QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks – Which One To Go For In 2019?

QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks – Which One To Go For In 2019?

Is there anything that is not online now? Yes, from shopping online to deal with accounting online everything is just one app away whatsoever. But, what is accounting online? And how does it works? If you are new in this business and had absolutely no clue that this article is for you.

QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks

Until now you have known only one method of accounting and that is to keep separate books for a separate business entity. Now, that technologies and inventions had played a major role in making life easy here is the software which is used to accumulate accounting online.

QuickBooks and FreshBooks are two software which is used by the businessmen of any level either small, medium or massive. It hosts to record all the bookkeeping data under one roof with various features.

In this discussion, we’ll draw a comparison between FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks in terms of pricing, features, integration, easy to use and customers review.


When to use QuickBooks online?

Currently, QuickBooks online is the most popular software for accounting, whether you are involved in a small business or large enterprise. It offers more features comparatively than FreshBooks. QuickBooks online will serve you with the best professional help whether you are at a small level or massive level of business related to your bookkeeping needs. However, if have to pay to get the QuickBooks online service but, it avails a 30-day trial if you are new to the application.


When to use FreshBooks online?

QuickBooks may have more features than FreshBooks but, FreshBooks favour more to people who do small business or freelancing, who needs to track hours worked by employees or contractors. This is why FreshBooks has better time tracking and favour more to solopreneur. You can also manage multiple businesses with the same account.


QuickBooks Vs. FreshBooks: Pricing Plan

QuickBooks online pricing plan varies with different pricing versions offering different features. Such as.

  • QuickBooks online simple start.
  • QuickBooks online essentials.
  • QuickBooks online plus.
  • QuickBooks self-employed.



  • Bank & credit card Integration

QuickBooks online avails you the ability to connect your bank with credit card accounts to all of their pricing plan.

  • Manage Accounts Payable

QuickBooks online plus allows you to manage all of your bills. This implies that you can enter your bills into Quick books and pay them with a credit card, debit card, or check whey they become due.

  • Give Other Users Access

Each QuickBooks plan avails you to include two or, ore users whereas FreshBooks allows you to include one user. On the other hand, QuickBooks online simple start includes one user and one accountant user, whereas QuickBooks online essential avails to include three users and two accountants and QuickBooks online plus avail to include five users and two accountant user.

  • Time Tracking

Time tracking methods avail the ability to keep track of the hourly employees and contractor spend on working on a particular project so that you can pay them accordingly. The time tracking method involves to assign a particular activity to a project or customer and choose whether to pay to the customers for the activity. This feature is available in the QuickBooks online essential and QuickBooks online plus.


  • Payroll Processing

QuickBooks was an invention of Intuit that has its own payroll processing feature. It integrates with QuickBooks online so that you can process payroll for your employee.


FreshBooks Pricing & Features

like QuickBooks online FreshBooks pricing plan also varies with the plan version it offers. such as,

  • FreshBooks Lite:
  • FreshBooks plus:
  • FreshBooks premium:


  • Bank & Credit Card Integration

Just like QuickBooks, FreshBooks allows you to connect your bank account and credit card at an unlimited rate. This feature avails you an advantage to save your time by eliminating manual data entry.


  • Manage Account Receivable

FreshBooks accounting application is popular for providing invoice feature to its customer. You can choose an invoice template and utilize it as logo accordingly by adding brand name & colour respectively. It also avails you a feature to jam customers payments.


  • Give Other Users Access

The other user’s access to FreshBooks is different from QuickBooks online plan. As in FreshBooks plan includes only one user and on the other hand, QuickBooks involves at least two users in its every online plan.


  • Time Tracking

One of the best features of FreshBooks is time tracking and it is much more robust than the QuickBooks time tracking feature. With this feature, you can manually handle or use the timer. You can invite employees and contractor and other clients who want to track their time, it gives a detailed report.


  • Payroll Processing

Like QuickBooks online FreshBooks online does not have its own payroll service. Moreover, it provides a number of a different application by which you can get a service for payroll processing. Such as Gusto. You can sign up for Gusto by installing it from the FreshBooks Apps Store.


QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks: Easy-to-use

Both the Accounting Software provides facilities and features which are somewhat useful to users holding a different pricing plan. Both QuickBooks online and FreshBooks online has a user-friendly interface that provides simple usage of language with easy accounting and bookkeeping program.

QuickBooks online easy-to-use

The QuickBooks online provides various features and simple understanding to accumulate users for easy interface. It is divided into five main sections that left menu bar, easy invoices, total expenses, profit and loss and sales. You can easily understand a different area of programs with the help of the left menu bar.


FreshBooks online easy-to-use

Similar to QuickBooks online, FreshBooks online provides you with the key information such as your account receivable balance, total profit, and a left menu bar by which you can easily program your other key information respectively.


QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks : Customer Service

Both the Accounting software provides a different and supportive channel to their users in terms of operating the application easily without any much hassle. Both the software have the ability to provide satisfaction to their customers with their supporting features to help their users need

QuickBooks – Customer Service

QuickBooks online provide top-notch service to its customer whenever needed whether its query or operating the program in the application. The most effective feature of QuickBooks online is a chat option by which a user can directly ask for a solution from the service agent.

Another feature that QuickBooks avail in their customer service is a phone call. You can call on the provided helpline number for any query regarding the same. However, you can also search your question on the QuickBooks learn & support page which includes articles and related tutorial videos to resolve your problems.


FreshBooks – Customer Service

like QuickBooks online, FreshBooks does not support the chat feature or phone call feature either. However, your problems can still be answered vis email. Yes, you can email your doubts and problem regarding FreshBooks online and they’ll respond you within 24 hours.


QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks: Integrations

both the online accounting software integrates with more than hundred of software programs. You can visit the app centre for both the accounting software to get entertain with other programs.

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks online integrate with over 600 software programs such as Gusto, Stripe, PayPal, Shopify etc. these are some fewer application from the app store. QuickBooks already has a feature of payroll processing service which is helpful when you are hiring the first employee or accept any online payment from the customers, you can simply on the payroll feature no other app is required.


FreshBooks Integration

FreshBooks online does not support too many software programs but 70. The most useful software program for FreshBooks Online is Gusto for payroll processing.

As FreshBooks does not have an in-built payroll service as QuickBooks has it has provided Gusto. By signing up to this application you can easily get access to all payroll programs.


QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks: Customer Review

Reviews are important in order to make the software better and more suitable for the users. Both the accounting software have received decent reviews in terms of facilities and program that they provide. Both the software has different reviews regarding their programs.


QuickBooks Customer Review

QuickBooks provides excelling customer service by enabling chat and phone call features to entertain their user’s problem regarding operate the programs and has an inbuilt payroll processing feature.

But, at the same time, it holds a negative part that says that the customer service team is a bit insufficient to greet their customers. As they do not respond on time and takes too long to answer any questions.


FreshBooks Customer Review

FreshBooks online accounting software is basically for small businesses. On the positive note where it provides any features like excellent invoicing and payment processing feature at the same time, on the negative note, the customers felt that the software lack quite many features which a small accounting software should have. Such as financial statement, payroll processing feature, and bank reconciliation.


Final Words

In a closure view both the accounting software QuickBooks online and FreshBooks online hold mix reviews and its difficult to draw a conclusion between the both in order to recommend in which software you should invest.

However, the QuickBooks online customers still hold better perspective than FreshBooks online accounting software. You can manage your financial assets in a much better way with QuickBooks online. As it provides a risk-free ride ahead to your bookkeeping.


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