VIPRE Antivirus Review 2021 – Is Vipre any good?

VIPRE Antivirus Review 2021 - Is Vipre any good
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An effective solution to the incredible number of growing threats that exist on the Internet today is vital for any Internet (e-commerce) business. A virus/malware attack can potentially destroy your entire company for good and leak sensitive data to millions of people. If you have been the victim of a virus/malware attack over the internet and you have countless cases where your devices (PC, macOS, mobile devices) crash and your system constantly needs to be reformatted to remove viruses, you should use a reliable antivirus such as Vipre Antivirus.

This article has one of the world’s top recommendations for great antivirus software. Vipre’s advanced security selection is based on the performance of an installed system as well as the user experience of the user.

General Overview of Vipre Antivirus

It may not have the profile of the major competition, but Florida-based ThreatTrack has been in the security industry for a long time. Founded in 1994 as Sunbelt Software, the company has developed anti-spyware solutions for years, introduced its anti-virus brand VIPRE in 2008, and now offers a range of products for individuals and companies.

Vipre Advanced Security protects your data with one of the most advanced antivirus software on the market. It protects against the most widespread cyberthreats that almost all of Vipre’s competitors elude. VIPRE Advanced Security is the company’s consumer-centric security suite, a mix of dual-engine antivirus (Bitdefender and its own), firewall, spam blocker, web filter, and basic privacy tools.

You will receive a notification when the antivirus detects a fatal error, including options to deal with the situation. If something can be done without human assistance, like blocking a malicious file or PUA, the software will do it quietly and save information in the logs for future reference.

The following are the major highlights of Vipre antivirus software:

  • It has a sophisticated anti-phishing tool.
  • There is built-in ransomware protection.
  • It is easy to install and set up.
  • There are several scanning options.
  • It uses the Edge browser but also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Real-time antivirus
  • Ransomware protection
  • Anti-phishing tools
  • Email protection
  • Uses Edge browser but has Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Personal firewall
  • Phone, email, and ticket customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Vipre features

In this Vipre antivirus review, we will be discussing all the available package-plan and also answer some important questions users want to know as well as the pros and cons of the antivirus software.

How good is Vipre antivirus software?

For enhanced security for your business, family, or PC, choose Vipre Antivirus. This protects your personal information. Protection against emerging threats such as ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, viruses, spyware, etc. It is easy to use, especially for gamers, and it is straightforward to schedule scans. If you have any questions, you can contact US support who will be happy to help.

For the security of emails; Vipre Antivirus offers the best in email security and uses advanced technology to block threats in malicious links and infected attachments sent through email.

While for personal and professional use; This online security company offers many advanced features to keep your business and home safe. It offers solutions that protect your business information from cybercriminals.

Should I buy VIPRE Advanced Security?

If you are looking for robust antivirus protection and want to stay away from popular brands, VIPRE Advanced Security is a great option. It offers great protection against malware, does not slow down your computer, and is inexpensive. We believe that if you just want a good, inexpensive antivirus program, you can probably find better deals than VIPRE Antivirus Plus as it lacks additional features.

However, VIPRE Advanced Security and VIPRE Ultimate Security offer the same great performance and a whole host of additional features for just a little more money.

Vipre Antivirus Lab Test Results and Performance

There are two types of anti-virus labs. Some report test results, while others certify antivirus programs for their security functions. Fewer and fewer suppliers are applying for certification these days, but Vipre is certified by both ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs.

Of course, laboratory tests don’t accurately reflect the security level of the antivirus. However, if it gets a high score every time, it could be an indicator of its reliability. Vipre passes all simple malware tests with a score of 100% perfectly. And for three months, this antivirus shows a 99.3% to 99.9% success rate in advanced tests.

We can therefore conclude that this antivirus provides reliable protection against malware. In terms of ransomware protection, Vipre failed to detect custom ransomware created in the lab. This result is unsatisfactory, but the vendor cannot be called unreliable as this simulated malware was not real.

