History of ELO boosting in League of Legends

History Of Elo Boosting In League Of Legends 2
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ELO boosting – the beginning

History of ELO boosting in League of Legends 2When someone touches the topic of meddling with the video game rankings or medals, ELO boosting is the first thing that comes to mind considering its broader application and range of targeted services for years. There was a point when, despite its hazy existence, Boosting was much more mutual and considered as a friendly gesture from one party to the other. But looking at the situation now, ELO Boosting managed to sink its roots deeper by engulfing a wider target range when introducing games with time.

Considering the gaming community, players of various titles show a diverse judgment, whether its legitimacy or catalyst to the disruption of in-game matchmaking. Regardless, ELO Boosting only began to emerge and became known to the public after the introduction of RPG and FPS titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike. Around the period of the official launch of League of Legends, the ranking system was considerably fresh, which provided an excellent medium for players to determine their skill levels compared to the millions of gamers across the globe.

During the uprising of the gaming industry’s competitive environment, the League of Legends stood out, particularly as it incorporates skill-based matchmaking. In this regard, many players started to realize their potential and began to take one step further by making their presence known to the people around them in real life. It sparked an interest within the community, and more people started to realize what the concept of ELO Boosting had to offer. These so-called ELO boosters began to offer boosting services to their close circle of friends and other players on the local level. Eventually, more people started to emerge and requested service from these high-skilled players, whether to achieve the desired ranking, seek guidance regarding the game, or anything similar along the lines.


The origins of ELO boosting in League of Legends

ELO Boosting began as a friendly exchange but became widespread as the competitive scene started to grow more intense with time. In the beginning, the League of Legends set the foundation for ELO Boosting. Still, later on, the popular titles including DOTA 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and CSGO resulted in the Boosting community’s inevitable growth, which takes us to the point where it stands at present. Regardless of the intentions, the growth of ELO Boosting as more an unregulated business of unknown magnitude, providing a range of services worldwide is indeed praiseworthy.

League Of Legends θ‹±ι›„θ―η›Ÿ Sona Cosplay
League of Legends θ‹±ι›„θ―η›Ÿ Sona Cosplay

Generally, the boosting procedure categorizes Solo and Duo, where Solo refers to the booster playing on another person’s account on their behalf, which is more of a classic procedure. Duo boosting gained popularity in recent years where the customer plays alongside the booster and gets to have an actual high-class experience while achieving the desired objectives. However, simply introducing the concept of ELO and ranks does not make the title blow up in popularity. In the early days, players had some inclination that League of Legends will make it big. Still, the extent of it was beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations, considering its popularity never faltered to this very day on multiple streaming and gaming platforms.

Considering only a handful of game titles that rival the total player base of League of Legends, including DOTA 2, CSGO, Overwatch, WOW, and Hearthstone, Riot has been going after the gaming industry giant Blizzard Entertainment for many years. Though it is ironic when considering the roots of the MOBA genre, League of Legends did manage to surpass in terms of providing a better gameplay experience than the original DOTA format title. What makes LOL special is its principle of simple to learn yet tough to master that inspires players to develop skills and keep refining them over and over. The shortcut to experience such a feat and efficient learning made ELO Boosting successful and trusted by the majority along the road.

Riot Games‘ Standpoint Concerning the Growth in ELO Boosting

History Of Elo Boosting In League Of Legends

Though one might consider the influence of a third party into the LOL scene as disruptive when it comes to lol elo boost, riot does not vouch for it but prohibits direct involvement. It implies that Riot humbly accepts boosters’ existence and avoids setting limitations, excluding some special circumstances. As long as there is no imbalance in the matchmaking system, Riot does not take any legal actions. Still, when boosters play on low ELO accounts, their skill levels affect the gameplay for other players, which leaves Riot with no other choice but to take appropriate actions.

On the other hand, the safest approach in this regard, Duo Boosting, has been on the rise in popularity for quite some time as it is not only more effective but does not violate any rules as well. Ultimately, it assists the developers behind Riot to study boosters’ approach to strengthen their anti-cheat system in a way that detects similar problems with more precision.


Significance of ELO Boosting in League of Legends

The importance of ELO Boosting might not appear obvious and most welcoming in the eyes of the community. Still, there are major benefits that come alongside such services that are hard to ignore. Such services offer a variety of benefits aside from the classic rank upgrade. Basically, ELO Boosting touches every aspect of League of Legends that requires a certain procedure to undergo, whether it be improving the overall KDA ratio, claiming victories in calibration games, and even the end of season rewards. The majority of players undertake ELO Boosting services to gain a head start at the beginning of the new season or unlock their favorite reward at the season’s conclusion.

When looking at the general statistics, it can become obvious that it boosts the League of Legends’ overall matchmaking standards when players boost their rankings. It implies that the overall competitiveness and gameplay standards increase alongside more players entering the upper divisions of League of Legends. Furthermore, many ELO boosters offer coaching services as well in which they formulate a guide for players, which is an excellent learning curve for newbies and expert players alike. Overall, ELO boosting might have some downsides but denying its existence and positive points will be plain unfair and disrespectful in a certain sense.

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ELO boosting in League of Legends: FAQs


How do you get ELO boosting?

Firstly, you hire a booster. Then,Β  you have 2 options to get ELO boosting:

  • Solo Boosting – you give your account to the booster, so he plays instead of you in Ranked. Fast, but risky.
  • DUO Boosting – you play together with your skilled booster in duo. Slower, but almost no risks.

What is Elo boosting in league?

ELO boosting in a league means hiring a more experienced player to help you reach a more advanced league in Ranked play. You can get into the Diamond league if you have enough money for a boost.

Is ELO boosting illegal?

It’s not illegal in any jurisdiction unless you are in South Korea. It’s totally legal in the US, EU, and all other countries except South Korea.

How much does ELO boosting cost?

Boosting 1 league, for example, from silver to gold, may cost you from $20 to $50. Boosting to Diamond could be $100-$200 because it is much more complicated and takes more time.

How much do Elo boosters make?

ELO boosters earn pretty well because not everyone can do ELO boosting, ya very skilled player needed to have a stable high win rate on all Ranks. On average, ELO booster earns $150-$300 per full working day with a minimum of 10 matches.

Can you get banned for duo boosting?

Duo boosting doesn’t violate any Riot rules in Term of Service. You can’t get banned for duo boosting if you do not spam everyone “look at me, I am boosted!”.

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