How to Use Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce

How to Use Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce
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As of previous year’s statistics, over 76.8% of internet users worldwide are into online shopping. For sure, this number will continue to rise with the convenience of online shopping. In line with that percentage, the number of e-commerce businesses is also increasing. But not all of these businesses manage to keep up with the intense competition.

One of the best solutions to grow your e-commerce business is by taking advantage of social media. As of the previous year, there are about 44.8% of people on the internet using their social media accounts to look for brands and other related information.

Facebook has the most active users, which is about 2.4 billion every month. Instagram also has a billion users on its platform. It is one of the reasons why you also see a lot of online shops there. While other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc., have hundreds of millions of users monthly. With all these staggering numbers, you can start maximizing your social media marketing efforts to promote your e-commerce business among the billions of users of social media.

If you manage an ecommerce business, how can you make quality social media marketing services to boost your sales? Here’s how you can use social media marketing for e-commerce to grow your online business:

Build brand awareness

Build brand awareness

Establishing brand awareness is one of the most important aspects if you want your business to thrive. You need to find the right platform for how you can spread the word about your new store or the new products you want to sell to your target consumers. And that is where social media’s role will take place.

Last year, many social media apps like Facebook and Instagram worked with a lot of popular brands. But there are still a lot of opportunities for newbies to launch their own. To keep up with the competition, they need to look for a unique voice to sell their brand, look for the strategy that will work for them, and be consistent with it.

Since the demographics of people using social media varies, it will take time for your target audience to notice you. But with continuous effort or consideration to avail of paid social advertising, the right people will know about your online presence and will create a buzz.

For you to establish brand awareness, you need to level up your advertising strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have already launched a solution to help businesses advertise on their platforms to reach their target audience.

Based on last year’s statistics, around 190 million users have been reached by advertising on Facebook, 140 million on Instagram, and 170 million on LinkedIn advertising. However, not all these users are probably not your target audience. But still, it became a great opportunity to let the people be more aware of your brand.

You can make better use of social media platforms‘ advertising tools by setting up the right objectives. For an e-commerce business, the best thing you can do with social media is to expand your advertising strategies to attract more people to your brand and encourage them to buy your products or services.

There are different formats you can post on social media to advertise your ecommerce store, it can be image ads, video ads, and collection ads. When we say collection ads, it refers to creative copies of your product catalog to catch people’s attention and offer easier access for them to check out the product.

However, different social media platforms offer different advertising toolkits. You should need to have an idea of each of their functions and features for you to know how you can make the most of that platform to advertise your e-commerce business.

Make use of the right hashtags

Make use of the right hashtags

The easiest way to know the latest trend in social media is by using hashtags. A quick search of a particular hashtag can let you know what the trend is all about. Therefore, if you want to know what other people think about your brand, you need to employ the right hashtags for your brand. By using hashtags, you provide an organic way of discovering people who are searching for keywords or terms online.

However, using hashtags is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have different approaches when it comes to hashtags. For example, using ten hashtags or more may work on Instagram or Twitter, but it will not be as effective when it comes to Facebook. This is when the so-called “hashtag etiquette” comes into place. There are different rules to follow when using hashtags for each social media platform. You need to learn each of them to avoid overusing hashtags.

Engage followers

Engage followers

The main purpose of social media is to socialize. Thus, the main objective of having quality social media marketing services is to engage your followers more than to gain sales. Yes, having an increase in sales is an important aspect to keep the business thriving. But you need to build a better connection to your followers first to secure earning sales in the long run.

Most brands fail to commit to building rapport with their customers as they are too focused on earning sales. So instead of letting the customers stay loyal to the brand, they might consider competitors since they have better experience in interacting with them.

That is why leaving a comment on one of your customer’s feedback will make them feel included. It can also open an opportunity for them to recommend your brands to other people.

As you launch a social media page for your ecommerce store, make sure you let someone with good interpersonal skills handle your social media engagements. More social media users these days also prefer those who have a good sense of humor when dealing with them.


Growing your business’ online presence requires time, effort, and hard work. For people who are not well versed in this industry or are beginners, they can look for quality social media marketing services that will help every e-commerce business to thrive and boost sales.

Thank you for reading!