Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

Mobile App Development Trends
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Here you will find all about Mobile App Development Trends of 2021. The mobile app industry is booming, and in 2021 it’s expected to generate $189 billion. That’s not a surprise because smartphones have become the primary device for a range of activities. The majority of the time spent on smartphones is through apps.

Developers understand the vast market potential, so they are motivated to innovate.

The mobile app industry is evolving rapidly, and in 2021 you can expect to see new trends that could be game-changers. To create an app that’s competitive, you need to be aware of those trends. It will help your app stand out and bring something new to the marketplace.

Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

Cloud-based mobile apps

Cloud storage allows services to store critical data “in the cloud”, which comes with crucial advantages for the client. Storage capabilities are improved because of added security and higher storage capacity compared to their smartphones.

Productivity and collaboration are also better since users can access data from any device. For example, by using a collaboration platform like Trello, a user can make changes on their smartphone, and every team member can instantly see the difference. Security is improved too because the app developer is responsible for data storage. Up-to-date security protocols can be used to give clients peace of mind.

The challenge for developers is to create apps that can collaborate with other devices. Smartphones, tablets, and personal computers must allow for collaboration on the same platform. For example, ensuring synergy between a smartwatch and smartphone is not straightforward, and presents a challenge for app developers in 2021.

Chatbots and AI to improve customer service

Chatbots are commonplace on business websites across the internet. You may have noticed AI chatbot boxes in the bottom right-hand corner that provide suggestions and nudge you to ask for help. In 2021, artificial intelligence will enable businesses to save money and increase user engagement. It’s a scalable feature that reduces the need for a large customer service department.

Customers don’t mind if a human or machine provides the right answers. Most importantly, solutions must be delivered quickly and accurately. For competitive industries such as food delivery, transportation, and online shopping, responding to questions fast can be the critical component needed to close the sale. For instance, there’s a great number of food industry companies providing their customers with food delivery apps where the buyers have a chance to choose any meal they want and make an order remotely.

Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

AI chatbots can also be utilized in more sophisticated mobile app settings. For example, smartphones could analyze the audio created by an industrial machine. The results are generated on the spot, providing the mechanic with suggestions for the root of a problem. The subtle audio changes an industrial machine makes may not be evident to a mechanic, but your smartphone could tell the difference.

Augmented reality to enhance the experience

The technology to power augmented reality apps is not yet mature enough to offer tremendous advantages. However, in 2021 you’ll see an increasing number of apps take on the challenge. Augmented reality allows developers to use the smartphone camera to show virtual images on top of the real world.

IKEA launched an augmented reality app that allows customers to preview how furniture looks in their home. The app is called IKEA Place and creates a 3D representation of products that is 98% accurate. It’s perfect for customers trying to match a new piece of furniture with the existing interior décor.

Note that AR is different from VR (virtual reality). AR aims to enhance our existing world rather than create a new one. It’s a technology that is compatible with modern smartphone camera capabilities. Services that understand how to utilize AR in their industry can provide unique features for their customer base. It could be a significant unique selling point in highly conceptive sectors, so the stakes for getting AR right are high.

Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

Preparation for 5G

App developers cannot ignore the enormous bandwidth increases made available by switching from 4G/LTE to 5G. In the US alone, spending on 5G will be in the billions by 2021. The percentage of the country that will have access to 5G is unclear, but app developers have to be ready for the change.

The available bandwidth for 5G will be up to 100 GB/s, which means apps can utilize that extra speed to provide better services. It could include higher resolution videos, larger app sizes, and more significant storage allocations from cloud-based services. Developers that use the advantages of 5G can improve their offerings to stand out in their industry.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology became famous because of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but it offers many more uses. The advantages include a centralized database that can’t be hacked, which reduces the chances of fraud.

Blockchain apps can process transactions by providing users with tokens. They are used for authentication, which means the decentralized database of sensitive information cannot be hacked. Accounts and money are safe, which is one of the significant concerns of traditional payment processing services.

Blockchain offers app developers the opportunity to create a robust and safe portal for their services. In 2021, you’ll see a gradual increase in app blockchain implementation. App developers can offer new advantages in existing industries with the correct utilization of blockchain technology.

Mobile App Development Final thoughts

App development is an exciting phase because the potential for new technologies is enormous. An increasing number of people have access to more powerful smartphones. That’s going to increase the demand for apps around the world.

Apps are still in their infancy, and they can shape the future of how businesses provide services. The race is on to develop the most useful apps that take advantage of emerging technologies. Developers that embrace new ideas and push the industry forward will have the most significant success in 2021.


Is Python better than Java?

Java is a more popular option, but Python is widely used. If you have a serious project use Python.

How much does it cost to create an app?

It can be cost like $50 as a $1000 000. It depends on what you want to create

Can one person build an app?

Yes, it can be, but it needs more time and energy.

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