5 Tips How to Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency

5 Tips How To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency
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Ripple is a type of cryptocurrency that was established in 2012. Ripple cryptocurrency caters to the needs of international money transfer among several businesses and countries. The chief purpose of the Ripple is to verify these monetary transactions.

Ripple cryptocurrency is also known as Ripple or XRP. Most of the time, the inter-bank financial transaction takes five to four days to complete, whereas Ripple has the potential to transform the whole world’s monetary system.

Where to Get Ripple Cryptocurrency?

The primary and crucial step to buy Ripple is to know where to get XRP. Unluckily, every cryptocurrency exchange does not offer Ripple transactions. But there is a substantial list of approved cryptocurrency exchanges from where anyone can get XRP.

Ripple or XRP Wallets

The cryptocurrency wallet is a digital space where buyers and sellers can perform all the business transactions via cyber currency. They can send, store, or receive their digital cryptocurrency in the wallet through a special key. These wallets are used in both forms, online and physical. Along with the storage, the wallets offer an exchange service of crypto money as well.

Few Ripple wallets like the LEGER NANO S choose to make it a physical wallet that looks like a USB card. In contrast, another famous wallet is known as Toast Wallet offers a free online space that supports Ripple transactions. The Abra Wallet is another wallet that provides storage and exchanges of XRP as well, but it is less reliable. So, while selecting a wallet, be cautious, and check all possible security aspects to avoid any inconvenience and monetary loss.

Ripple or XRP Exchange

As we have now understood, crypto exchange is where buyers and sellers exchange and transfer several kinds of cryptocurrency. The trade and transfers can be of any form, be it an exchange between euros or dollars into cryptocurrency or bitcoin or Ripple transfer via wallets.

Ripple recommends various kinds of exchanges. Some of them are Bitstamp, Binance, Kraken, Bitsane, etc. Not all of these exchanges can transfer XRP into US dollars, but some can such transfers.

Before selecting any wallet, do asses your money transfer needs. Some people like to direct transfer from USD, whereas some people like both transactions into cryptocurrency such as XRP into Bitcoin or vice versa.

5 Tips How To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency 1

How to Buy Ripple or XRP?

We have sorted five foolproof tips to buy Ripple cryptocurrency.

Step 1: Get Ripple Cryptocurrency Wallet

The first step to buy XRP cryptocurrency is to open an account on any digital wallet that offers ripple exchange and transfers. Several websites provide such facilities. Just find one which suits your needs.

Step 2: Initiate an Account with Ripple supporting Exchange.

The second step is to open another account with an exchange that supports XRP transactions. As we have discussed above, presently, a few exchanges offer this facility with some specific features. Therefore, choose the exchange as per your requirements.

Step 3: Validate your Account

The new accounts on the cryptocurrency exchanges require validation. Therefore, new users need to verify their accounts before starting any transaction. For verification, the new user needs to follow the registration steps and verify all their credentials to proceed with the Ripple transactions.

Step 4: Purchase XRP or Ripple with Fiat Currency

After verification, the final step is to buy the XRP. When the user logs into their exchange account, a search menu is available to find transferable units. For instance, there will be exchanges between XRP to USD, XRP to BTC, XRP to XBT, and vice versa. There is also an option to buy the digital coin.

If the users purchase some cryptocurrency, they can withdraw their XRP to their digital wallet account.

Step 5: Buy Ripple or XRP via Agents

There is another method available to buy Ripple or XRP. The users can also purchase XRP through agents that give CFDs (Contract for Differences). Presently, few exchanges are offering Ripple cryptocurrency trade.

Important to Know

After knowing lots of things about Ripple trading, it is significant to know some cautious points. The ripple users should know that all their cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and permanent. However, PayPal and bank transfers are reversible. Therefore, during any cryptocurrency transaction, bitcoin or Ripple, always check twice or thrice the address where you are sending Ripple money.

Another crucial thing is the storage of the Ripple cryptocurrency. Never store a huge amount of XRP in your account of the digital exchange. As the technology is not very reliable, only keep less amount of ripple currency in your account so that if anything bad happens, at least you won’t lose more money and do not regret much about that. There is a major risk of exchanges hacking all the time. And if your exchange gets hacked, you will never get back your money.

This problem is a hardware wallet where users can store their Ripple cryptocurrency on mobile or desktop wallets. The reliable and famous hardware wallets are Ledger and Trezor. So, for the Ripple storage, do consider purchasing them.

When the user first makes their wallets, they proffered a seed phrase irrespective of the wallets. Do not save this seed phrase on any online place like on a computer. Because once hackers get access to this seed phrase, they can hack every file and steal all your crypto money. So, store this seed phrase in your secret diary, notebook, or somewhere in a safe place.

In the end, always make sure to keep your seed phrase in varied locations. If an accident like a fire in the house or a natural disaster like a flood happens, it will destroy your seed phrase and hardware wallet. At that time, if you saved your seed phrase somewhere else, you have a chance to get access to it. Therefore, always keep in mind that repetition is key to security when dealing with cryptocurrency.



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