5 Technical Tips for eCommerce Businesses

5 Technical Tips For Ecommerce Businesses 2
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This year and the ones to come will undoubtedly be the years of eCommerce businesses. The physical stores’ era is slowly fading away since more and more people choose to shop online.

According to various studies, the eCommerce industry recorded significant growth because sales volumes have increased significantly during the pandemic. Looking into the future means going online and establishing an eCommerce store of your own.

Logically, there are many aspects of an excellent online store, but one essential element covers functionalities and technical aspects. Take a look below at some crucial technical tips you can implement in your eCommerce business.

Website security comes first

A website that sells products needs to be secure from cybercriminals.

One proven way to make a website safe is to offer sophisticated TLS encryption. This technology enables an end-to-end secure connection across all of the data and transactions on your website.

TLS 1.2 standard has replaced SSL, and every secure eCommerce website must meet it, and you also need to upgrade a browser or operating system if they support only TLS 1.0 or 1.1 at the moment.

The TLS concept is straightforward. Once a person accesses a website and spends some time on it, all exchanged data needs to be encrypted.

The easiest way to implement this measure is not to use the ‘good old’ HTTP but instead to use the HTTPS protocol. When a business uses HTTPS, it actually combines HTML support with TLS.

Every online web transaction needs privacy, and that is where HTTPS steps into play. Even Google Chrome flags non-HTTPS websites that ask for log-in or credit card information as non-secure.

On top of that, an eCommerce website needs to have a payment processing tool with multiple security layers. Each stage of the cart and payment processes should be secured.

Compromising customer information (credit card details and personal details) is one sure way to tarnish a business’s reputation, so make sure you do your best to keep your website safe.

Make the most of technical documentation

5 Technical Tips For Ecommerce Businesses 1

Creating, publishing, and maintaining technical documentation is becoming increasingly important for various business types. That is why many businesses have a dire need for good technical documentation software solutions that can make the entire process of storing and retrieving the data easier and simpler.

Thorough technical documentation provides vital business benefits at multiple levels. A clear picture of the environment streamlines issue resolution, and issues arise in any technical environment (such as a website) from time to time.

Comprehensive technical documentation offers various benefits to help expedite issue resolution. For instance, FAQ and troubleshooting documents provide users with answers to common questions and workarounds to known issues.

Also, testing plans measure solutions’ effectiveness and highlight any weak points before the user engagement phase.

On top of that, comprehensive technical documentation allows entrepreneurs to make better business decisions. It is common knowledge that making informed strategic decisions requires a detailed picture of the current environment and how information flows within the business.

For example, migration to the cloud can be troublesome without proper planning. Fortunately, technical documentation serves as a map of the data flow within the current environment and the proposed migration.

Hire a proven eCommerce development agency

Going with the good old set-it-and-forget-it web design will not pay off in the days to come. The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, and a business really needs to put in the extra effort to stand out from the rest. Consumers nowadays expect more from their website experience, especially when talking about online retailers.

If you are not a developer and you have no hired developers at the moment, turning to an agency might be the solution to your problems because developers are essential part of every project. A professional eCommerce website development agency can ensure your online website meets all the needs of your customers.

The best eCommerce development services will help a business tap to market trends, leverage advanced technologies, and infuse creativity into the process.

The benefits of hiring a development agency to build your eCommerce website are numerous. However, most entrepreneurs who have done it emphasize one benefit above the rest: efficiency. To be precise, when a good agency is hired to create a sophisticated eCommerce website, they build a better UX for the customers faster.

For example, if you decide to revamp the whole design and back-end features of your BigCommerce website (or if you want a completely new website built in this platform), you can rest assured that you are hiring a BigCommerce design development agency that will do a great job at a fair price. Experts like these listen to your requirements and give your website what needs to be reliable, secure, and appealing to your customers.

Scale based on your needs

Depending on the size and load of an online store, a business will have different resources. Therefore, a business owner needs to quickly and easily scale their website depending on the load times as the overall website traffic increases.

When the inventory starts growing quickly and the need to support heavy load activities increases, it is important to scale the platform accordingly. If not, you risk customers’ frustration with the website’s performance.

So, it’s important to keep an eye on website traffic and peak user load times if you want to regularly avoid crashes and scale server resources.

It is worth noting that it’s easy to scale server needs if the eCommerce website provider uses a cloud provider standardized on a reliable IaaS platform. Utilizing a platform of this kind enables users to scale the server power in just a couple of steps.

Additionally, the user only pays for this added feature as long as they are using it, contrary to physical servers where unused power goes to waste while costing money at the same time.

Payment options

5 Technical Tips For Ecommerce Businesses 3

A significant portion of online shoppers abandons their shopping carts mainly due to complex payment processes that require many non-adding value steps that discourage them from proceeding further with the payments.

Therefore, it is an absolute necessity to add the most popular payment options such as PayPal and Payoneer (depending on regions where your customers come from). PayPal is one of the more popular payment options in almost every developed country globally, and it’s safe to say that you can’t make a mistake by adding PayPal as a payment method.

If a business plans to sell internationally, it would definitely be smart to consider multiple payment options, extra layers of security, and shipping options. Some customers don’t want to pay irrational shipping fees, even if that costs them their favorite products from their favorite eCommerce store.

Final thoughts

These tips may not be as frequent as some other strategies (marketing, for example), but they are well worth your time and the effort you plan to invest in improving your eCommerce business. Remember, the marketplace is becoming oversaturated, and even the smallest of details will play an important role in the days to come. So, try to do your best to make the website both appealing and perfectly functional.

Thank you for reading!