Healthcare Software Development: What It’s All About

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Many healthcare providers are moving towards the most effective healthcare software to improve their services. Some of them even decide to transform their on-premise services to digital versions to serve their clients across the globe.

The pandemic has forced a lot of parties to embrace the opportunities given in healthcare software development. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been significant increases in medical software development demands. After the lockdown experience, many healthcare businesses have turned to healthcare software solutions as well.

Most healthcare providers and organizations lack experience using healthcare software for their daily business premises in real life. The same thing could also happen to your company as well. For that reason, it is essential to cover the basics first before reaching out to your healthcare software development companies to partner with you.

Healthcare Software Development Definition

The healthcare custom software development provides solutions for the problems that lie in the healthcare industries, focusing on the relationship between the healthcare providers and their clients/patients.

The healthcare industry revolves around hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, medical services, research, rehab center, and many others.

The medical software can help these organizations improve their healthcare services by gaining higher quality and accuracy. The technologies that are infused in the solutions can be in the form of machine learning, data, as well as digital transformation.

Medical practice management software, for instance, can help the providers to manage their place workflow and improve productivity. Depending on the various features of the software, these can help the users to keep the medical records, scheduling, financial management, as well as accounting tasks.

The other popular software is called EHR.

EHR is the abbreviation of Electronic Health Record. This type of software can help the providers to record the patient data accurately. The details can include the medical history, demographic information, lab results, allergies, prescriptions, and other vital information. In turn, this record can be shared with the other hospitals through the international set of standards like HL7.

The next example is hospital management software. As the name suggests, this custom healthcare software development focuses on easing the transfer of medical prescriptions to pharmacies, drug stores, and over-the-counter. The drugs will be sent directly to the patient’s address from the particular drug stores, eliminating the logistic challenges that the patients face. The hospital management core tasks include billing, insurance filling, and other administrative works.

Then there is a CRM software or customer management software. The main objective of this type of healthcare software is to build a good relationship with the clients.

What Do Healthcare Software Development Companies Do

The increasing demand for medical software development solutions in the healthcare industry has risen the specialized software development companies like Glorium Tech.

Glorium Tech, for instance, offers particular custom healthcare software development services to the government, private organizations, healthcare providers, vendors, as well as universities with a set of solutions.

If you are running one of the entities, there’s a chance that you’ve realized the importance of the partner for this development. From the healthcare point of view, the solutions offered by the software engineering company are effective and efficient.

The trustworthy software DevOps companies can offer revolves around healthcare software, mobile healthcare solutions, and customized software.

There are slight differences between the offers mentioned above.

We could interpret medical software as the solution whose objective is to improve the quality of the services. The providers will need to use that software in order to improve the patient’s experiences as well.

Meanwhile, mobile healthcare solutions are focused on the communications and tracking of health care.

Custom healthcare software development is focusing on particular tasks. In this case, the software engineers will provide specific solutions to troubleshoot specific problems. In most cases, the creation of the software is based on the client’s request.

The healthcare software development company focuses on their client’s requirements. Therefore, their main aim is to provide the most satisfying result for their clients.

Examples of Software

Healthcare Software Development: What It's All About

The healthcare software can be of any type depending on the solutions it offers. As mentioned, there is no all-in-one solution since every client has unique problems. But here are the most renowned examples of the software to check.

EHR Software

EHR software is one of the most renowned types of software used by typical healthcare providers.

If you’ve ever heard about CRM software in other industries, the EHR software is pretty much like that, but it is used in the healthcare niche. EHR is the abbreviation of Electronic Health Records. This type of software records the patient’s information in detail, such as the prescription, doctors, diagnoses, demographic, address, contacts, etc. Many EHR software is bundled with the payment and invoicing features as well.


Or we could call this type of e-prescribing software. The pandemic has forced the patients to stay at home since over-the-counter stores are shut down. But it won’t prevent them from taking the drugs for the patients. Most of the vendors are moving to electronic prescriptions.

So, the doctors from a hospital or clinic will send the prescriptions to the nearby pharmacy or drugstore. The medication will then be delivered to the address of the patients. This software also lets the doctors and specialists track, modify, or cancel the prescriptions for their patients.

Medical database

The medical database software stores the patient’s information and treatment. It is simpler than EHR software because it only stores patients’ information by the disease categories, not the whole profiles. It allows the specialists to cross-check the patient’s information who have similar cases. The users can retrieve the important information of the patient’s diseases such as the symptoms, treatments, as well as recovery plans.

What’s The Future Of Software Development In Healthcare

For most healthcare providers and people who work in the healthcare industry, prevention is always the top priority rather than treating the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, the practices of the healthcare software tend to make a serious impact on the interactions between the doctors and their patients. We shall not neglect the fact that many patients are not open with their conditions because they hardly communicate with their specialists.

The solutions in healthcare software development should be able to prioritize human-centric results.


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