Top Five Tricks to Win Every Time in Warzone

Top Five Tricks to Win Every Time in Warzone
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Call of Duty continues to gain more fans as it happens to be one of the best battle royale titles. More so, it’s arguably the toughest, according to many players. Another cool game feature is the different modes such as Cold War, Vanguard, Plunder, and Warzone.

Interestingly, many players stay in the game regardless of how much they suck at it or the losses they face daily. They just play it for the love of CoD. We want you to make the best of your time during your Warzone matches. So, we’ll share some tips below to help you. Furthermore, boost your matches with the best Warzone Hacks from Battlelog.

5 best tricks to always win CoD: Warzone matches

Strategic landing is crucial

Warzone is a fast-paced game where you must be calculative to gain the upper hand. Your jumping time and landing position are vital decisions that can impact the result of any match. Where you land, however, depends on your play style and your team’s objective.

If you’re interested in killing as many foes as possible, landing in contested areas is just fine. But if you’re more interested in contracts or prefer tactical, long-range combats, land far from rival teams. What’s important is that you always make sure your teammates are aware of your position and are in agreement.

Get on a team

You may be a newbie or a CoD veteran with years of experience. Whatever it is you are, never walk alone. Teammates bring additional fun to the game with the live chattering over your headphones. More importantly, you’ll have people to watch your back or revive you if the need arises.

But, you must communicate effectively with your teammates. Thankfully, there are ping and chat features to use for this. Simple call-outs for quicker communication are team wipe, player down, on me, armor off, etc. We recommend a team of known friends with whom you can effectively communicate.

Get cash and spend

This tip is a no-brainer but is worth the emphasis. Cash is vital to your success, as you’ll need it to buy essential items to win matches. You could find money in loot lying around. But such cash is insignificant compared to what you’ll get from completing contracts.

As we mentioned earlier, any cash you accumulate has to be spent; but on the match. You need loadout drops and important equipment as well as armor. If you want an expensive perk such as a UAV, pool cash with team members if you don’t have enough cash. Just make sure you know how to locate the nearest buy station.

Avoid bullets as much as you can

Your character takes damage fast in CoD, especially when they’re in the gas. You must do all possible to avoid getting hit by avoidable bullets. Always plate up. If you don’t have plates on, utilize covers, but secure some plates as soon as possible. You can also use movement techniques such as strafing to evade bullets.

There’ll be some armor plates in it when you buy a loadout, either for yourself or the team. Wear your armor and carry some extra plates just for an emergency. A satchel allows you to carry up to 5 extra plates. You may also need to give extra plates to a teammate whose armor is down.

Look before you leap.

Look Before You Leap.

Warzone is a battle royale with all the essential elements. In such quick-paced games, one wrong move will take you to the Gulag. As such, strategic thinking and actions will help you survive for longer. First, never shoot at an unsuspecting enemy if you’re unsure of a hit.

You’ll only warn the enemy to take cover if you shoot and miss. Such a foe could ping their teammates to your location. If they close in on you, you’ll be dead before you know it. Secondly, use appropriate weapons to identify your preferred play style and stick with it. Close-up fighters will do well with SMGs or shotguns, while sniper rifles will serve long-range fighters better.

You can hasten your drop.

Many factors contribute to your victory in Warzone matches, including when you arrive at the playing area. While on the plane, decide which location you want to drop off and inform your teammates. The plane’s flight path is a significant determinant of how quickly you’ll drop.

But we’ve discovered a simple trick to help you quickly land on the map. Allow your character to fall freely until you’re a few stories from the ground. You can then engage your parachute to cushion the fall. Pop your chute if you need to slow down and make quick decisions mid-air. You can engage and cut your chute as many times as you like while dropping.

Enhance your performance by tweaking the settings

While some players will hop into the game and do just fine with the default settings, this may not be the case with you. First, ensure the mouse/controller sensitivity is not too high. A high sensitivity level will result in less-precise in-game actions.

If it’s too slow, you’ll need to make more movement to execute actions. This can give enemies an escape window before getting your crosshair on them and fire. Just make the sensitivity moderate. You may need to turn on your ADS multiplier. Also, we recommend reducing or completely turning off the in-game music volume.

Pool cash and get a UAV

One lifesaver is to know the position of all your enemies on the map. Thankfully, the UAV is one piece of equipment included in the game that can help you achieve that. You’ll need $4,000 to buy this equipment. Using this equipment alone shows you a part of the map and the enemies in it.

The most effective way to use it is by using it together with other members of your team. This shows all the enemies on the map. You can use this as a weapon and a defense as you’ll be able to make informed decisions before encountering the enemy.


CoD: Warzone is not so difficult. The game is simply a tactical game that requires strategic planning and actions. Focus on improving your shooting, get good weapons, and understand your map. Having done that, study and apply the tips discussed above, and you’ll be surprised at your performance.

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