However, many other antivirus programs have been able to detect and block custom ransomware and restore corrupted files. So Vipre isn’t the best antivirus out there, but we have to say that it’s still pretty decent.

During testing, even after thorough analysis, we did not find any significant effects on the system. Usually, we run the scan while another program is converting a video file. If the system is only busy processing, it will be ready in an hour, 12 minutes, and 23 seconds. While Vipre was performing the deep scan, it only took four minutes for the system to process the video file.

As a result, the software slows down the system, but so little that users may not even notice it. This means you can use the computer as normal without freezing while your antivirus does an elaborate scan.

Download and Installation of Vipre antivirus

You can download the antivirus from the Vipre official website. All you have to do is pass on your email address to the provider and you have an installation file.

The first thing you see when you open the installer is the request for a license key. If you just want to try the antivirus, just hit Next and you will get a trial version. If you already have a license, enter the key in the required field.

As soon as the program is installed, the user interface shows the current status of the antivirus and protection features.

What are the significant features of Vipre antivirus and why is the antivirus so highly regarded as one of the best in the antivirus industry will be listed here?

Vipre antivirus features

Ease of use

When you choose antivirus software, you most likely want something simple. The VIPRE values ​​are high. It’s very easy to install and configure. It doesn’t take you much time to find the tools and settings you need.

User interface

On the home page, you will see two buttons: Scan and Schedule a scan. On the left side, you can find information about how long the last scan will take and when the next one will start if you have scheduled it. There is also information about updates and the status of the firewall. At the top, there are three tabs: MyVipre, a home page, account, and manage.

There are five sections under the Manage tab: Antivirus, Updates, Email, Firewall, Privacy. In the Antivirus section, you can manage quarantined items and configure active protection. Here you can also activate the silent mode.

In the “Updates” section you can choose whether Vipre collects information about the threats you are encountering. In the E-Mail section, you can configure filters for the desktop version of Outlook or another e-mail client. If you are using a different mail system, you must specify the mail ports.

In the Firewall section, you can manage the computer protection settings and also decide which apps are for inbound and outbound communication. There is also a system that detects intruders. It’s off by default, but you can turn it on and set rules for it. It is best to allow Vipre to scan your network so the software can choose the best fit for you.

Finally, in the data protection area, you will see a social watch function with which you can analyze your Facebook feed at intervals that you specify. Here is a safe file eraser that will erase files without leaving any traces, and the gradient cleaner is included here as a feature.

According to the company website, the following primary features include:

  • Advanced Ransomware protection
  • Email security
  • Bad website blocker
  • History cleaner
  • Secure file eraser
  • Easy to use
  • Search Guard
  • Spam filter
  • Firewall
  • Stop web-based threats
  • Social Watch
  • VIPRE easy install
  • All-in-one PC Security
  • Automatic software security updates
  • Immediate detection of emerging threats
  • High-performance anti-malware engine

Scanning Options

You can choose between quick and comprehensive scans. Also, you can schedule them by setting the days and times of the week that the software should scan your system. This is very convenient as it allows you to choose when not to use your computer.

Vipre allows running a custom scan as well. You can check what to scan:

  • running programs
  • Windows registry
  • cookies
  • rootkits
  • archived and compressed files.

You can choose a specific location. Also, you can use the Vipre RapidScan technology to increase the scanning speed. You can also choose the software you want to use to shut down your computer after scanning.

Additional scanning options

Alongside the main scans, there are a few other scanning options:

  • Catch Up Scan: Performs a quick scan in case a scheduled scan is missed for any reason
  • Second Layer Scan: Runs a full scan automatically if the quick scan detects threats that can’t be handled by the quick scan alone
  • Scan Removable Drives: Scans any removable drives while performing virus scans
  • Individual file scanning: You can right-click on any file or folder on your computer to scan it with Vipre antivirus.

