How to recover lost data on iPhone.

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With the iCloud features on the iPhone and iPad, Apple offers one of the most reliable data backup and recovery techniques. You might have come across situations where you no longer get stuck on your iPhone because you repeatedly entered the wrong password or device on the home screen while installing a new update or the current one is buggy. There may also be situations where you accidentally delete some data from your iPhone.

Users can also accidentally lose data while trying to jailbreak their iPhone. In these cases, data recovery using iCloud or iTunes is not as easy as it looks, but it has proven to be an alternative method to recover lost files.

However, the only problem is that Apple has overlooked an essential feature for these apps – Deleted Data Recovery. iPhone data loss may already have happened due to the following reason:

  • Improper operation accidentally deletes iPhone messages.
  • The iPhone has been broken, crushed, smashed, and damaged by water.
  • IOS update, jailbreak failure, or factory settings on your iPhone.

What to do when you accidentally delete important data from iPhone It is known that apart from photos, iPhone users have no way to recover deleted data on iPhone. The lack of iPhone contacts with our business partners, precious photos with our family and pets, and important messages with our lovers could be a major disaster. So, you might ask, “Can I recover lost data from my iPhone?” or can I restore all lost data on iPhone directly?

Can I recover all my lost iPhone data with just one click? Because I don’t want to save them individually or lose them forever. Of course, you can recover all deleted data with this amazing iOS data recovery tool – Syncios Data Recovery. The scan will only take a few seconds, and it will give the detail of all the backup file contents that will include all the call history, contacts, notes, videos, messages, best web series of 2021, and your photos. 

What to do if you lose data from your iPhone

Preventing overwriting of data is a priority. After accidentally losing data from your iPhone, you need to stop adding or deleting data on your phone. Once this data is updated, it will be overwritten, and what you have lost can never be recovered.

Now follow the tips below, as it is imperative to know that there are three recovery methods that iPhone users can choose based on their preferences.

Solution 1: Recover Deleted iPhone Data from iTunes Backup File

With this easy-to-use iPhone data recovery program, you can restore iPhone data from iTunes backup files whether you have your iPhone in hand or lose it.

Scan the iTunes backup file.

If you have synced different iOS devices with iTunes before, you will only see multiple backup files in windows and after clicking Restore from iTunes backup file. Then select one of your iPhone settings and click Start Scan.

Preview lost data from iTunes backup file.

It is important to know that the scan will only take a few seconds and detail all the backup file contents, including contacts, messages, call history, notes, photos, and videos. Then you can read it now.

Make sure to restore the iPhone from the iTunes backup file.

Check the boxes to restore the iPhone. All content is then displayed. Just select the data you want to recover and hit the Recover button.

Recover deleted iPhone data on your computer or device.

You have two options: restore to a computer and restore to the device.

Solution 2: Restore iPhone data from an iCloud backup file

Sign in to iCloud.

After clicking Restore from iTunes backup file at the top of the main file, you will be asked to connect to the cloud. Sign in to iCloud.

Note: Do not connect the device to the computer during the reset to prevent updating or to modify the iCloud file.

Scan the iCloud backup file.

If you have synced multiple iPhones with iCloud before, you will see multiple backup files after signing in to iCloud. Just select the one from your phone and hit the Download button. Keep ongoing.

Make sure you choose the type of file you want to download.

Now a dialog will appear with details of all the iCloud backup file contents, including Contacts, Notes, Calendar, and Camera Roll. All you have to do is select the favorites you want to restore. Then click Next to continue.

Download the iCloud backup files.

Preview and select the data to restore.

Recover deleted iPhone data on your computer or device.

You have two options: restore to a computer and restore to the device.

Solution 3: Recover Deleted Data from iPhone

If you haven’t backed up your iPhone, you can use this method to get your data back. Try to connect your phone and then run it while the iPhone data recovery program is set up on your computer.

Make sure to connect your phone to the computer. The following window is displayed.

Scan your iPhone.

Click the Start Scan button. The program then automatically starts the corresponding scan of your iPhone.

You need to preview and restore iPhone data after scanning.

After the scan is complete, you can preview all the data found before restoring it. Select the items to preview and select the data you want to recover. Then click on Restore.

Recover deleted iPhone data on your computer.

You have two options: restore to a computer and restore to the device.

We should have realized the importance of keeping your data safe. As long as you have backed up your data somewhere, you can transfer it to your device and easily recover deleted data.


Thank you for reading!