Bitcoin wallets – What are the types and how to choose one?

Bitcoin wallets – What are the types and how to choose one?
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If we talk about modern trends, then bitcoin will surely top the list. Bitcoin is the most popular and widely-used digital currency. It is based on blockchain technology and allows you to make quick and secure transactions through bitcoin wallets. A bitcoin wallet is like a digital locker in which you can store the bitcoins and make bitcoin transactions.

A bitcoin wallet is essential as, without it, you cannot make a bitcoin transaction. There are numerous bitcoin wallets, and each one offers different features, facilities, and functions. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, you must use daily profit and earn good profits. Some of the most popular types of bitcoin wallets and tips to choose them are as follows.

Desktop wallets

There are several bitcoin wallets, but one of the most commonly used is the desktop wallet. Computers are common nowadays, and everyone is using them. Desktop wallets are bitcoin wallets that you can access on your desktop and easily make bitcoin transactions. These wallets can be installed on your computer, and you have complete control over them.

Desktop bitcoin wallets have a specific address then is used to receive or send bitcoins. You can store private keys in these wallets and ensure their proper safety. If you regularly use a computer, it is the perfect option for you as it is easy and safe to use.

Mobile bitcoin wallets

Mobile wallets are getting increasingly popular among bitcoin users because of their excellent functionality and ease to use. It allows you to make quick and safe bitcoin payments all over the world. Everyone uses a mobile phone, and you can access these through it. Mobile wallets are straightforward to use and require minimal effort.

There are three major operating systems used in mobile phones; iOS, Windows, and Android. If you are looking for a mobile bitcoin wallet, you must ensure that it is compatible with your mobile phone’s operating system. There is a wide range of options available, and you can easily pick one by doing some research.

Hardware wallets

If you are highly concerned about safety while using bitcoins, you must go for the hardware wallets to offer maximum security. These wallets are in the form of a device such as a flash drive, which you need to insert in the computer to access the wallet. These bitcoin wallets are protected from viruses, thefts, and hacking. If you want to enjoy its fantastic features, you need to pay around $100 to $200. It may be a bit costly, but the security it offers is impeccable.

Paper wallets

Paper bitcoin wallets are in paper form and is a type of document. It is a printed paper which has a QR code on it. You can scan the QR code to make a bitcoin transaction. All private keys and QR codes are stored in the paper bitcoin wallets. The paper wallet was trendy in the initial years of bitcoin, and it was considered immensely safe as they are not connected to the Internet and can be stored offline. The only risk related to it is that you lose all your bitcoins if you lose the paper wallet. It is quite challenging to carry it with you without damaging or losing it.

Bitcoin wallets – What are the types and how to choose one? 1

Some tips for choosing a bitcoin wallet

Focus on the security

There are several features to look out for a while choosing a bitcoin wallet, but security is the most important. The primary purpose of having a bitcoin wallet is to keep them safe, and if the wallet doesn’t offer good security, then there is no use for it. If you choose a web wallet, you must check if its URL has a padlock sign in the beginning.

The URL must be HTTPS as it is secure and keeps your bitcoins safe. It will help if you choose a bitcoin wallet that offers two-factor authentications so that no one else can gain access to the wallet without your permission. Security is an important factor, so you must focus on it and choose a fully protected wallet from all the risks.

Multisignature feature

One of the best security features to look out for in a bitcoin wallet is multi-signature. Multisig is a feature that requires more than one private key to gain access to the wallet. It is a great feature that protects your wallet from hackers. You will need more than one key to make a bitcoin transaction, which ensures that one else other than you can use your bitcoin wallet. You must select a bitcoin wallet that has the multi-sig feature.

Owning the bitcoins

If you lose the private keys, you will lose your bitcoin forever, which is why you must choose a wallet that allows you to own the bitcoins. Owning bitcoins means you will have complete control over them, and you can move them from the wallet anytime. It also enables you to create an offline backup of your wallet and enhance the bitcoins’ security. Owning the bitcoins will allow you to control them and access them even without the private keys.

Level of transparency

One of the best ways to pick a bitcoin wallet is checking its transparency. If the wallet provider offers complete transparency and shows everything, it is authentic, safe, and efficient. But if it hides the information and doesn’t reveal their way of operations and other important information, you must avoid using it. You can also review the open-source code to check the safety levels and ensure no drawback in the wallet’s functionality.


Another vital factor to consider while choosing a bitcoin wallet is its user-interface. The wallet must be easy to use and should have a simple user-interface. If you cannot access the wallet easily, then it is of no use. You must check the user-interface and pick the one that offers the best user-interface and is easy to use.

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