Best Tool to Screen Record on Windows for Free in 2022

Best Tool To Screen Record On Windows For Free In 2022
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Due to the global pandemic lockdown, PC Screen Recorder has undoubtedly been used more often in recent years. Aside from online meetings and classes, the demand for better recording of games, shows, and live streams has also dramatically increased. In addition to retaining its smooth performance and ultra HD resolution recording experience, the iTop free screen recorder has added features that enable audio and video recordings to be more flexible and straightforward to edit.

About the iTop Screen Recorder

With a webcam, speaker, and microphone on, iTop Screen Recorder can record any part of a screen. With the Recording Schedule function, users can set up a schedule to start and end recordings automatically. A user can choose from three graphic quality options: Ultimate, HD, or Fluent. Its hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder tool, for example, can be used to capture 3D games in high quality without much lagging.

Video can be saved in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, GIF, etc., and audio can be saved in MP3, AAC, AC3, etc. In addition to screen recording, the iTop screen recorder also includes a built-in editor that makes cutting and trimming simple. In addition, screen recorders allow users to record only audio, save audio files and add subtitles to videos. Within the software, users can also share their videos by uploading them directly to Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox with just one click.

The main benefit of iTop Screen Recorder is that it enables you to record any PC screen activity and makes PC screen recording easy and enjoyable for everyone. Below we will look at how to record zoom meeting.

How to record Zoom meetings using an iTop Recorder

In the last two years, work-at-home has become more and more popular. VooV Meeting, DingTalk, and Zoom are among the video conferencing apps that have seen a rise in usage and downloads. Zoom offers the capability of holding meetings, participating in lectures, and watching webinars. Additionally, Zoom makes it easier to record a screen while conferencing online, rather than in a classroom or office.

When participating in Zoom meetings, you are unable to record Zoom meetings, if the facilitator does not permit it. Fortunately, there are ways that you can use to record Zoom meetings discreetly and without anyone knowing

iTop Screen Recorder Features

Screen recording on PC has never been easier thanks to iTop Screen Recorder, a simple-to-use tool. Recording a Zoom meeting is easy and efficient with its comprehensive recording tools.


  • Record Zoom Meeting with Audio

The purpose of recording without permission on Zoom is for a review. However, some recorders record only the screen without recording the voice. The iTop Screen Recorder allows you to record both video and audio, so you’ll know the highlights of your meetings, presentations, and webinars when you look back.

  • Flexible Screen Capture

By cropping the screen, the recorder is capable of capturing any area. When you are in a Zoom meeting, bargaining session, or lecture, you have the option to record part of the screen, the whole screen, or a specific participant without their knowledge. Multi-monitor support is also available.

  • No Time Limit

Here’s an example of a situation you might have encountered. Suddenly, the process just stops while you’re recording. How can this be? Some recorders on the market have a time limit, and you can only record for 30 minutes or an hour. Upon expiration, the process ends automatically or a message appears saying, “Be a pro to get more recording time”. However, iTop Screen Recorder gives you the option of recording Zoom meetings for as long as possible.

  • Record your screen while taking a screenshot

It’s not difficult to take pictures and shoot videos on your phone. The Windows 10 screen recorder does the same. If you wish to take a screenshot of important information while recording a Zoom meeting, simply click F11 or click the camera button to do so without interrupting the recording.

  • Multiple Output Formats

It is possible to save videos and audio in over 12 different formats. A practical recording tool such as Top Screen Recorder helps you record Zoom meetings without obtaining permission with multiple formats, audio, screenshots, and no time limits. In addition, this is the best screen recording software free of watermarks.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting using Windows 10

Using Windows 10 built-in screen recording software – Xbox Game Bar – is another way to record on Zoom without permission. By pressing Win+G, you can quickly open it, and the recording will be captured automatically. You will be notified if you are in XXX’s Zoom meeting, for instance. Start the recording by clicking the recording button or pressing Win+Alt+R. Additionally, you can record Spotify music and Xbox games.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting using Zoom Cloud

Zoom cloud recording is available to every Zoom user, not just the hosts. By choosing “Record to the Cloud” while recoding on Zoom, your video, audio, and chat text will be saved to the Zoom cloud.

However, the price will change based on the storage capacity. Using iTop free screen recorder, you can use the methods above without spending money.


The most recommended solution is the iTop Screen Recorder. Zoom meetings can be secretly recorded on a laptop or computer without the permission of the host. Zoom meetings with audio can be captured easily and converted into high-quality videos that convey every detail of the meeting. Aside from recording clips on a PC, it can also capture streaming videos and audio. Try recording Zoom meetings with it and capturing the screen without any limitations.

Thank you for reading!