The App To Help You Come up With a Dating Activity

The App To Help You Come Up With A Dating Activity
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It can be a challenge for couples when it comes to making joint decisions. When you are in a relationship, decisions about what to do on your date night, need buy-in from the two parties. Fortunately, Cobble was developed to make life easier for couples by helping them in joint-decisions making related to date nights.

The 25-year-old Jordan Scott, the founder of this decision-making application, raised three million dollars in seed capital in just one month and a couple of days. Some of the contributors include angel funder Kerr Tech Investments.

Benefits of the App

The app was launched in July and is designed to help you and your sweetheart discover exciting local experiences and plan what to do together on your date night. Using the app will save couples time as it matches local bars, restaurants, and events. It also gives you suggestions on indoor activities that you can enjoy with your S.O., such as ordering takeout food, preparing a nice meal that you can enjoy together, and best shows to watch with your partner.

When both of you swipe right, the Cobble app will allow you to schedule, book reservations, and buy tickets. In turn, this makes it easy for couples to make a fast decision on what to do on their date night.

The first real benefit of using this app is that it takes all the planning out of your hands and places the onus of making a date happen on a third party. That way, you and your partner can focus more on getting to know each other. Not having to plan a date takes the stress out of dating, so you can focus more on presenting yourself in the best light.

The App To Help You Come Up With A Dating Activity 2

Another benefit of this app is that it can help you be more open and honest about the types of dates you like. When you meet up with each other, you will be able to gauge their level of interest in the date you’re having. That will let you know what to do in the future if both of you are ready for a second date. Discussing the app’s outcomes will give you both insight into the sorts of romantic activities you each prefer.

One other thing that people love about this app is that it is something that people in a new relationship and people who have been together for a while can use. How many times have you been sitting with a significant other and asked them what to eat only to have them say, “I don’t care.”

This app will take care of the decisions to focus on getting something that you want to eat! It’s the ultimate form of relief for couples out of ideas of where to date.

Lastly, there are options for everyone. You can adjust your date suggestions by location, price, and time so that you don’t end up with a time that doesn’t work or a bill that breaks the bank!

How Did Jordan Come up With This Idea?

Jordan came up with the idea to launch this decision-making app after noticing that people were having a hard time figuring out where they would go and what they would do on their date after meeting online or dating for a while. Before she created Cobble, Jordan launched IDK Tonight in September 2017- a website dedicated to guiding couples on the best date ideas and spots in New York.

She used the content on this site on the new app. To get the knowledge she needed to begin operating her company, Jordan leveraged her network by connecting with the city’s start-up community; she surrounded herself with inspiring people. In 2019, her father resigned from his job and joined his daughter to ensure that Cobble successfully.

The App To Help You Come Up With A Dating Activity 3

Beta Testing

In the same year, they distributed Cobble to the audience for testing to get feedback before launching it. During this beta testing process, the company gave a group of users to try the application. The users liked the app, giving them the confidence to start planning when launching the application.

Release Date

Their plan to launch the app in March 2020 did not pan out due to the coronavirus crisis. She decided to launch it after the crisis ends; however, she realized no end in sight for the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, Jordan and her team had to get creative: they decided to expand their content to include indoor date ideas such as the best online events for couples, what type of foods you can prepare with your partner for your date night, and which TV shows to enjoy together.


The app comes with a function that allows you to filter your results by whether you want to have fun indoors or outdoors. Surprisingly, people loved this idea, and numerous couples started using the app after it was officially released in July. Couples who met on a flirtymature claim that Cobble is a good opportunity for the next step in their relationship’s early stages. The COVID-19 crisis allowed them to work from home and hired talents from other cities and states.

Other Features of the App

With the app, you can keep track of the statistics of your date nights. This means you’ll be able to know the exact times you went to a certain place in 30 days. You can also filter your plans by date, price, and location. Additionally, the app suggests date nights suitable for couples of different ethnicities, orientations, races, religions, professions, and cultural backgrounds.

Future Plans

The company is planning to expand its services to other cities to grow its user base. These include London, Chicago, and San Francisco. They are also planning to include features that will help couples to make other joint-decisions in their life.


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