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Being a blogger in 2021 is a promising idea, especially if you are passionate about writing, like staying in touch with audiences, feel helping others is your truest mission, and have some knowledge to share within a specific topic. Implementing “SEO Hacks For Bloggers” can further amplify your reach and success. Still, these aren’t all the conditions to blog successfully. You also have to know and use blog SEO best practices to make your website better discovered and ranked in SERP. Below are some effective blog SEO tips that will help you stand out this year.

Use Guest Posting

Using guest posts to unlock the ultimate backlinking benefits is a well-known yet effective practice. This is an evergreen approach that allows you to get a lot of valuable backlinks from same-niche and reputable sources, plus attract prospective audiences to your blog. So, if you have never tried this strategy before, 2021 is the right time to get started with it. The essence of the tactic is pretty simple – to get a guest post, you have to create an interesting content piece, add a mention of your website to it, and agree to publish it on a third-party website.

However, publishing guest posts manually can take a lot of time. To streamline this task, consider using guest blogging platforms that can help you reach out to other website owners interested in guest post placement. You will also be able to segment the websites and choose the ones from the same niche to attract their users to your blog as well.

Seo Hacks For Bloggers In 2021 2

Add More Videos

Videos are trendy and pretty effective for SEO promotion. The matter is in the fact that videos, being one of the top-consumed types of content to date, significantly improve the on-page behavioral factors. To put it simply, the users spend more time watching a video than they would spend reading through your articles. The task is to capture them with both text and videos, so use a video as an add-on option to deliver even more value and improve your SEO positions.

You may add videos downloaded from YouTube (still, make sure they are valuable and engaging), or come up with your ones. Even better, mix both approaches to diversify the experience of the users.

Rank Better with Long-Tail Keywords

Seo Hacks For Bloggers In 2021

There are a lot of rules and recommendations when it comes to keyword research and usage. Most of them still work, but in 2021, you will be better able to deliver as specific content as possible. Firstly, this is an opportunity to better solve a certain user problem, thereby, delivering more valuable content. Secondly, this is the opportunity to better rank in search engines according to very specific queries and reach top positions almost instantly.

All you have to do to make this approach work is to research long-tail keywords related to your niche and provide users with as accurate answers and solutions as possible. Let’s compare the examples:

  • How to survive a divorce – this is a general keyword addressing a general problem
  • How to survive a divorce if you have no money/with a narcissist/ you don’t want – these are more specific search queries that allow you to better tailor the solution you suggest to the users’ problem.

Use FAQ Sections

As one more option to get better discovered in Google, consider adding FAQ sections to your blog posts. These are the opportunities to reach Google snippets, plus deliver more value to your users, making them dwell on the page for longer. Research the topic-specific questions using Answer the Public, and add five questions with answers to your articles.

When writing the answers, keep them short by meaning dull. Adding bullet points to the answers can also be a good idea to reach a Google snippet.

Create Linkable and Shared Content Types

Creating top-notch content that is equally valuable for the users and understandable for the search engines is one of the best and evergreen SEO tips for a blog. Still, you should know that there are some types of content that perform better for SEO compared to the others. Surely, these types of articles should be intelligently optimized to become visible in search engines. When created right, they are good at generating a lot of organic backlinks, likes, shares, and comments, plus they may promise better behavioral factors when writing in an engaging manner.

  • “Why” articles. The eternal question “why” bothers a lot of users. If you have a reasonable answer to such a question according to your topic, share it with your readers. When writing such an article, make sure to optimize it according to the best SEO for blog practices, plus provide users with a big picture. Answer the “why” question from different standpoints, and proceed with backing up your opinion.
  • “How to” articles. How-to articles are very valuable and linkable if they actually help solve the user’s problem step by step. Create such types of articles and power them with effective visuals and videos so that the users have no questions about how to deal with a specific task after reading your article.
  • Checklists. Checklists are also great at engaging the users and making them share since most of us will never refuse to make sure we are doing everything right. Create checklists for your users, plus consider the next type of highly linkable and shareable content – infographics. Transform your checklist into it, as one more top option for an SEO boost.
  • Infographics. Infographics are highly engaging and linkable visuals, so consider powering your blog posts with them to generate more backlinks, improve on-page behavioral factors, and strengthen your SEO presence. As an option, convert statistical research into it.


Blogging in 2021 is no less competitive and at the same time promising ideas as before. Still, you have to be smart and follow the best SEO practices to make your blog stand out and develop trustful relations with your audience. The tips we have shared above will help you create top-notch content that will deliver value to the users and be ranked well by search engines – make sure to follow them.

Author – Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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