Cathie Wood Says Bitcoin To $500,000, Buy BTC While It Is “On-Sale”!

Cathie Wood Says Bitcoin To $ 500,000
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Even when bitcoin prices have been tumbled then also some people believe that bitcoin is going to rise again, and that too to a great extent. One of those people who believes that bitcoin can get a rise in its value is Cathie Wood. She is one of the strangest investors of the wallet street, and she believes that even after the meltdown in the value of bitcoin, it is still not over. According to Cathie, this is the best opportunity to buy the bitcoin because its value is on sale.

Cathie believes that the bitcoin will be at the value of $500000 in a very short period, so buying it right now is the best opportunity for the people. There is no doubt that the CEO of the ARK investment, Cathie wood, is one of the best investors in the present era, and she always likes to think according to the modern world. If you want to learn more about bitcoin trading, then Click here.

In her interview with Bloomberg TV, she said that bitcoin is on the sake right now because the price of bitcoin has been falling to half of its value. Bitcoin is one of the eldest as well as most popular digital currency which is holding market capitalization above then the value of one trillion. According to Cathie, if you invest in this currency now, you will gain good returns in the future, which you might haven’t even thought of.

You will be amazed to hear that this prediction is not the only bold kind of prediction Cathie has made. If the prediction of Cathie becomes true, then bitcoin will be able to have nine trillion dollars according to the market capital. The thing is that this is a huge part, and it is very close to that of all gold in world value. in the middle of this huge bitcoin crash, Cathie has reaffirmed that the price target which she has set for the bitcoin is still on her mind and she is not backing off her statement.

However, she also accredited the statement that was made by the tesla car company owner Elon musk that the company is not going to accept the payments of bitcoins. This decision was taken because the tesla car company thinks that the mining of bitcoin consumes a lot of energy which is a concern to the environment.

Cathie Wood Says Bitcoin To $ 500,000, Buy BTC While It Is "On-Sale"!

What does Cathie say about her prediction and the current situation of bitcoins?

  • Let’s start from the beginning when in November 2020, Cathie Wood was seen making an argument that a number of the compounds supported the growth of bitcoins. She said that it is the reserve currency of all the digital payment systems, and she also said that the bitcoin might be a c cryptocurrency, but it’s equivalent to that of a dollar.
  • She also stated that the countries like China and the US are not going to create the central bank distributed currencies. It is all because they want to make a brawny for bitcoin and the other digital currencies. Their main aim is to legitimize digital currencies by offering them the approval stamp of the government and highlighting the benefits of using digital currencies in a genuine way. This also includes the fact that the bitcoins cannot get to be tracked to the users, but the digital yuan that the China country will launch can be tracked to the user.
  • Cathie wood has also tried to bring attention to the fact to increase the institutional encirclement for the world’s top cryptocurrency, bitcoin. She added that if the institutions allocate only 5 per cent of their funds on the bitcoin like the way they do with the asset classes, then it will help in lifting the price of bitcoin up to $400000 or even $500000 worth which is way too high, but it is possible. When bitcoin is on that point, then its worth would be similar to that of the gold all around the globe.

Is it possible that the bitcoin value can get to $500000?

  • You might not be aware of the fact that Cathie Wood predicted in the year 2018 that the price tag of Tesla would be $800, which looked outlandish at that point in time, but Tesla was able to eclipse this price tag in the previous year only. This is the thing that makes Cathie looks like a visionary person. Just like this, the price tag for the bitcoins is also too high because forgetting that much amount of gain; bitcoin would have to rise for about 12 x for reaching that worth of $500000.
  • For the people who were looking for the best opportunity to invest their money in bitcoin, then this is the right opportunity for you. At this time, you will be able to get the bitcoin at the sale value. According to Cathie, people should not sell off their bitcoin in a hurry because they think that this is the endgame of bitcoin. But it is not at all like the way people think.
  • However, the thing is that the people who have invested in bitcoin should not make so much expectation from the bitcoin then it is going to reach the level of $500000 any sooner. But still, it cannot be ignored that the statement has been made by Cathie Wood, who is the CEO of ark investment, and she has been correct so far for her other kind of disruptive predictions and innovations.
  • The one more thing which you need to know is that her funds are also making more exposure to the bitcoins because she is making purchases of bitcoin from the Coinbase platform and the grayscale bitcoin trust. Bitcoin is highly volatile right now, which shows that the digital currency is still hypothetical, and the sureness for its long-term growth is also indecisive. But the fact is that if bitcoin becomes the digital reserve currency, then this can take a long time for the bitcoin to hit the target of $500000.


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