What to look for in a PDF editor?

What To Look For In A Pdf Editor
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When several free online PDF editors are available, why should you spend your money on a desktop PDF editor? A simple answer to this question is that you get what you paid for. Many free online editors allow you to add text, comment on documents, split and merge documents, and convert files from and to PDFs.

In most cases, though, you will not be able to edit existing text, and many of them have restrictions on file size and page volume. Your edited document will be watermarked by a lot of them. Therefore, if you need to edit PDF files quickly and easily, we recommend using the EaseUS PDF editor.

What can you do with PDF Editors?

PDF editors make PDFs by converting digital documents, scanning hard copies, or creating PDFs from scratch. PDF editors should be able to convert various file types seamlessly, preserving the original formatting, from MS Office documents to HTML to images. In addition, OCR technology should be integrated so that PDF text can be searched and edited.

The best PDF editor should also be able to export PDF files into other formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and plain text, maintaining the hyperlinks and images in the original files.

PDF editors are also capable of modifying text, inserting, resizing, and moving images, as well as rearranging pages. Using a good one, you can change it in-line, drag and drop graphics, and add or remove hyperlinks just as easily as you would in a text document or slide deck.

What to look for in a PDF editor?

PDF files should also be able to be reviewed and annotated using a decent PDF editor. In addition to marking up text documents, it should also have tools to mark up graphically rich files like webpages. You can use sticky notes, callout boxes, highlighters, freehand drawings, and stamps that say “approved,” “revised,” or “confidential.”

The handling of documents containing sensitive information is done by all businesses. Make sure the PDF editor you choose includes safeguards that restrict access to designated users. In addition to adding password protection and permissions settings, good options will usually offer content redaction, which “blacks out” selected images and text. Most PDF editors will also offer electronic document signing.

Support for mobile devices: Although you should be able to edit and annotate PDF files while on the move, deep PDF editing is best performed on a desktop computer. It’s generally possible to review PDFs in any PDF editor or reader, regardless of what app was used to create them. Look for a mobile app, a mobile optimized editor, or a cloud-based editor that allows access via the cloud.

What can EaseUS PDF Editors offer you?

What can EaseUS PDF Editors offer you

EaseUS PDF Converter

If you’re looking to convert a PDF to a JPG or a Word document to a PDF, then the free EaseUS PDF converter is the right tool for you. Additionally, it is capable of converting more than 10 types of files in addition to PDF files. You can find out more about the EaseUS PDF Converter Online.

Convert PDF to Word:

You can also easily convert PDF to Word documents using this PDF to Word converter. There is support for both .docx and .doc files.

Convert PDF to image:

A PDF converter program can convert PDFs into JPGs, PNGs, JPEGs, BMPs, or GIFs. There will be no degradation in the quality of the output image.

Convert PDF to PPT:

There are many ways to convert PDFs into PowerPoint presentations, and this PDF to PowerPoint Converter makes it easy to do so.

Convert PDF to Excel:

Just a few clicks to convert PDF files to Excel formats, including .xls and .xlsx. Convert PDF to Excel with this powerful tool.

Convert PDF to Text:

The PDF to TXT Converter allows you to convert PDF files into high-quality TXT documents for free. They will take care of the rest once the PDF file has been uploaded, and their team will handle the rest.

Why Choose EaseUS PDF Online?

Best Free PDF Converter

Using this online converter, you can upload any file size and enjoy all the features that this online converter has to offer for free. Files can be converted from/to PDF, or you can share them with others.

Conversion of common formats

You can convert PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and JPG online using this online PDF converter. PDF files can be converted to these different formats and vice versa at any time, without any restrictions.

All platforms are compatible.

The web-based service allows you to use it on any platform. Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphones, or tablets, EaseUS works perfectly on them all.

100% safe and secure

Privacy and security are important to EaseUS. Advanced 256-bit SSL encryption technology ensures that all your data and files will be 100% secure. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

Easy-to-use workflow

With this tool, you can easily convert PDF files. It only takes three steps to convert the files. You do not need any technical skills or knowledge. No matter how old you are or how inexperienced you are, you can handle it without any problems.

Access from anywhere

If you need to convert your documents from/to PDF format, you can do so from/to your computer whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. The converted files can be shared after they have been converted.

EaseUS Support Team

EaseUS is always striving to provide fast and reliable support for its users. No matter how you contact them, all of your personal information will be well protected, whether you are a free user or a paid user. They also provide a high level of support for free and paid users alike.

They can be contacted by telephone on a toll-free number or via live chat or email. Furthermore, once you have become a customer, they also offer advanced support by using team viewer so that their specialists can help you with any problems you may encounter whilst using the software.

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