Sophos Antivirus Review 2021 – Is it Worthy?

Sophos Antivirus Review 2021 - Is it Worthy
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Sophos Antivirus Review 2021

Sophos Antivirus is a malware protection software with the option of a free or premium tier. You can manage devices remotely and browse the web without worry.

Sophos Antivirus Free can be installed on 3 devices and managed remotely. The software launches a local agent on mac or pc. Grandma needs antivirus protection, but you need to socially distance? Control the Sophos from your own computer, even 100 miles away. It ranks high among top-tier antivirus software. Let’s dive into the specs.

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Sophos Antivirus Rating

Antivirus software is awarded different levels of security: AAA, AA, A, B, and C with AAA being top-notch. Reputable labs gave Sophos Antivirus a AAA rating after live-malware attacks and tests. That’s solid software. Sophos passed its broadband test with Level 1 Certification meaning it blocked all malware attacks.

Sophos Antivirus Malware Scans

This performs a full computer scan. So, rather than a select scan of different parts of your computer, target areas, or known hiding spots for malware, it does a full-scan. It offers real-time antivirus protection, but you also have the option of scheduling routine checkups, you know just in case. It’s as simple as pressing a button. 

A full scan on average takes a little over an hour to complete. Sophos is slightly quicker than other antivirus software but still takes a little over an hour to scan. A second scan takes between 8-9 minutes after optimizing on the first scan. Still below the average time for the first and about average for the second.

The scanning process is thorough. Sophos launches a popup with each malware detection. The popups tend to pile-up, so it’s nice to close them. The downside is that you can’t close out all popups at once.

Malicious URL Downloads

Malware sometimes disguises itself in downloads linked to dangerous URLs. Sophos blocked 100% of malware downloads. As for downloads, Sophos scores each site during download for reputability, content, and web host. It goes a step further to notify you if the download is not recommended.

Phishing Sites

Dangerous websites sometimes disguise themselves as a replication of popular sites. The URLs tend to be off by one letter, and so on. They trick you into entering your credentials into their sites. It will help. 

Sophos Built-in-Browser Protection

Sophos blocked malicious websites from the browser similar to that of Firefox but less effective than Chrome.

Parent Control Filter


You can enable content filtering online for Sophos Antivirus. However, the filter settings will be the same on all devices. For instance,  if you have three protected devices, all devices will have the same parent controls.

Filtering is separated into three main groups with 28 different categories. Social Networking & Computing, Adult & Potentially Inappropriate, and General Interest. You have the option of blocking access to groups altogether, or you can trigger a popup warning and Sophos will monitor the activity. 

I tested the content filters for Sophos. It successfully blocked access to the content groups. The content filter was set to Adult & Potentially Inappropriate, and Sophos successfully blocked HTTPS access too. It will either block the site or give a warning depending on your settings.

Sophos Antivirus

Sophos does not block or successfully log proxy websites that disguise their intentions. So, potentially someone can go through an anonymous proxy server to access the sites. Sophos records these sites, but they don’t show up as Adult & Potentially Inappropriate. 

Browser Compatability

Sophos is only compatible (and only works) on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. So, someone can get around browser content filtering easily if they know-how, which is a downside of Sophos browser protection. 

Overall, Sophos Antivirus is a top-ranked Antivirus software that successfully blocks malware and malicious content. It’s less of a parental control filter tool, but it’s nice that it does have those options. You can remotely control multiple devices–another plus of Sophos for PC and Sophos for Mac. 

Sophos Antivirus FAQs

  • How to uninstall Sophos Antivirus

    • First, remove Sophos Antivirus from your computer under programs.
    • Then, go to Sophos Central where you manage connected devices. Go to Endpoint Connection and Delete your Computer from the list.
  • How to disable Sophos Antivirus

    • Open the Sophos program on your computer. Uncheck the “Enable Scanning” box. This disables Sophos scanning on your computer. To disable web browsing, uncheck the box called Web Browsing.
  • How to remove Sophos Antivirus from Mac

    • First, open the Applications Folder. 
    • Second, type in Remove Sophos. You should see a removal program. Click on it.
    • Last, press enter and uninstall Sophos Antivirus for Mac. You may have to enter your admin credentials to complete the uninstall.
  • How good is Sophos Antivirus

    • Sophos Antivirus scored the highest safety rating with a AAA rating. This means it’s top-notch and effective in preventing malicious content from attacking your computer. It is also Level 1 Certified. 
  • How to uninstall Sophos windows 7

    • First, go to the control panel. 
    • Second, select Uninstall Programs.
    • Third, find Sophos Endpoint Protection, and select Uninstall.
    • Finally, go to Sophos Central and delete your computer from the list of devices.
  • How much does Sophos Antivirus cost?

    • Sophos Antivirus has two tiers: Free and Home Premium. Free is free, and Premium is $39.99 per year.
  • How good is Sophos for windows

    • Sophos was easy to install and manage on Windows. It is highly effective in blocking malware downloads and catching malicious content during a computer scan.
Feature Sophos Free Sophos Premium
Ransomware  ✓
Keyloggers âś“
Exploit Protection âś“
Webcam Spyware âś“
Remote Management âś“ âś“
Malware Downloads âś“ âś“
Phishing Websites âś“ âś“
Parental Content Filter âś“ âś“

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