Do Elon Musk’s Tweets About Bitcoin Destroy Lives?

Do Elon Musk's Tweets About Bitcoin Destroy Lives
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We all know how many tweets Elon Musk has made on bitcoin and how these tweets have impacted the value of bitcoins. Elon Musk is the owner of tesla’s car company, and he has been targeted by the hacker group named anonymous on Sunday. A video was released by an individual who was blaming the CEO of the Tesla car company for destroying lives.

According to this anonymous person, Musk has been making an attempt to centralize the bitcoin mining procedure and destroy the dreams of the people with his tantrums of public temper. You will be surprised to know that in that video which was posted on YouTube, the anonymous person called Elon Musk is a person who is egotistic and is also desperate for getting all the attention.

It was a clear message for the tesla car owner that what he has done by making tweets on bitcoin has wiped out the dreams and investment of so many people. He said that millions of people were happy about the profits made by bitcoin so that they can improvise their lives. The one thing that is still not clear is that the video was posted by the actual anonymous group or any other person claiming to be a representative of the anonymous group. The voice of this unidentified person was digitally altered, and he was also wearing the mask of Fawkes. If you are interested in bitcoins, then you can start trading through a bitcoin buyer.

If you see the video, you will get to know that the person was targeting Musk and saying that Musk has been playing with the markets of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have destroyed the lives. He was also very blamed for not showing regard for the person working averagely and expecting good returns from his investments of bitcoin. According to the video person, Elon musk is the one who is responsible for the biggest dip in the price of bitcoins. He added that the retail investor was also dependent on the bitcoins and their investments, but Musk’s tweets on bitcoin have severely impacted the bitcoin value.

Do Elon Musk's Tweets About Bitcoin Destroy Lives?

You will be shocked to know that the anonymous person not only covered the facts about bitcoin and the impact of Musk’s tweets on bitcoin, but he also mentioned some information which was based on the working condition of Elon musk’s factories as well as the government subsidies which tesla car company is receiving for its electric cars. He also stressed that the tesla company is holding or held a huge number of bitcoins for sure.

According to the video made by an anonymous person, there are so many big companies how have been working on the project of space exploration as well as on making electric vehicles. But Elon musk is the only CEO of the big car company who has got the alternative by posting shitty posts and trolling the entire world by makings tweets on the social media platform.

He was also talking about the fact what are the different sources of income for the Tesla company. There are a lot of people who might not be aware of the fact that the income of Tesla company is not coming from the sale of its cars, but it has been coming from the subsidies of the government, said an anonymous person.

Was the person in the video real anonymous?

Soon after the video was released on YouTube, the doubts still continue that whether the person was from the actual group of anonymous. You need to know that the two accounts on Twitter which are named @YourAnonNews as well as @BscAnon, are clearly denying that this video which was made for Elon Musk, doesn’t belong to their group, and they haven’t released it. But one more Twitter handles that was of @YourAnonCentral has been tweeting on this post as # the message to the Elon musk from anonymous. Is Elon musk going to respond to this message, or will he just hide? The YourAnonCentral is the group that is responding to the Elon musk as stop hiding now and answer the anonymous person.

How is the volatility of bitcoin hurting more to the small investor?

As you know that the people who work hard and invest their money for securing their future on something then always have higher expectations from those investments. This was the thing that was mentioned by the anonymous person in his video that the public temper tantrums of Elon musk are impacting the dreams of the people. He said that Elon musk always continues to mock the dreams of people with the memes by just sitting at his worth millions of dollar mansions.

You might not be aware of the fact that Elon Musk started to point out cryptocurrencies and that too, especially on the bitcoin, when he made the appearance on Saturday night live. After that, he made so many tweets on the bitcoin, which impacted the value of the bitcoin in a negative way, and bitcoin experienced a huge downfall in its value which was not seen in the last many years.

Elon musk tweet on the electricity consumption of bitcoin and what statistics say about it!

One of the tweets made by Elon musk included that the tesla car company will no longer be accepting bitcoin as a means of payment in order to buy their electric cars. The reason for the sudden U-turn of the Tesla company was that the mining of bitcoin requires a huge amount of electricity. This was also one of those tweets which lead to the downfall in the value of the bitcoins.

You will be surprised to know that this statement was then countered by the digital galaxy company, which is the financial service and the investment management organization. This company releases the statistic on the energy consumption of the bitcoin and other systems. You will be amazed to know that according to these statistics, the energy sued by gold mining is 2x more than the energy consumed by bitcoins.


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