something impossible.

But we can say that it is not a scam, because they do not charge anything from you. But it is undoubtedly a waste of time. 

What’s The Idea behind It?

The real motive behind this joke is not known. People say that it all started when a bunch of kids was playing some videogames. They began searching for ideas to download more RAM on the internet. In this way, someone got the idea to make such a website.

Another story claims that it originated in 2004 when someone posted in a discussion forum – he asked how to download more RAM, and most probably, he was severe. This generated the idea of making a RAM downloading website.

How To Download More Ram – Is It Even Possible 2

What will happen if you try To Download RAM?

As we already discussed, downloading RAM is something that is not at all possible. Most people know that it is just a joke, but they are curious to try it. There is a possibility that you may get a screamer or an “April Fool” pop-up when you click the download button. It may also start a counter from 0 and takes it to 100, and then nothing happens.

Few users who attempted the download reported that it is just a time wastage. When you click on the download button, it just rick-rolls you. RICK-ROLL means playing the 1987 pop song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. The joke makes the user listen to the music unintentionally. 

This site’s purpose is not to help you or cheat you; it just exists to check the number of people it can make fools every day. However, there is a good possibility that it may be a joke. But it would help if you took your safety as a top priority. If you have a little bit of doubt, you must never click on any link. 

How does the website “” Work

You may come across people who say that the site worked and increased the speed of their computer. If you try to download RAM from any website and it does not turn out to be a joke or malware, there is another possibility.

These websites usually work by interpreting your perception. When you go to the website, it will ask you to choose your desired GB. After selecting the GB, the user clicks the download option. Then the fake download bar runs to show download finish. Then the user closes that tab, plays anything else on the computer, and thinks, “Great! It’s faster now”.

How to Increase RAM in real

RAM is similar to memory cards and is present inside the computer, which you cannot download. Having more RAM (Random Access Memory) enables the computer to perform a more significant number of tasks at a time. Replacing or upgrading your RAM is convenient and straightforward if you know the best compatible RAM for your desktop or laptop.

You can use the Ram that is compatible with your PC. 4 GB is the minimum you will require for Windows, and 8GB is enough. 16 GB is more than necessary. Most of the Desktops allow adding RAM. But in case you have a Windows laptop, you can add RAM easily. Apple laptops don’t allow adding more RAM. When you turn on the computer, RAM contains all the necessary loaded data. RAM saves open files and running programs.

How To Download More Ram – Is It Even Possible 8

What to do Instead of Downloading RAM

You cannot increase your RAM by downloading it. If you want to speed up your computer, you must have to buy and install RAM. These tips will surely help you in buying memory.

  1. Memory prices vary with time. It is better to invest in buying memory when the prices are on the lower side. Natural disasters that may close the fabrication plants lead to increased costs. When the industry goes in a transition, the prices are naturally higher. For example, the current transition from DDR3 to DDR4 has led to a rise in prices. On the contrary, when the market for DDR3 stabilized in 2012, the prices dropped. 
  2. The brand also matters a lot – there are five companies making memory chips. They are Samsung, Micron, Nanya, Hynix, and Winbond. Only Samsung and Micron are readily available in stores. Buying cheap or unbranded memory can increase the failure rate.
  3. There is no significant difference in the value line’s quality and the same brand’s costly ones. It is always best to choose a memory with specifications that match your computer’s compatibility. Branding also makes it easy to buy the same type of memory years later.

How to Check the RAM that is installed in your computer

Before you purchase RAM for your computer, you should know how much RAM is already installed. You can easily check your installed RAM by a few simple steps.


Press ⊞ Win + Pause.

This will open your System Properties window. You can view the installed RAM in the System section.


Click on the Apple menu, then select “About This Mac.” The installed RAM will display in the Memory entry.


RAM is computer hardware, and unlike software, it is not possible to download in any way. Whenever you have to add more RAM, you have to buy it from any computer hardware store physically. Then you can install it following a YouTube tutorial or take your computer to an expert. 

Many websites may offer you a free RAM download. But in reality, they may have anything else waiting for you. Be prepared to deal with viruses or malware. We can’t say anything with certainty that websites such as may contain a joke, a rick-roll, or malware. We advise you not to go on websites with such impossible claims. Otherwise, you can try it at your own risk. 

Thank you for reading!