How to use proxy?

How to use proxy?
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The concept of proxies may be something that’s best left to the technical department of your business.

However, if you want your business to grow further, you must understand what they are and what they’re used for. Especially how they can boost your business’s growth.

With that said, we’ll be explaining to you in this article what proxies are and how they are used. Particularly in growing one’s business.

What is a proxy?


A proxy server, or a proxy, is a computer system that links a computer and the internet. To fully answer the question “what is a proxy?” it’s important to mention that proxies help filter all the internet “requests” using a web form, essentially hiding the client user’s IP address and providing you with a higher level of security online.

This allows for enhanced security for your company’s data, ensuring no breach or leak of sensitive data. For example, using a proxy will allow your company’s internal communication to remain secure, especially if sensitive personal data is involved.

Types of proxies

As you may understand, there are many types of proxies available. If you’re interested in starting using proxies for personal usage or your business, you should know the main differences in choosing the most suitable option. For example, they can be divided according to their access type:

  • Shared proxies
  • Semi-dedicated (or semi-private) proxies
  • Dedicated (or private) proxies

In this case, dedicated (private) proxies are the most secure and fastest proxies. As a result, they’re a perfect fit for businesses that need a fast and reliable solution for web scraping, brand protection, ad verification, and other use cases.

The most popular classification of proxies is by their origin. For example, we can find residential and data center proxies.

  • Datacenter proxies. By their origin, these proxies are not associated with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) because their IP addresses are from secondary corporations like data centers. Usually, these proxies are fast, have high up-time, and are cheap (compared to other proxies).
  • Residential proxies. These proxies have real IP addresses that Internet Service Providers assign. Their main advantage is that they can imitate real human-like traffic. This is the reason why various websites significantly less block these proxies.

Common Uses of Proxies

There are several uses for proxies, and they’re not limited to just business use. For example, anyone can use a proxy to help protect their identity, ensuring that those with ill intentions don’t gain access to their personal information.

Proxies can also be used to speed up internet connections. For example, allowing your proxy to cache the data upon first accessing a website and later accessing that cached data. Rather than requesting the same information over and over.

They can also access geographically restricted content, allowing users to bypass any restrictions set in place by virtually changing their location.

Gamers also use proxies to have a better and smoother gaming experience as proxies can promote a lag-free environment, which is crucial for many gamers. An example would be something like Geonode proxies.

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Proxies in Business

As mentioned, proxies are many businesses’ go-to tools, especially those seeking to promote their company’s further growth. There are several reasons for this, most of which we’ll be explaining below.

So how can you use proxies for business purposes?

  • Helps secure sensitive information

As mentioned, proxies’ primary use is to add another layer of protection to your information, susceptible data like personal and payment information.

Besides benefiting your company’s internal processes, using proxies can also give your clients the peace of mind needed to boost your business’s growth.

Knowing that all their personal data is secure with you whenever they make transactions will help boost your business’s growth, allowing clients to trust your brand. Proxies won’t just help them build trust in the products or services you’re offering but in your brand itself as well.

  • Optimizes the company’s network to boost productivity

Besides securing your network, limiting access to authorized persons only, using a proxy for your business can help boost productivity by optimizing the network to access only relevant websites.

This helps reduce distractions and access to irrelevant sites, allowing employees to focus more on their work instead. For example, many companies limit access to websites like social media platforms, e-commerce sites, and others to relevant departments only.

Not only would this boost productivity by eliminating potential distractions. But this can also ensure that employees do not access unsecured websites, which can compromise the company’s sensitive information.

  • Speeds up the company’s online browsing

Proxy server

use proxy server

For companies who require a fast connection to carry out the necessary research for their work. A proxy is a must-have tool in their arsenal. This is because proxies can help speed up your online browsing experience.

Proxies help identify the sites you frequently visit, noting the online requests you make, and store them offline. This way, the next time you access the site, they will load much quicker, and this can reduce bandwidth use and the operational costs needed to load the website.

With a faster browsing experience, you can optimize your work environment. Allowing you to access the necessary websites without experiencing any lag time.

  • Allows access to geo-blocked content

As mentioned, proxies allow users to access geo-blocked content by bypassing the restrictions set in place. However, this function can help businesses, not just for users who want to access other streaming sites.

Businesses can use proxies to bypass restrictions and carry out the research necessary to improve their marketing strategy for that particular market. Having access to uncensored internet can help your company gather the data necessary to improve your strategy and make your brand successful.

Final Thoughts

Proxies go beyond simply securing your company’s connection. For example, allowing it to bypass restrictions can help gather invaluable data needed for the company’s success. As such, proxies are must-haves for any business looking to boost its growth.

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How to use a proxy? FAQs

Are proxy servers safe?

Not really. Hackers can steal your private data. So be ready for this danger.

Can proxies be traced?

No, it can’t be because proxies replace your real IP address. You will be safe from being traced.

What is an elite proxy?

This is a pro version proxy. With an elite proxy, you will be safe 100%

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