Are You A New Mac User? Here Are Things You Should Do

Are You A New Mac User Here Are Things You Should Do
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Mac is not just a device but a luxury and style statement. Now when we buy our first Mac, we get excited with the thought of it and stay in the same mood for a more extended period of time. But when we come back to reality and start exploring the new device, then we start getting confused with the thought of where to start.

Don’t get confused as to your new Mac device is easy to understand and use. First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your first Mac; enjoy one of the most popular and successful technology creations. Though it is not necessary to instantly do all the things on your Mac, take a deep breath and get the most out of your new device.

Here are things that we have jotted down below to help you get started on your Mac without any hassle.

Back up early and often

It is always beneficial to use the Apple backup software and backed everything on your Mac from the first day. This process will save you from the uncertainty of losing the data and images. The Apple backup software will help migrate a new Mac when the time comes to change or upgrade the system. Make sure you even backup your photos on Mac. There are few ways that you can opt for and make the process easy for you.

The options are iCloud, Time Machine, Google photos, External hard drive. Choose the one that suits you, and here we will let you know how to set up iCloud photos backup. So that you don’t have to hassle much by searching about the same. Just check the steps below:

  • Visit System Preferences
  • Then iCloud.
  • Next to Photos, there is the option Click that
  • Choose iCloud Photos.

You’ll get entry to various options for syncing and sharing your photos after you turn on iCloud Photos. That’s how you can set up iCloud photos backup.

Are You A New Mac User? Here Are Things You Should Do

Connect to iCloud

As you are new to Mac, you need to know that the device needs your Apple ID and Apple Password. Create the one if you don’t have it, and you get connected to iCloud when you start setting up your Mac.

It is essential to get linked with iCloud on all Apple devices because it makes sharing photos, calendars, contacts, etc., easy and convenient.

Use the Help menu

You must be wondering why you haven’t received any manual on how the device works and what you need to do. Well, it is because Apple has provided it in the device. Yes, the help menu is your in-built manual to understand the functionality of Mac. Some users ignore the Help menu but trust us; it is a huge help. This is mentioned in the menu bar, and it’s contextual: the app that is opened, the content in the help section changes accordingly.

The Help menu will show a table of content, helpful tips, search fields, and a list of shortcuts, as well as for instructions step-by-step when you click on it. There are even visual cues available that help in choosing the menu and items as per your requirement. Click the Help menu when you get stuck anywhere while working on Mac.

Visit the Mac App Store

As other operating systems have particular stores to download the apps easily, the Mac App Store is the safest and easiest way to download Apps and software for your Mac. with a similar Apple ID and password; you can easily download any software and even listen to music hassle-free. You will find thousands of available apps in the store for you, but some are paid, and many are free, so choose as per your choice and convenience.

Mac App Store helps download the software or apps and updates you regarding any critical updates. And to keep your Mac run smoothly, you need to make sure that it’s up-to-date. So never ignore the notifications that you see from the store; update your software.

Set up your email

Are you still not familiar with the most efficient way to check your emails and get notified quickly? Apple has a Mail app that gets linked with almost all the email services. The app will help you check the emails of multiple accounts without any hassle, and it’s well incorporated with Mac’s various basic applications such as Calendars, Contacts, and Maps.

Understand Spotlight

When you need to find something on your Mac quickly, then Spotlight helps you a lot. From apps, documents, images, maps, and files, you get everything on the spot with the help of Spotlight. It even links to the internet and helps in searching places like news websites, movie listings, Wikipedia, and many more. The features of this app don’t end here; you can also use it for calculations such as feet meter conversion or any arithmetic types that can be done with the help of Spotlight.

It looks like a magnifying glass and can be found on your Mac’s menu section. The best part is you do not have to move your mouse; just on your keyboard, hold down the command key and press the spacebar and Ta-Da! Here’s the Spotlight

When your hands are set with the app, you will find it the fastest and easiest way to launch apps, search documents and do related work pretty quickly.

Tailored the Dock

Customization of Dock can be done as per your need and preferences. The dock is the bar you see at the bottom of your Mac desktop with icons for new users. You can now see in-build apps of Mac such as Mail, Safari, Contact, Notes, and Calendars.

You can add the applications, files, and folders you frequently require on the Dock by quickly dragging and dropping them into the Dock. The apps and files you do not need but are present there can simply drag them out, and you will see a Remove pop up drag them towards that icon. Don’t hesitate while removing the files or folders, as they are just the visual representation and not the actual files. You will find them again in the system.

To change the other related setting, click on the Dock icon after opening the System Preferences. The icons that you see in the dock can also resize, modify the magnification as you pass the cursor over them, and reposition it to the right edge, left, or bottom of your screen, as per your liking.

Learn keyboard shortcuts

Apple’s user interface is very active and has created shortcuts for easy and fast access. The straight menus like File and Edit, most of the Apps expose their key features through those menus also.

If you don’t want to use the File feature, then using Keyboard shortcuts, you can do so many commonly used tasks just in a few minutes and save a lot of time. For example: if you wish to take out a print, then instead of clicking on the File menu and choosing print, you can directly hold down the Command key and press P. Isn’t it that easy?

Final Words

You are surely going to love your new Mac and will enjoy the ownership of it. Just make sure you follow the instructions that are mentioned above to make your experience more smooth.

Thank you for reading!