What is ISO certification why is it important?

What Is Iso Certification Why Is It Important
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isoISO certification meaning

The International Organization for standardization (ISO) is an independent organization specializing in determining the specifications for services, products, and systems in companies to ensure quality and efficiency are met. This Organization sets valuable standards for international trade with their strict requirements that must be met by goods. This organization’s ultimate goal is to improve the welfare of industries worldwide and increase the levels of security and safety for all. This Organization was founded in the mid-1900s when delegates from different regions met in London to create a new international company standard. Since then, this met’s efforts have become prevalent over the decades, and they now have about 23,000 published standards in 164 countries. Companies are supposed to earn ISO certification to prove that their products and services are of good quality to the world.

ISO certification proves that the Company management system, the services and products, manufacturing process, and the documentation procedure have all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. ISO certification is all rounded such that it applies to different areas of the industry, including medical services, energy management, and social responsibility.

ISO certification types

There are different types of certifications offered by ISO, with each of them having separate standards. Below are the four common types of ISO certifications;

Iso 9001

ISO 9000

This is one of the most common ISO certifications. The standards and quality management systems found in this category help companies meet the customer and stakeholders’ needs. It is more of a basic form of what the Organization aimed to accomplish.

ISO 9001

When companies are established or formed, their goal is to verify product conformance to the standardized requirements. They use the ISO 9000 to ensure this is met. The products produced, including materials, services, hardware, and software, maintain high-quality standards. ISO 9001, however, stands as proof of the products supplied by the Company and not the entity.

ISO/TS 16949

This is more specified for the automotive industries. It outlines all the standards that need to be met by automotive manufacturers and distributors to ensure quality and efficiency are uphold. Without these standards, it becomes difficult for these companies to achieve international shipping of their products.

ISO 13485

This is ISO for medical devices and related services.

ISO 14001

Iso 14001This looks at the companies operation and how it affects the environment. Sometimes, this ISO is also known as Environmental Management System, given its objective. Corporations with this certification control their impact on both flora and fauna in all of their activities. This is even more important today, given the consumer opinions on the effects of industries on the environment.

Why is ISO important

The purpose of ISO was to streamline production in various industries and ensure that every product or service delivered to the consumers is safe. When a Company is ISO certified, it gets to enjoy different benefits, including customer satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits of ISO certification.

International business

Standardization of products has been instrumental in breaking trade barriers and enabling companies to enter new markets. For instance, companies that deal with automotive are supposed to do shipping regularly. However, without ISO certification, this becomes difficult. Without shipping of the automotive, companies can even close. However, ISO certification has made it possible for these corporations to continue their businesses even across borders without any problems. Moreover, a company can now procure compatible parts from international sources with ISO certification, which offers them competitive pricing. ISO certification has also regulated export and import requirements eliminating a lot of tussles in international transactions.

Consumer satisfaction and safety

Consumers are always curious and cautious about the quality of products they are getting from Companies. With ISO certification, companies can provide proof of the quality of their products. Also, products with negative impacts are eliminated by ISO, and therefore consumers are satisfied that they are getting safer and reliable products. Through standardization, consumers are now proactive in doing a lot of research on companies and selecting quality products and services.

Industry participation

ISO certification has enabled many companies to become industry leaders. Others are chosen to participate in the standards development process. When a company decides to get an ISO certification, it signifies its commitment to quality by consumers. Some companies make ISO certification a contractual requirement meaning that it cannot operate without accreditation. The Company will also be recognized worldwide, thus increasing your professional status in the market research and public.

Increased productivity

ISO certification can help a company track its productivity and make changes where it is required. An increase in productivity helps a company to gain a competitive advantage and increase its market share. This enables a company to cut costs resulting from errors.


With ISO 9001 certification, the Company increases its control over the business process. The more you control your business, the more you become consistent as a corporation. Increased consistency ensures that your customers are getting the best products and services every time they do business with you.

ISO consultants

Today, the marketplace is demanding quality services and products to deliver a great customer experience. Getting recognized globally should be the dream of every business because this can be the key to achieving a competitive edge in the growing global market. In ISO certification, there is one entity that plays a vital role: the ISO consultant. This individual provides you with solutions for the problems you have and have not realized yet. Therefore, it means that your consultant has to be knowledgeable and flow of the process, compliance parameters, and needed optimizations.

Iso Consultants

Here are some of the parameters you will be looking for when choosing your ISO consultant.

  • Expertise and relevant knowledge of ISO
  • References from their clients
  • Good communication and building rapport
  • They must be result-oriented
  • Offer customized services
  • Pricing and the timelines
  • ISO consulting services offered include:
    1. ISO training
    2. AS9100 consulting
    3. ISO 9001 consulting
    4. ISO 13485 consulting
    5. ISO 45001 consulting
    6. Lean-ISO consulting

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In summary, ISO certification is a crucial component of every corporation. This certification will open your Company to the outside world and increase your productivity and customer base. However, going through the ISO certification process can be tedious when you don’t have an ISO consultant. The consultant will use their expertise to help you gain a competitive edge and make a positive change in your business. All you have to do is make sure that the consultant you choose has plans that align with your Company’s objectives and vision.

Iso 9001 Certified

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