Should you use a dedicated server?

Should You Use A Dedicated Server
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When you start your business, online storefront, or online service, you might find that a hosted server is for the best. It is cheaper, easier, and often comes with a host of included features and benefits depending on the server. Plus, if you choose to make your website on the server, there are a ton of guides and other resources to make creating whatever website you want a snap.

However, eventually, you will run into problems with hosted servers. As your business grows, you might notice that the website slows down during peak traffic hours. Or you might not be able to use some of the software you like on the server, or you might just not like the different websites you are sharing your server’s IP address with.

Whenever these problems become too much to bear, then you need to look at getting a dedicated server for your needs. Instead of sharing a digital server with dozens of other websites and people, you can have your own physical server that is for your website and your website alone.

There are a lot of advantages to getting a dedicated server in the US, and here are some of the best reasons to get one for your website.

Dedicated Servers Are Cost Effective

Yes, getting your own server is going to be an investment and a potentially expensive one. However, dedicated servers also allow you to have many benefits, and they are often cost-effective and pay for themselves. They will offer much more in the way of resources and support for your clients and will eventually pay for themselves. Plus, the service provider will be able to maintain the network and hardware and can help you if anything goes wrong.

A good server will pay for itself, and it’s another item you can use to build your business and get your website out in front of customers.

They Allow For Customizability and Flexibility

Do you want to have more RAM on your server? Do you need more disc space and a faster CPU? If your website needs more hardware to be more effective, then a dedicated server can help. Because a dedicated server is a custom server. Plus, if you find that your business has outgrown even that, you can contact the server provider and request an upgrade to suit your needs.

You can also use the server in a wide variety of ways. Dedicated servers can run hosting web environments, can function as places for database storage and access, and can even be email servers. No matter what you need, a dedicated server can very easily fill that need for you and ensure that your website and online presence reach the people who need it the most.

Dedicated Servers Are Very Secure

Dedicated Servers Are Very Secure

Because you are working on a server that is 100% unique to you, you aren’t sharing your server with all the other people on it. This means that your data and the data of your customers are safe, and you are also the only person who can log into the server. You can shield your website from data loss, infiltration, and other cyber threats. Plus, with the increased cyber threats out in the world, anything your business can do to keep safe is something that needs to be done.

Plus, you can reinforce and support the security yourself, as it is another customizable part of the server. So if you want more peace of mind around the security of your server and your website, then a dedicated server can help you out.

Dedicated Servers Belong To You

While you might not think that the ownership of a server is something that you can boast about, you do have one advantage over all of the other servers out there that are hosted by websites. If popular servers such as Mailchimp or Weebly went down, then all of the services that depend on those servers running would go down as well. Not only would this cripple businesses, but all these businesses could do is simply wait for the server to be repaired and for their websites to come back.

Instead of relying on a server hosted by someone else who might suffer a cyber attack or have their domains go down, you can have a server you host. Plus, you can also beef up the security around your website and make sure that cyberattacks won’t touch your server, so your website will stay onlne@

Picking The Best Dedicated Server

Now that you know that you should use a dedicated server, the last thing to do is pick one! You need to consider your performance requirements, your baseline level of security features, how scalable it is, and your budget. You should also figure out what performance requirements you want to get from your servers and how downtime works if something goes wrong.

Additionally, get a sense of who will be hosting the server because you will need to contact them for tech support if you need it. See how well they communicate and what they offer you because you don’t want to be dealing with unresponsive tech support during a massive crisis.

See if you can test out the server for a bit, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about your server and get as much clarification as you can from the provider of the server. The more information that you have, the more clarified you can be about picking that server for your needs.

After that, connecting your server to your website doesn’t need to be that difficult, and then you can start to see all the benefits that a dedicated server will provide for your business and your website. You’ll likely never want to return to a shared server again because of all the benefits you will get!

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