Top Reasons Why Car Wrap Advertising Is Big Busines

Top Reasons Why Car Wrap Advertising Is Big Busines
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Why Car Wrap Advertising Is Big Busines

With the economy and the way companies do business undergoing a transformational change due to the havoc wreaked by the pandemic, it is more important now than ever before for businesses to carefully monitor their advertising spending. Rather than blindly funneling their budgets into conventional mass media or digital advertising, it may be wiser for businesses, especially small businesses, to step back and reevaluate their options. Advertising using vehicle wraps may seem low-brow and only for small businesses without the resources required for engaging in full-blown campaigns. However, if you look around, you will find an increasing number of large and established businesses also engaging in it with gusto. Some of the top reasons why car wrap advertising is worth considering:

Ability to Generate More Impressions

Car decals and wraps are highly-visible, and because they are out in the streets where your customers are, they have the potential for generating a large number of impressions. According to some studies, it is possible for more than 3,000 people to see vehicles carrying advertising stickers every hour depending on the area and density of traffic. What’s more, the prospects are likely to be more qualified as many of them will be in the proximity of the business being advertised. With the number of impressions being high and the cost of wrapping a vehicle low, the cost per impression of car stickers can be among the lowest among all advertising methods.

Helps Raise the Profile of Local Businesses

Conventional media is not only expensive but also wasteful as many people are outside the area the business can serve. On the other hand, car decal advertising covers only the area the business services and help it to raise its brand profile with its target audience in that geography. The repeated exposure of the advertisement builds credibility and trust among potential customers and also generates word-of-mouth recommendations among the local people. With a business adopting eye-catching branding on its vehicles, it will soon become a household name in the area. According to Signpost, car decals attract 2.5 times more than static billboards.

Versatile and Customizable

One of the most notable advantages of car wraps and decals is that they are extremely versatile. While car wraps cover large sections of the vehicle following all the contours and look just like paint, you can also use small decals for use on different sections of the car as the rear window, sides, or even bumpers. Also, you can advertise virtually everything on them without any restriction but you need to comply with the rules and regulations of your state. Another benefit is that since they are easy to design and print even in small batches, you can keep changing them as frequently as you like, which makes them great for announcing seasonal sales promotions or time-limited deals.

Enhancing Brand Identity & Exposure

Enhancing Brand Identity & Exposure

Car wraps are not just intended for sales; they can also serve other non-commercial purposes like enhancing brand identity and exposing the business to a wider audience. People may see your car even when you are not around, and it can be assumed that more people will come to know about your company. If you run a restaurant or a filling station, it can be expected that most of your customers will see the vehicle stickers every day. This means that they may start associating your business with the brand advertised on the wraps, thus increasing its brand value in their eyes.

Possibility of Being Noticed More

As is the case with all forms of roadside advertisements, car wraps have the potential of capturing more attention than conventional forms of advertising. This is because anyone who sees them is likely to get curious and will approach your business premises. With a properly-decorated vehicle, you increase the possibility that your prospects will get in touch with you whether you need their services or not.

Avoiding Competition

A unique feature about car wraps is that they are not as easy to imitate as conventional advertisements such as billboards and flyers. The reason for this is because it takes a lot of time and effort, and special skills, to design them properly. This means that you reduce the possibility of your features being replicated by your competitors, thus increasing the likelihood of your business standing out among the rest.

Faster Realization of Return on Investment (ROI)

According to some studies, it can take as little as two months for car wraps to yield their return on investment. This means that companies will see a positive result from their advertising campaign shortly after they start using them. With most forms of marketing, it can take years before any return on investment is realized, so this can be a huge advantage.

Car wraps are becoming more popular with time because they have the potential of being cost-effective while providing businesses with many benefits. If you work in the advertising department of your organization or run your own business, think about how to get these benefits for yourself.

Customizable to Meet the Needs of Your Business

Car wraps are customizable which means you can have them printed with your business or product name, contact details including phone numbers and email address, location maps, website URLs along other special offers. You can also have images designed on vehicle decals if you want to attract more customers. The level of customization will increase the likelihood of customers calling your business or reaching out to you through other communication channels.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Customers are more likely to trust referrals from their friends and family than they are to believe in advertisements, especially if they have never interacted with you before. According to a study by Nielsen, the highest form of consumer endorsement is word-of-mouth, which is also the most effective. This is because customers trust recommendations from their family and friends more than any other form of communication.

Car decals provide your business an opportunity to expand its presence in the community through word-of-mouth messaging. By having custom car decals made for your company vehicles, you are not just making your vehicles look great but also advertising the business. As these decals are highly visible to everyone on the road, it increases the likelihood that more people will see them each day.


Vehicle stickers, decals, and wraps allow you to transform your vehicles into advertising powerhouses that perform round-the-clock for you. They have very high visibility when moving around the town, stuck in traffic, and even when parked to make deliveries or for the night.

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