5 Best money-saving apps for nerds

Best Money Saving Apps For Nerds
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Are you looking for money-saving apps? You choose the right place. Saving money is much more challenging in practice than we think. Fortunately, we can depend on technology to keep us disciplined and save more. And if you are a student and need to save money on essay writing services, turn to Cheapwriting.services. For a reasonable amount of money, you will get help at a high level.

Have you ever tried any app for saving or deposits? By all means, you would love to save your money in a more comfortable way and have some priorities and privileges to take into account. Nowadays, it is easier to achieve your goals and without making additional movements.

Money Saving Apps

There are different apps for making your dreams come true. But here are the best ones to pay attention to and check out. According to the experts, before making your further steps to use these apps you need to look through terms and conditions to be sure with which ones you can agree. Because, sometimes, we do not remark and we are not beware of some consequences.

The apps help us keep the temptation of impulse spending by not letting the money reach our pockets even if you need to get additional help from essay writer website. We are going to take a look at some of these money-saving apps.


Acorns are the perfect app when it comes to investment. The app adds up all your purchases and takes some money from your checking account to add to it. It then invests the balance of a portfolio depending on the goals you have set and your income.

One of the key advantages of this app is that you will get discounts and refunds if you make transactions with a particular service such as Blue Apron and Airbnb. A significant drawback is that you risk losing a part of your savings since your money is being used for investment and with an investment are risks.

It also takes time before you can withdraw your money since it needs to be recovered from the investment first.


Simple Apps

Simple is the perfect alternative for banking. It comes with a free budgeting tool, debit card, and a checking account. The app will only display the balance available for spending after deducting all other funds dedicated to savings and bills. You will not incur any monthly transaction charges. Simple is a fantastic app that integrates budgeting and banking and helps you keep track of your spending. The only drawback to it is that it does not have a feature to pay your bills directly. You have to go to the billing company physically or online.


Qapital will make it easier to set a goal and automate your savings. It also gives you the flexibility to make a regular contribution to your savings account with no limit to how much you can deposit. All you need is a checking account that you will link it to Qapital and start saving for your goals.

Using Qapital will not lead you to incur transactional charges. You can also collaborate with other like-minded people such as family and friends and have joint goals.

One disadvantage of this app is that you need a membership to use it, and it will cost you between $3 to $12 depending on the period you are using it. You are also guaranteed of 0.10% interest on your savings.


It is a simple app that will help you calculate the surplus amount of money available for saving after deducting all your expenditure. It will then transfer the saved amount to an insured account. The app does an average of two to three funds transfer to the account in a week. You will enjoy a free trial of 30 days; then, you will have to pay for the services. 

The app earns you a least 1% interest per annum that is payable every three months. You will have to pay a $5 monthly subscription fee. Digit lack the safeguards to stop you from getting an overdraft from your checking account and will only refund two overdrafts that Digit initiated.


The App Chime

A few words about the app “Chime”. It is a great banking app for users who would love to keep their extra change. When you have a deal with a savings account you can also relocate or “shift” your extra change there. You can automatically save your money.

By the way, this app helps you to transfer money or send checks.  Using this one you are free from accepting to check accounts traditionally. Of course, you should not go out to take an action so that you can meet the requirements online.

Money-saving apps Conclusion

Most people have a hard time striking that perfect saving balance. Apps are now the way to go. It makes your work easier since you have little input in it. Regular saving puts you on a track of saving, and your portfolio will grow with time. So if you do not save, you might consider starting today. Go to your bank and open a savings account that will facilitate the process. Set some savings goals and proceed to save.

Having an app ill helps you by deducting the source’s money and letting you only have the money that you need. What better way is there that you can have enough money for investment or emergencies? Make that bold step today and optimize your spending and saving.

P.S. If you need budgeting tools for a business, you may want to check out this article.

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5 Best money-saving apps for nerds FAQs

How can I save $1000 fast?

1. Use cash instead of credit.
2. Eat less and choose cheap food
3. Learn your bills

Are saving apps safe

Saving apps are safe but will be sure that you download an official version app

How can I survive on one income?

1. Have an emergency fund
2. Pay down debt
3. Start cutting costs early
4. Have an emergency fund
5. Consider tax withholding
6. Spend time, not money
7. Learn how you will manage finances

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