How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth?

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Fortnite is a game that has garnered a lot of attention and with this attention, some players may have thought of a way to get money for their Fortnite account assessing Fortnite accounts worth is relatively simple when compared to other games like Minecraft or Overwatch due to how the cosmetics work in Fortnite.

The Various Editions

Fortnite has a variety of editions ranging from a free-to-play edition up to the ultimate edition of the game, which can cost up to $100.00.

The higher the price you initially paid, the more your account will be worth overall; this means that while a seller may want to buy the Ultimate edition thinking that they get the most return, players may want to get the Free-To-Playe Edition instead.

Free to Play Version

The Free-To-Play Version will get up to $10 in return through player auctions, and this version doesn’t feature save the world the PvE game mode that garnered a bit less attention.

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Founder’s Pack / Standard Edition

The Founder’s Pack and the Standard edition will get you up to $19.06 returned while they while costing the seller $19.99 initially.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe edition costs $29.99 initially, but when according to the PlayerAuctions calculator states the seller can expect to receive roughly $26 back, which means that a majority of the money they spent on the account back with little to no work being put into it.

Super Deluxe Edition

This version initially costs $45, which is a steep price to pay, but with just the edition, players can expect to receive $36.50 back to them. This is a good investment for most people as they will play Fortnite for quite some time.

Limited Edition and Ultimate Edition

The limited-edition will give the seller roughly $50 back after spending a good amount of money on it. In contrast, the Ultimate edition will give the seller back $92.56 for the $100 that they initially spent to get the Ultimate Edition.

Levels, V-Bucks and Battle Pass Tiers

While cosmetics are a big part of Fortnite, a few other large parts include the Level of your character, how many V–Bucks (which is is the paid currency), and which Battle Pass tier are all modifiers that may increase the value of your account.

For the rest of this article, I will be using the Free to Play edition of the game since it gives the lowest dollar back to the seller.


Levels offer very little to the seller, giving just five cents for each level that the account has.

An account that has one hundred levels is worth $15.70, while an account with just a single level is worth only $10.06.

Leveling up isn’t the best way to increase the worth of your Fortnite account.


V-Bucks is the premium currency that is available, a 1,000 V-Bucks card costs just $7.99 on Microsoft’s web store, and if the player didn’t use any of the V-bucks for cosmetics, the account would be worth $14.06.

1,000 V-Bucks for Fortnite

This increase in the account’s value is good, but most players would use the V-Bucks to buy some cosmetics instead of just hoarding them for the possibility of reselling them. The V-Buck section of the calculator added 40 cents for every 100 V-bucks added to the account in question this means at figuring out how much a player’s current V-Buck stash is worth is simple.

Battle Pass Tiers

Battle Pass Tiers are completed by doing various challenges that are listed in the lobby and the main screen when players start the game. While levels themselves are a great addition and offer a new way to challenge the player and keep them engaged. Players do need to purchase a battle pass, the ability to gain a variety of skins as well as V-Bucks.

Level 20 Gives the Player The Brutus Skin

While the higher the level the skin that the player can earn gets substantially better in rarity. Players can easily learn up to the Midas skin if they can get to level one hundred. Each Battle Pass Tier increases the worth of your Fortnite account by 25 cents and with the battle pass costing 950 V-Bucks or roughly $9.50, sellers will need to get high in level if they plan to make their money back.


While Levels, V-Bucks, and Battle Pass tiers can increase the worth of your Fortnite account, the easiest way and the most efficient way to increase the value is to use cosmetic items that are high in rarity.

Even Uncommon skins can substantially increase the worth of your account, and each uncommon skin increases the account by roughly $2.27. This increase is a lot more when compared to the previous ways to increase the worth of your account. Uncommon skins can be gained in a variety of ways, including achieving various levels in the Battle Pass tier.

Rare Skins are a bit harder to get but since these skins are more difficult to obtain, they give the worth of your account a significant boost when compared to uncommon skins which increase the worth by $2.27, rare skins increase the worth of your account by $3.50. While Rare skins are harder to get than the Uncommon, they are still easier to get than the Epic or Legendary skins.

Epic skins and Legendary skins both increase your Fortnite’s account by $5.27 and $7 respectively. This increase is due to the substantially hard way to obtain the skins without spending V-bucks to buy the accounts.

Fortnite Account Worth With the Ability to Change the UserName

A player’s name can be changed every two weeks and if the seller hasn’t changed the name in the last two weeks then the value of the account increase by $3 which may be the easiest way to gain three dollars.

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How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth? FAQs

Who has the richest Fortnite account

Turner Tenney has the richest Fortnite account.

Is it legal to sell a Fortnite account?

No, you can’t do that legally. We do not recommend selling or buy accounts.

Can you cheat in Fortnite?

Yes, you can, but you will be banned very soon if you will use cheats. Will be better to show your skill without cheats.

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