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware is one of the most popular and worst malware that hunts down compromised devices. So, a good antivirus should be powerful enough to deal with the threat. And the Vipre has effective solutions for this. Each product has ransomware defense built-in, and Vipre Antivirus uses a multi-step process including patch management to block this type of malware.

First, the virus protection program checks for signature and hash matches, which indicate the presence of ransomware. However, the developers at Vipre know that this method is not enough to intercept new ransomware as it has no signature. The company says it uses other techniques, including heuristics and machine learning-driven behavioral detection, to deal with more complex threats.

Malware protection

One of the biggest advantages of Vipre is that it can block malware. Vipre Advanced Security successfully stopped over 99% of malware in the aforementioned Real-World Protection Test by AV-Comparatives.

One of the tools used to protect computers from malware is Edge Protection. It monitors user visits to the website and ensures that no malware gets onto their computers. You don’t need a browser extension as the tool works in the Edge browser. If you still want an extension for Chrome or Firefox, don’t hesitate to activate it via the VIPRE dashboard.

Also, Vipre offers virus and malware removal for free to every subscriber and it can be described as another good reason to become a customer as many other providers want money for such a service.

Phishing detection features

Phishing is one of the oldest ways for hackers to steal users’ private data. It seems like everyone knows the basic safety rules so that you don’t fall victim to phishing, but this method wouldn’t go away (get the best internet security to protect yourself from phishing). Also, it becomes more demanding.

Just like Avast, the Vipre Antivirus is always ready to protect its user’s device from phishing and it also has a personal firewall that carefully monitors what is coming into your internet connection, including any email that comes into your inbox. VIPRE’s anti-phishing tools do not alert you to a threat, they also send copies of phishing emails to the quarantine.

Active protection

VIPRE has a very comprehensive active protection service. Common functionality: The VIPRE version actively analyses and performs tasks in all of the following areas:

  • Blocks potentially malicious processes
  • Scans files when they are opened or copied
  • Looks inside archives.

You can also activate a “sleep mode” for active protection. It just takes care of these threats without notifying the user. You may or may not choose this feature as active protection can detect processes that are not really malicious and shut them down against your will. We found the active protection very effective as I had to turn it off to run the live virus test. Leaving it on has effectively prevented you from installing live virus samples.

Web filtering

This is Vipre’s standard web filtering that is common in most antivirus programs and is even included in most web browsers today. There is nothing unique about it, and there is a good chance several forms of it will already work on your computer, especially if you are using Windows. You can change the settings to block certain websites from being safe. If you do this in Vipre, you will need to do it in another website filtering program too, e.g. B. in the integrated filter of Google Chrome.

Handle threats automatically

When you run scans or when other monitoring methods are in place, you can configure VIPRE’s behavior so that it processes them automatically for you or you can manage what happens to files yourself. If you don’t trust Vipre Antivirus to properly handle potential threats (e.g. keep deleting files that shouldn’t be deleted), your best bet is to disable this feature. However, the program is quite sophisticated and usually only removes clearly malicious threats while quarantining unsafe files.

Edge protection

Vipre Security describes this feature as follows: “Prevents exploits and other online threats from being downloaded from most web browsers.

This description looks exactly as it is. The edge protection prevents users from downloading malicious viruses. As a user, you can easily download the live samples as the files are inserted, compressed, and password-protected, but active downloads and harmful links are blocked.

Other tools from Vipre antivirus

Vipre antivirus includes a few other tools to coincide with their Antivirus tools:

  • Include low-risk programs when scanning and with active protection
  • Allows for chosen files and folders to be excluded from scans
  • Wake up computer from sleep to perform scheduled scans
  • Conserve the battery by delaying updates and skipped scheduled scans when on battery

Email protection

Vipre Antivirus has tools that you can use to protect your email from threats too. This mainly applies to Outlook users. However, email protection tools include:

  • Spam filtering for Outlook
  • Virus scanning for incoming and outgoing emails
  • Anti-phishing, which also sends a copy of the email to quarantine
  • Examines recent email history for threats

Firewall Protection

Firewalls are the standard for virus protection these days. As with web filtering, there is a good chance your computer already has a firewall. In this case, it is optional to leave the Vipre firewall activated. However, if you don’t trust the built-in firewall for Windows, you might want to use the more extensive Vipre firewall.

