How to download Keepsafe for PC, Android and Windows 10?

How to download Keepsafe for PC, Android and Windows 10?
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Still looking for how to download Keepsafe for PC, Android, and Windows 10? Don’t worry! Here’s the complete step-by-step guide. In a world where risk and identity misuse is common, and threats are unlimited, apps like Keepsafe help protect our personal space from the rest of the world.

It is the mission and vision of Keepsafe to make safety and security simple and easier to handle.

It redefines the concept of privacy. Keepsafe puts the values of privacy above all and makes space for the real you in life.

If you want extra safety then you might consider looking out for such an app as icsee for PC.

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How does keep safe work?

Keepsafe uses encryption like the cypher code AES-256 for the privacy of its users. This type of encryption of devices is considered to be the safest and one of the secure forms of risk protection in the world.

Many military deployment services and banks use this kind of encryption to source code their crucial and confidential data. The data on this app is so secure that it cannot even be handled and used for reference purposes by the Keepsafe employees itself.

It comes with a vision to redefine privacy and security and believes in working towards the same. Keepsafe offers full and complete protection services.

User Interface

The user interface of this application is completely organized and systematic and is relatively much easier than it seems. It keeps all the photos and videos safe and away from the normal gallery itself. The application doesn’t show up in the place of recent apps which makes it even more convenient and safe to use.

While it is not only important for the clients to safeguard and protect their personal images and photos, this application also safeguards and protects essential and important documents such as credit and debit card details, confident bank cards, driver’s license, and copies of other important documents and papers.

This app also has amazing features for sharing photos. It works similarly to the Snapchat application where you can snap and share your photos and videos with your friends. The photos and videos of snap chat only have a span of 10 seconds. But sharing photos through the Keepsafe application is much simpler. When you share your photos through the application, it has a span of 20 seconds only and will automatically vanish and disappear from the recipient’s phone within 20 seconds after they receive it.


The Keepsafe application allows for easy backup of the photos or videos on your mobile phones or pcs since you already have it stored on a private cloud. If you ever face an issue such as accidentally deleting your photos and not able to find a backup of it either, you can also use the option of retrieving the deleted images from your phone or PC.

Another more inherent feature among all these capabilities is the feature of break-in alert. The break-in feature will alert the users when someone tries to deliberately break into your system or your app. The Keepsafe will automatically click photos of the intruder and will also keep a track of the attempts made by the person attempting to steal your data and much more.

The fake pin feature of the application forms a decoy on the interface. It creates an icon on the main page of the desktop menu along with a fake pin code or locks with nothing available inside the app. So when someone attempts to use these files they will find the enter application to be empty since it is, in fact, a decoy app and not the real application of Keepsafe.

The real application of Keepsafe will still be visible to others or by the user itself and will be camouflaged in the background of the home screen. This is one feature that separates and differentiates this application from the rest of them which offers security and protection. It is one of the best alternatives to the famous application Applock.

In-App Purchases

When users download the application from the Google Play store, they will be able to see the option of ‘In-app purchases’. The album lock does provide a layer of security but also provides an additional layer of safety by forming and setting different passwords and pins for each album.

Password and Protection

The application password-protects your mobile devices and your pc. Even when the phone screen times out, the password automatically resets itself. When a user is unable to sign in or log in to the Keepsafe application, it sends you an email with the verification code to reset your password. With this email, the user can sign up using a new password or set a new lock/pin.

Private Cloud

The private cloud is an individual’s own personalized secure backup space. Whenever you add some images, videos, or any other media files to your private cloud, it will be available across all your mobile devices to use.

This data is also recoverable for later use. It becomes handy and is helpful especially when you have lost your phone, broken your phone or accidentally deleted images and videos from the vault and need to find a way to recover it.

The private cloud keeps an active backup of all your valuable data. It is completely secure and is also encrypted with passwords and protection and everything is under the safety of encryption.

Only those who can log in to the devices using the respective passwords can be able to access and decrypt the files.

Photo Vault Premium

It is a paid feature of the Keepsafe application. Premium takes storage to a whole new level and comes with advanced features such as more storage, trash recovery, themes, break-in alerts, space saver, fake pins, no advertisements, and album locks, etc.

Features Of Keepsafe

  • Acts like a safe photo-vault
  • Enables automatic sync of photos or videos across devices.
  • Allows for easy backup and transfer for recovery
  • Face-down auto lock for security
  • Safe photo sharing
  • Easy sharing of selected albums with friends and family
  • Pin-protection, fingerprint sensor, and authentication.
  • Safely store more than 5000 features through a private cloud
  • Space and storage saver on device
  • Trash and bin recovery
  • Smooth and intuitive user interface
  • Safe encryption of data across many different applications
  • Customized color schemes for the main display theme
  • Choose between gridlines and mosaic display
  • Compatible with all files and media versions.
  • Join two albums together

How to download keepsafe?

Keepsafe is an application that acts as a photo vault and enables you to hide your pictures and videos and all other files on your android devices. It is also password protected so you can keep it safe from misuse and prying eyes.

Download Keepsafe For Android

Keepsafe For Android

To download the application Keepsafe for android devices follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Google Play store and sign in using your Google account
  2. Search for the app KEEPSAFE
  3. Click on download
  4. The installation process will begin shortly
  5. Once downloaded, sign in/sign up
  6. Select the photos you want to send to your vault from the gallery and create a pin.
  7. Easily transfer images from one folder to another.

Download Keepsafe For PC

To download the application Keepsafe for PC follow the below steps:

  1. You can download Keepsafe from many sites. One can also use the Keepsafe apk file and download the application.
  2. You can also download the Keepsafe application (Keepsafe Photo Vault APK)and install it further via APK in the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  3. Once downloaded, you can install it into your pc and signup with your email and other verifications
  4. You can then select the source and destination folders and select the photos you want to move to the vault.

Download Keepsafe For Windows 10

Keepsafe For windows 10

To download the application Keepsafe for Windows 10 operating devices follow the below steps:

  1. You can look for the specification of the app for Windows 10
  2. Download and install the app from BlueStacks or any other android replicate tool for your desktop and use Google Play to download it.
  3. Install the application
  4. Signup using your email id
  5. Complete the verification process
  6. Keepsafe can now be accessed on your Windows 10 device
  7. You can also manually transfer the images from your mobile device directly to your Windows 10 operated PC.


The curators of the app work tirelessly to improve the quality of the application and the reliability and stability of media. Keepsafe has come with its latest version and is now available for download and installation.

Users who have installed the Keepsafe application can simply update the application from the Google play store to enjoy the benefits of the latest version of the Keepsafe application.

This version is the 8.29.1 model. It includes a number of improvements and crash fixes. It enables faster importing of media from within the application. Crashes and bugs/glitches across the application are fixed, surface errors while exporting a file are minimized and email details have been updated.

download Keepsafe Wrapping up!

Keepsafe aims to protect the privacy and security of all its users to the extent t that their own employees don’t get the autonomy to view others’ data. Enjoy an unforgettable experience and an easy way to keep your data safe with Keepsafe.

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How to download Keepsafe for PC, Android and Windows 10? FAQs

Can I access my Keepsafe online

Yes, you can do it online.

How can I retrieve my Keepsafe password?

1. Open the Keepsafe app on your device
2. select the Forgot PIN’ button at the top of the screen.
3. Open the email which Keepasfe send you
4. set up a new PIN

How can I recover my Keepsafe?

1. Open the Keepsafe app on your device
2. Open your gallery
3. Go to the Trash Bin, you will see the items inside.
4. Choose the desired items and select restore or move.

Thank you for reading!