Antivirus Comparison

Years ago, it was important to have some antivirus on your machine. With the Internet, it is now essential. Viruses can spread very quickly through email, file sharing, and chat rooms. To protect yourself, you will need the best products available. Here’s how to run antivirus comparisons to make sure you’re using the best product.

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How do antiviruses compare?

First, you need to visit the websites of companies that conduct antivirus software reviews. For example, specializes in this type of software and has a niche in the industry. The reviews focus on how effectively the program does its job – scanning and removing viruses. Limit your search to the best performing products. But many factors will influence your choice.

Factors captured in the review.

Experts find user reviews online that analyze how the software works on people’s computers. Did it negatively affect the speed of the computer or interfere with other programs? Once they do this part of the research, they download a test copy. They installed it. However, stability issues will now arise before they make a final decision.

Use trial versions

These experts use the trial version to evaluate other features like usability and GUI. This type of software is very advanced but some manufacturers have made it very easy to use. Others still have a way to go.

Protection level

Free software provides minimal protection and will typically detect most virus signatures in circulation today. So, in places without connectivity, free antivirus are likely to work better. Free products are not free. So, expect some ads to appear asking you to update. That is the benefit of the “free” stuff.

Antivirus action

Another feature that many people need is the “set and forget” option. That allows you to configure the software to scan the computer with help. Review experts rate this process with a free trial.

What is the difference between the free version and the premium version?

As you conduct antivirus comparisons, you will eventually find that paid antivirus products do a slightly better job of detecting malware than their free counterparts. Research has shown that this difference is up to 10%. On the other hand, free antivirus products have slightly improved speeds. Given how close the two product categories are, antivirus comparisons are something you need to take seriously, and at the end of the day, make a decision based on your needs and what you want from your chosen product.

Why opt for paid antivirus versions?

So, when making antivirus comparisons between free and paid software, keep these additional features in mind. Also, remember that free products rarely get technical support and it’s entirely up to you to figure out how to use the software. The paid software comes with technical support which can be phone support or email support. Whatever the case, there will always be a tech-savvy person on the other end of the line to solve your problems.


When doing antivirus comparisons, don’t be afraid to put multiple products on a free trial. Just keep in mind that most antivirus programs are incompatible. You must remove one before you can install another.

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