The VIPRE firewall includes the following features:

  • Filters incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Allows you to create exceptions for how the firewall handles different data traffic
  • Log packets going to unopened ports
  • “Stealth Mode,” which allows your computer to automatically ignore some types of malicious port scans
  • Turn on firewall during computer startup
  • Protect against attacks from within the same network (excellent for those who use public Wi-Fi networks)
  • Network management
  • Process protection to protect against attacks on running software on your computer
  • Intelligent firewall, which can learn what to accept and reject better through your responses

Privacy feature

Vipre Antivirus really shines with some of its privacy tools. Many of these are only available from Vipre, with rare parallels to other popular antivirus programs. The privacy tools include:

  • Social Watch

Vipre Antivirus can log into your Facebook account and search your Facebook timeline for malicious threats. You need to log into your account through the program. This means that you are giving Vipre Antivirus permissions. Note that this means that the Vipre antivirus has a lot of data about you through your Facebook account. If you are particularly concerned about safety, avoid these. It’s a useful tool, but not the one you need to restrict access to your data.

If you choose to use Social Watch, you can configure it to run at regular intervals, e.g. B. every two hours is scanned. Vipre Antivirus also allows you to check the history of the Social Watch activity with account access.

  • Secure file eraser

As Vipre Security states in this case, “Back up and erase all traces of files from your computer.” It’s more than just deleting it in the trash and more than just emptying the trash. This will erase the data and overwrite the deleted data with absurd information so that it cannot be recovered even with advanced computer scans. There are separate programs that real money can buy to do this for you or some that are free. It’s a real boon for those who want maximum privacy.

  • History cleaner

Vipre’s History Cleaner makes it easier and faster to clean up your browsing history. This applies to temporary folders, which are often ignored. It also removes history files from all web browsers at the same time.

Vipre support and customer service

Unfortunately, Vipre Antivirus doesn’t offer live chat or quick responses to email queries. When you contact the support team, the system will tell you that you will get a response within 24 hours. We tried asking for help and the response came in almost 48 hours. Hence, you have to wait a while when you have problems.

We’d justify the lack of good support by saying that Vipre Antivirus is easy to use and fairly reliable. But honestly, that’s a pretty weak argument. Any service should provide quick help to customers to make them feel safe and valued. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing a competition.

However, Vipre Antivirus offers its professional services to businesses. Services include basic installation, installation, and optimization, as well as a full switch to Vipre Antivirus. We don’t know how long it will be between sending the request and the Vipre support team starting work on your system, but this service is already good.

Vipre antivirus packages and pricing plan

VIPRE offers for individuals and professional networks. Three Home plans offer real-time protection and free support in the US, but they also have their own specifics:

Vipre Identity Shield

The first package is Vipre Identity Shield and the name of the package is self-explanatory as it protects your identity from theft. It has an advanced detection mechanism that scans the system and marks the confidential information on your PC. Also, personal data can be hidden. Identity Shield also offers a data shredder that allows you to delete files without leaving a trace.

Since many cyber-attacks are carried out through a webcam or microphone, Identity Shield protects them too. Any attempt to gain access from the network is automatically rejected. Every attempt is tracked and reported.

This plan comes with the following features;

  • Advanced active protection
  • Cloud-enabled security
  • Free, US-based support
  • Ransomware protection
  • Real-time protection
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Automatic updates
  • Anti-threat protection

This package has a free trial.

