Destiny 2 best raiding weapons

Destiny 2 Best Raiding Weapons 1
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Raid specific weapons have a unique nature. They are accessible for players who took part and successfully finished that encounter. The weapons are equipped with God Rolls, which dramatically enhance their capabilities. 

It is rightly said that the best defense is a great offense. The Destiny 2 is no doubt the best explanation for this. Lots and lots of guns are what you see in this sci-fi inspired setting. You will come across the cowboy-inspired shooters and laser spewing rifles capable of creating havoc and causing devastating damage. 

The drops come with top-notch features and extreme damage capacities than their worldly counterparts. Here is a list of our top 10 weapons that we prepared for raiders. 


This full-auto legendary scout rifle has amazed game lovers. You may find it in the two Deep Stone Crypt secret raid chests, given that you had successfully earned it. They help farm the God Rolls, as you can find hidden chests early in the raid.

It reserves deeply and reloads quickly when its magazine is empty. In Destiny 2, the weapon is present in the Crypt Security encounter. Additional stability is provided by the curated roll that is called “polygonal rifling.” Under pressure, this roll enhances stability and accuracy whenever the magazine runs low. 

Another exciting feature of this weapon is the perk “redirection,” which further damages the powerful combatants when they die after weaker combatants.


The only way you can get the Commemoration machine gun is the final encounter in Deep Stone Crypt Raid. The machine gun drops in here when you are first time into the raid. If you successfully snatch one from this fight, you will also get hold of the remaining two from the raid’s two secret chests. They both are hidden at the beginning of the raid adjacent to the end side of Sparrow’s portion and near the jumping puzzle. These chests are full of treasure allocated for those who earn them during four core encounters. The gun is an excellent alternative for Hammerhead, so if you were a Hammerhead fan, go ahead and try to snatch this one. The “Feeding Frenzy” roll enhances its reload speed for a limited period to allow a rapid kill.


The heritage slug shotgun is stuck with the raid and comes as a reward for encounter chests. You can also avail it in exchange for 20 spoils of Conquest at the Taniks Chest, and that too only in the condition that you previously owned the gun. You can’t aim for getting perks on Heritage, and your rolls remain RNG, like every other gun in the game.

 The last perk will vary with your intention to use this shotgun in PvE. Thresh is better when you are using it as a major killer and a general-purpose shot-gun. For DPS on Tanks, Recombination is more effective.

The shotgun has a perfect precision frame. It is capable of firing a single slug round with a vertical recoil pattern. The weapon’s perk “reconstruction” enhances the weapon’s damage powers for the next shot. The source of weapon drop is the Replication encounter in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Destiny 2 Best Raiding Weapons 2


This kinetic sniper rifle features an aggressive frame that is highly damaging and gives a high recoil also. This weapon’s perk is “No distractions,” which correctly minimizes flinch while aiming the sights. The “vorpal weapon” perk causes more damage to bosses, vehicles, and guardians.

You can add rebuilds to the succession to replenish your magazine and to double the number of its rounds. In this manner, you can add up to 8 rounds. If you own a Vorpal weapon, too, you have the power for serious boss killings. If reconstruction isn’t preferred, use Thresh.


This classic hand cannon introduced in Destiny 2 offers its own exclusive and unique perks. One is called “Genesis,” which enables you to reload the magazine from reserves by breaking the enemy’s shield. The Posterity hand cannon is available with the third encounter in the Deep Stone Crypt rate. When you manage to escape with it after a boss fight, you can also get it from the raid’s two secret chests. They are found at the beginning of the Sparrow portion and halfway of the jumping puzzle. The players will here avail themselves of the piece of loot.

Multiple variations that you can count as “God rolls” provide four primary perks. You can slot this weapon. The barrel perk “Corkscrew Rifling’ provides a substantial boost, stability, and handling. The weapon becomes adaptable for multiple scenarios without having the best range stat. The tactical Mag will further enhance your strength, reload speed, and magazine size.

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