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When you share a file online with other people, it has a specific size measured in GB. It may be a website or a social media upload. People are downloading them from Google Drive Storage. Therefore, Google drive imposes certain limits to the amount of data you can upload at a time.

Whenever Google detects unusually high bandwidth consumption in your Google Drive account, it restricts your shared files’ download limit. Google drive accommodates all backup files and folders in the cloud, but it is not a platform for sharing videos.

What does Google Drive download limit mean? 

Generally speaking, everyone has permission to share files with friends, family, clients, or the public. When a large number of users download a specific file that you have shared, it gets locked. It means that no one can further download it for at least 24 hours. This is called the quota reset period.

The quota reset time may become shorter if the file stops receiving very high traffic. Consequently, if the file becomes popular or goes viral, its quota reset time may extend from a few days to a few weeks. Therefore, users will receive an error message when they attempt to download that file. The statement says, “Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently,” and tells them to retry downloading after 24 hours.

Can Download Quota Exceeded Error Block a File

Although Google allows downloading the file after a specific time, it becomes riskier. If Google locks your file, it is better to remove it yourself as now you have got caught in Google’s eyes. In case of continued traffic on that file, Google may permanently ban you also along with that file.

As a matter of fact, Google imposes the download limit for Google Drive file sharing to every user. They may be regular users, Google Apps, or Google GSuite subscribers. In short, Google does not discriminate against its users by any means. Although there is no official statement defining this sharing quota of Google Drive, this act probably protects against piracy.

No one will prefer to wait for days to download something. This is where by-passing this limit becomes necessary. 

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How to bypass Google Drive download limit 

Here are the most straightforward steps that will help you bypass the Google Drive download limit for shared files. Here is a brief description of each step.

  1. Sign in to your Google Drive account after opening the file link.
  2. Open your Google Drive account and right-click on the added file.
  3. Select the ‘Make a copy’ option from the context menu.
  4. Select the Download option to download the file to your PC.

Sign In to Google Drive

The first step is to sign in to your google drive account. In case you have not made an account for Google drive, you can use your Gmail account’s user i.d and password for opening the Google Drive.

Open Google Drive

After you sign in to Google drive, you will find the ‘Go to Google Drive’ button. Click on it, and it will ask for your account email or phone number. On the next page, you will have to enter the password. Then click on the ‘Next’ button.

Copy File On Google Drive 

Locate the file and make some changes to it so that it becomes available for download. Go to the desired file and right-click on the file. Then search for ‘Get Sharable Link’ and click on it. Browse the generated link in a new tab.

Now you will get a file preview. From there, you can click on the ‘Add to Drive’ button. This button is at the right corner. This action will enable you to get a copy of your file in your drive. 

Now you have added the file to the drive, click on organize and select a folder to place the file in the drive. Next, a right-click on the file will allow you to ‘Make a copy.’ Adding this copy to your drive will make you the owner of this file. In this way, you can easily download it to your local system.

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Download Virtual File 

You should keep in mind that you are responsible for policy violations and any other issues related to that file once you become the owner of a file. When you have a copy of the file, you can attempt file downloading quickly. You will need to right-click and click download.

This action will not impose any harm or risk upon your computer. Just press ‘Download Anyway,’ and it will begin downloading the file. This enables you to download the file whenever desired because it is now your private file.

The file may take time in downloading, and the download speed will significantly depend on the internet connection you are having. This method will fix the Google Drive download limit for that file.

What does the ‘Quota Exceeded’ error mean on Google drive?

The quota is the maximum amount of space Google Drive allocates you. By default, It assigns a fixed quota of 15 GB for every user. However, the users can increase their space up to 100 GB or 2TB by paying monthly fees. The quota includes most services provided by Google, such as Gmail and file uploads to drive. An exception is Google photos, which do not compulsorily count space for most of the images and videos.

You can check your quota from the google drive page (lower left corner) along with your current usage details. It also shares a link in case you need to buy and upgrade your storage space. If you do not intend to buy more, you can organize your space by deleting everything that is no more required. 

First of all, empty your Trash folder because just deleting the files will not free up space. The drive sends the deleted files to trash, and therefore they occupy your space. Similarly, deleting the Spam folder and Trash on Gmail is equally essential for freeing up space.

Why does the Google drive download issue keep canceling the files?

 When you are downloading large files, Chrome often sends a message of “Failed Download.” The larger the size of the file, the more it isn’t easy to download. A sudden drop in the network during the download process contributes to failed downloads. It allows you to resume the download, and for this, you have to click the arrow at the right of the message. This will show a list of options, including ‘Resume’ that will continue the downloading.

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What Type of Files Does Google Drive Blocks for Exceeding Download Quota?

The quota limit for each shared file depends on its size and type. In the case of audio or video files, in addition to downloads, Google will count each play in its quota.

Google has a dedicated YouTube platform where users share their videos with the public. Therefore Google drive is not designed to accommodate data that could go “viral.” If you share videos through Google drive, there is a good chance that Google will block them.  This is because it is easy to exceed daily quota download usage for video files. It considers the total size of the download and the number of downloads per 24 hours as download quota. When the file crosses its allocated quota, Google Drive restricts it and prevents it from sharing. 

Sharing large volumes of data trigger blocks. There is no specific limit for maximum downloads per 24 hours. This flexibility allows users to share more when servers aren’t busy and to share less when servers are active.

Again, Google has not designed Drive for sharing significant volumes of data. It is designed for transferring data, such as the creation and modification of documents, surveys, spreadsheets, etc. Hence, it is not a suitable platform for sharing audio and video files.

To summarize, videos are quickly blocked by drive because they have large enough size, and they build up the download quota fast. Other files and documents are unlikely to get blocked by Google drive. If Google Drive blocks your document files, you should also re-check your Quota algorithm or the way you are using it to share the files.


Google Drive is a Google platform that allows you to save your files completely free. Google drive has allocated a free 15 GB space for each account. It saves the files on the cloud, and you can view or download them anytime whenever required. 

When you upload files on Google Drive, other people can download them too, with your permission. If a more significant number of people start downloading your file, it shows the error ‘Download quota exceeded for this file.’ This message does not allow the users to download it and ask them to try after 24 hours.

 No one will wait for so long, and there are simple ways to bypass the exceeded quota error.

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