Best Workable Speech-to-Text Software

Best Workable Speech To Text Software
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TOP Choice | Speech-to-Text Software to Try in 2022

Do you have some valuable sources of information, like conference calls, negotiations, discussions, voice emails, notes, and similar ones you don’t know how to deal with? It is easy to process those, in fact. You may easily use transcription software or professional services to make these materials in an easy-to-process form.

Does this suggestion appear to be a solution for your problem but do you want to get more? Let’s start from the basics and move to concrete examples of software to try to solve your problem.

What Is Transcription Software and Its Purpose?

This is an automated tool that processes audio or video materials, recognizes speech that appears, and transfers that to a textual form. The most important points related to the operation of this kind of tool are the quality of content transcribed and the speed of its operation. Using this software may easily help you with transferring audio to text and video to text in a couple of minutes or even seconds. Yes, instead of listening or watching to that, you may convert it and look through it in a couple of minutes or even less.

There are also many other points transcription software may help with easily. If you need to get accurate information about what needs to be said, like info related to figures, ideas, discussions, or similar things, transcription services may decrease or eliminate the risk of mistakes. So, the main purposes of this kind of software are saving your time and effort and giving more credible and accurate information in a situation where this may be burdensome, like in cases with accents or background noises.

Interested? If yes, there are good suggestions to assist you in coping with those tasks… and not only.

  1. Transcriberry

Transcriberry is the best option from the point of view of your reviewers. The platform offers quality automated transcription services thanks to the advanced software and technologies used. It can process even complicated materials fast and effectively. The level of accuracy is reaching 90%. The company also offers the services of professional human transcribers who can provide a 99%+ level of accuracy to users. The interface of this website is very pleasant and simple to navigate. It is smoothly made, and all information is placed there organically and in an easy-to-assess form. The software works with all kinds of formats and types of materials equally effectively. Recommend to try it!

  1. Braina

This is another workable and good tool to convert audio to text, voice materials in the first turn. It is based on Artificial Intelligence and introduced good results of recognition. This software is also multi-functional and can deal with recordings in different languages, including accents. Additionally, it enables taking notes, searching info online, setting your reminders, and has other bonus features. The software also supports macros and voice commands. It is good from the point of operation and delivers the quality of recording above the average. The level of accuracy is nearly 80% here.

  1. Temi


This is a good variation of speech recognition software boosted by advanced technical tools. You may upload here files in different formats and transcribe those in around 5 minutes only. The quality of results delivered will be above the average. The software is effective with recognizing accents and overcoming background noises to the extent it is possible for software.

The tool also enables making adjustments to the speed and sound of playback, skipping some part of the recording, and inserting timestamps. Still, the quality of the final transcription strongly depends on the quality of sound in an uploaded file in this case.

  1. Dragon Professional Individual

This software is good for providing customization to its users. This makes it one of the best from the point of user experience. It also ensures a high level of accuracy that can reach 90%+. Its “Deep Learning” technology ensures better results and customer experience to configure different voice commands, for instance. The tool can also learn the most widely used words by a concrete user to minimize the number of corrections. It also pays attention to formatting. A user may pick the right parameters for one’s case and adapt speech recognition to those. This is a good option to try for sure.

  1. Google Voice Typing

Well-known Google Docs have many good features. But, their Web version introduces another one – voice typing functionality. This is easy to access and use speech-to-text online solutions that are available. Users who don’t have enough time to search for the right tool may easily take and use this one.

The quality of texts provided may be lower than the average, and the outcomes sometimes can be even funny. But, this is a good option to start to find out how the approach works in general and find out what you need, in fact. To get better quality, do your best to speak clearly. All other standard options, like editing texts obtained, applying different formats to it, are also available here to try.

Final Words

Having an important but long-lasting conversation, a video, or audio material is not a reason to become desperate about the time you need to spend listening or watching to that. Transcription services or specialized software at least may facilitate the work with important materials dramatically. Instead of working with it for hours, you may easily convert that into a textual form and read it within a couple of minutes only. That is not only effective but also prevents mistakes related to the accuracy of the information, accents, background noises, and similar obstacles that may appear in the target recording.

While making your choice of the exact software to use, pay attention to the level of accuracy it ensures the quality of content transcribed, pricing, and the speed of performance. These are must-have options for assessment. If you are busy making your independent searches, use one of the options suggested in this article to make your life easier.

Thank you for reading!