How to Make a 24/7 Youtube Live Stream – New Creator Studio 2021 [Mac / PC]

How to Make a 24/7 Youtube Live Stream - New Creator Studio 2020 [Mac / PC]
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This guide would be for the new “Youtube Studio” (previosly known as “Creator Studio Classic”).

Do you want to learn how to how to make a 24/7 youtube live stream? You are on your lucky day! This is a comprehensive and practical guide, illustrated step by step, on how to make a 24/7 youtube live stream and how to record a live stream from any device.

Maybe you want to know how to make a wedding live stream or birthday party Live Stream so your guests who are not in town can watch, follow these tips to do it. If you are interested in getting a strong presence online, you may search for tips to buy cheap YouTube views.

And to help you master the preferred platform of over 70% of internet users when it comes to watching live video. We’ve compiled essential tips and tools on how to make a 24/7 youtube live stream a success.

How to start live streaming video on youtube

Before we show you how to make a 24/7 youtube live stream, it is important to understand how this type of content works and how to record a live stream.

Well, you surely already know what a live broadcast is right? It is the evolution of streaming content on the Internet.

Through this function, the video is displayed at the same time it is recorded, without the viewer has to download the file.

With the channel created, the next step is to enable live streaming functionality. For that:

Go to the Youtube Studio and click on the “Live Stream” tab to activate the feature. If you use a mobile, you just have to create a live broadcast.

Recently there was an update, so old guides are outdated. We decided to make a detailed step-by-step guide for the new Youtube Studio below.

How to broadcast live on YouTube Studio from your Mac / PC?

With all the equipment ready and the topic and the topic you are going to talk about, it is time to start your live broadcast on YouTube. But since it is possible to do a live on this platform from multiple devices, we are going to focus on each one at the same time, starting with the computer.

Take a look at the step by step on how to record a live stream we have prepared for you:

1st step

Log into your YouTube account and click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on “YouTube Studio”.

How To Make A 24 7 Youtube Live Stream 1

2nd step

On the new page, click on “CREATE” -> “Go live” in the upper right corner of the screen.

How To Make A 24 7 Youtube Live Stream 2

A new screen will open. In it, you have three options:

  • Stream: allows you to configure a stream using an encryption program, such as OBS, for example;
  • Webcam: here, you will be able to set up a live broadcast using a webcam;
  • Manage: allows you to configure the live broadcasts that you have scheduled

How To Make A 24 7 Youtube Live Stream 3

Whichever option you choose, you would need to choose streaming right now or schedule it for later:

How To Make A 24 7 Youtube Live Stream 4

If you choose later, you would need to click “schedule“.

On the next page must give the broadcast a name, select whether it will be public or private, and choose the broadcast date, in case you want to schedule a live broadcast.

Then, you should also indicate if the content of your video is created for children or restricted to people over 18 years old.

How To Make A 24 7 Youtube Live Stream 5

When you have everything set up, just click “Create Stream.”

3rd step

Afterward, a countdown will open to take a photo and create a thumbnail image for your broadcast.

If you want to take another photo with the camera or upload a custom image, click on one of these options.

To conclude, click on “Broadcast Liveto start your live broadcast or “Done” if you want to schedule your event.

4th step

To edit a scheduled live broadcast, go to the YouTube Studio home page, click “Videos” in the left corner of the screen, and then click the “Live Stream” tab.

Select the video you want to edit and click “Details.” You will be able to change various details of the video, such as the title, description, visibility, and tags.

By clicking “More options”, you can also change the video category, recording date, language, and even insert a location for the live broadcast.

When you’re done, just click “Save.”

5th step

When the date and time of your broadcast are about to begin, click the button “Watch in the live control room“.

On the new screen that will appear, click “Go Live” to begin your live broadcast on YouTube.

On the right side of the screen, there is live chat, where viewers can interact by sending comments and questions in real-time.

In the upper left corner, you will find the transmission time counter, the number of people who are watching your life, and the number of “likes” the video received.

At the bottom of the video, you will find the “Share” button. By clicking on it, you have access to the link of your broadcast and buttons that will allow you to share your video live on the main social networks.

6th step

To end your broadcast on YouTube, all you have to do is click the “End Broadcast” button.

When you finish your broadcast, you will have access to a summary of the main statistics of the event. Such as the peak of simultaneous viewers, the new subscribers that the broadcast generated, the duration, and the average watch time.

How to Make a 24/7 Youtube Live Stream: Verdict

After you followed all 6 steps above, you should be able to record a live broadcast on youtube from your Mac / PC successfully. If still not, you can watch this video:


How to Make a 24/7 Youtube Live Stream – New Creator Studio 2021 [Mac / PC] FAQs

Is Youtube live really live?

Yes it is, but sometimes streamers can make stream delay from 5 sec to some minutes

How do I embed a stream?

1. Switch the stream to “unlisted” or “public”
2. Open the “Watch page” and select “share”
3. From the options click on “Embed” to get the embed HTML code and paste it on your website.

How long can you live stream on Youtube?

8 hours maximum you can go live stream

Thank you for reading!