7 Best Ways to Improve Your Focus While Playing Games

7 Best Ways to Improve Your Focus While Playing Games
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Staying on track while doing various things such as playing may be particularly challenging if you’re constantly facing distractions. And in today’s fast-paced world, distractions are always a click or a screen away.

Even when it’s quiet, distractions are literally at your fingertips since you can easily check on the latest news update or your Insta notifications.

It is a common scenario to have a due or overdue assignment sitting on your desk, but you are just staring at it. You have the motivation to complete the task, but you can’t, no matter how hard you try.

With the digital revolution, social media specifically, narrowing your attention to a single activity is challenging. You settle to complete a task, but a WhatsApp message or an Instagram notification pop-up pulls you out of it altogether.

The ability to focus on what you’re doing and direct mental effort towards it is critical for achieving your goals, learning new things, and performing well. Your ability to focus is the definitive line between success and failure.

Here are seven great ways to improve your focus while playing.

Know Your Current State of Focus

Before improving your ability to focus, you need to know if your current habits work. If you constantly allow distractions to take the better part of your time while you play, you’ll find yourself losing track of your progress, and your capacity to focus is probably low.

Another way to know is by setting a timer before you begin playing and as soon as you find yourself distracted from the session, check the timer to see how long you lasted.

Know Your Current State of Focus

This will give you a baseline of how long you can concentrate on playing before losing focus.

Take a Break

It may seem counterintuitive to break away from playing when you’re trying to increase your focus and concentration, but according to experts, it works.

Picture this: You’ve spent the last few hours playing, and your attention begins to wander suddenly. It’s hard to keep your mind on the game, but you still stay on the desk or continue sitting on the couch, forcing yourself to play. You’ve probably relieved this scenario before. But in the real sense, you’re struggling to stay focused.

Take a Break

So, next time this happens, take a short mental break to refresh both your mind and body. You can also down a soothing drink or a snack or take a walk for some fresh air and sunlight. When you eventually get back to playing, you’ll instantly feel more motivated, focused, and even creative to some point.

Consider Supplements

Several supplements may improve your concentration and promote better brain function. These include CBD, a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Research from 2014 suggests that CBD or Cannabidiol promotes wakefulness in some users.

However, the CBD industry is broad, and you have to do your due diligence to find products that may help with focus and concentration. A great place you can start with is Sunday Scaries. They make some of the best CBD products in the industry.

Listen to Some Music

According to research, playing some music while studying, working, or playing may significantly increase concentration. If you don’t enjoy music while you work, you can use natural sounds or white noise to cover the background noise and boost concentration.

The type of music you go with makes a tremendous difference. Experts agree that classical music, primarily baroque, classical music, or natural sounds, is good at helping you increase your focus.

If classical music isn’t to your taste, electronic or ambient music without lyrics can also help, but keep the music soft or at a low noise level so you don’t end up getting distracted.

Don’t choose a music genre you hate or love, as both can distract you too.

Get Some Caffeine into Your System

If you don’t use caffeine, you need to include it in your diet, but research suggests that it can help boost your attention and focus. When your concentration begins to drop, you can take a cup of green tea or coffee.

A serving of dark chocolate with 70% of cacao or higher can also have similar benefits if you don’t love caffeinated drinks.

Get Some Caffeine into Your System

A study done in 2017 discovered that the phytochemicals naturally found in matcha—a type of green tea, may improve cognitive function and promote relaxation. So if coffee makes you feel on the edge of jittery, try some matcha.

Try Exercising

Regular exercise is critical to excellent mental and physical health. Exercising promotes good muscle tone, a healthy weight, and great joint function. It’s also a great way to reduce stress and regulate your energy levels.

Try Exercising


Exercising will prompt your brain to release endorphins, which are hormones associated with a positive attitude. You also have enhanced concentration and feel motivated.

Recharge When You Have To

To be productive means you know when to step back and leave the remaining bit for another day. If you overwork your mind, you become susceptible to burnout, which may be drastic to your productivity. You can always leave the game for the next time you regain your focus and a refreshed concentration.


It’s clear that all these tips may help promote some level of concentration in most people. Some of these ways to improve your focus and attention may be more effective than others, so try a range of approaches to see what works.

It is almost impossible to achieve anything while distracted; you need to sharpen your focus to be productive. There is no better way to improve focus than to enrich your lifestyle by incorporating beneficial habits and diets. The pointers illustrated above will help you improve your attention without complications.

The best part about these tips is that they are less likely to lower your focus or cause any harm, so giving them a try won’t have any adverse side effects. If you’re having difficulty focusing and none of these ways seems to work, be sure to talk with your doctor. You could have some underlying condition that is preventing you from concentrating.

Thank you for reading!