Vipre Advanced Security

Vipre Advanced Security is basically an antivirus package that protects your PC from viruses, ransomware, and malware. It also detects and eliminates Trojans, rootkits, spyware, and any other type of threat. Vipre Advanced Security also has a firewall that filters the traffic and protects you from network attacks. As already mentioned, the firewall is highly customizable.

Also, this package provides security for your e-mail as the software detects harmful links and viruses in e-mail attachments so that your computer will not be infected. The antivirus allows you to customize and schedule scans to make the process as convenient as possible.

It has all the features you could need in an antivirus program; essential and advanced functions. You get the features offered in the Antivirus Plus package and beyond.

  • Application patching
  • Firewall
  • Anti-spam protection

This pricing plan has a free trial.

Security Bundle

If you want both Identity Shield and Advanced Security, you can purchase a security package that will save you a lot of money. This plan gives you enhanced security combined with additional tools to protect your computers and devices. It provides the functionality of Antivirus Plus and Advanced Security plans as well as the following features:

  • Microphone and Webcam blocker
  • Personal Profile Protection
  • Dark Web Scanner
  • Anti-Tracking
  • Unlimited VPN for all devices
  • 10 devices complete protection

Vipre antivirus plan

Vipre Business Offers

VIPRE has divided its business offerings into sections. The first package is the Cloud Edition. This plan allows you to manage the protection of any device, including a smartphone, to ensure that all of your work computers and mobile devices are protected.

Cloud Edition provides robust, robust, and simple endpoint protection for businesses of all sizes. The antivirus solution does not require any additional hardware. All security management is hosted in the cloud.

It takes less than 10 minutes to purchase, configure, and deploy the site, which is pretty impressive. You can see the status of all hosts in real-time mode and dynamic dashboards provide a deeper overview of your IT environment. It helps identify threats and eliminate them quickly. The software is supported by Amazon Web Services, which enables the provider to provide a reliable and fast endpoint security service.

The Server Edition does almost the same thing, just for servers. Also, it protects servers from ransomware through real-time behavior monitoring and AI implemented in the software. By partnering with AWS, Vipre offers extremely reliable security.

Vipre Site Manager was created for IT solution providers. Basically, it is a central administration portal for several locations that are specially tailored to the needs of IT solution providers. It enables the automation of service delivery processes and does not require a lot of effort to set up and use the system.

Like any internet security system, Vipre has strong and weak points. Here’s what we like and don’t like about this product:

Vipre antivirus Pros

  • Easy to install and use
  • Personal firewall
  • Excellent malware protection
  • Free virus removal for subscribers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low resource consumption
  • Cheap to cover multiple PCs
  • Free U.S.-based support
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Real-time protection
  • Cloud-enabled security
  • Ransomware protection
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Email security
  • File shredder

Vipre antivirus Cons

  • Customer support may be a bit slow
  • No free version
  • The website lacks timely updates.
  • No personal profile or identity protection
  • No webcam protection
  • Missing microphone protection
  • No parental controls
  • No anti-tracking
  • Missing macOS version
  • No Android version
  • No multi-device options for home


Does Vipre protect against ransomware?

Yes. Vipre has built-in solutions for ransomware attacks. The modules protect you even if the antivirus program itself does not contain the signatures for this particular ransomware.

Is Vipre Antivirus Any Good?

Yes. Our review of Vipre Antivirus found it to be better than most antivirus software. It has a high-performance firewall that protects against known zero-day attacks. The software received a perfect rating for performance and ease of use and a rating of 5.5/6 for protection from the AV Testing agency.

Should I buy VIPRE Advanced Security?

If you are looking for robust antivirus and want to stand out from the crowd, VIPRE Advanced Security is a great option. It offers great anti-malware protection, does not slow down your computer, and is inexpensive. We believe that if all you want is a cheap, good-quality antivirus due to the lack of additional features, you can probably find better deals than VIPRE Antivirus Plus.

However, VIPRE Advanced Security and VIPRE Ultimate Security offer the same great performance and a whole host of additional features for only slightly more money.

Thank you for reading!