10 general principles of basic web design for beginners

10 general principles of basic web design for beginners
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Making an excellent website is frequently challenging. People frequently use the internet to buy, order food, browse the websites of their universities, read articles from various websites, and perform various other tasks. A well-designed website can save a user’s day. Change must occur now. This post is perfect for you if you are planning to construct a website or currently have one but want to upgrade it. Web design is a field that is constantly evolving.

To stay current with the newest technologies and trends, a web design company must constantly learn new things and create. Have you ever questioned how popular websites like Wikipedia, BBC, and Amazon dominate search engine rankings despite the fierce competition? They have a sizable marketing budget but need something else to keep them at the top. The fact is that these websites apply some basic web design concepts to optimize their user experiences and search engine friendliness. All web designers should be aware of these guidelines, just like Denver Web Design Firmthey follow guidelines and the basic principles that we will share with you.

We’ll examine some of the most crucial guidelines in today’s post while building a website for your Atlanta web design company.

Here are the following 10 general principles of basic web design for beginners

Here are the following 10 general principles of basic web design for beginners

  1. Respectful, sincere, and enthusiastic

The use of social media has significantly changed oral and written communication. Visitors want interactions that are really “human.” Even the most significant international firms are now required to humanize their work. Every sentence, phrase, and headline must be truthful, respectful of the reader, and possess some magnetic element. In contrast to “hire a solar installer,” for instance, the phrase “put your roof to work” might be more likely to elicit a response. The underlying idea is that people value and seek honesty. Let people know who you are. Your business may participate in numerous charitable activities or donate time to organizations you support.

  1. Navigation

On websites, navigation is the wayfinding system users use to find what they are looking for in a web design company. Maintaining visitors on a website requires good navigation. Visitors will give up trying to use a website if the navigation is difficult and look elsewhere for what they need. The goal is to keep navigation clear, easy to use, and constant throughout each page.

  1. Images

The correct images for your website can help brand positioning and engage with your target audience because a picture is worth more than a thousand words. If you still need high-quality, professional photos, think about buying stock images to improve the appearance of your web design company. Infographics, movies, and images should also be used because they can communicate ideas far more clearly than even the best-written prose.

  1. Make use of the “F” pattern.

People are creatures of habit, including how we consume content. According to an eye-tracking study by Nielsen Norman Group, most of us scan websites for information in an F-shaped pattern. This means that the most significant headlines at the top of the page are read first, followed by a quick scan of any numbers, bullet points, or sidebars on the left side of the page, followed by another quick scan of the page for any bolded text or subheadings. To maintain the visual flow on a website, employing an “F” pattern includes imitating the eye’s natural path. Since conversion is the ultimate objective on landing and sales pages, this is particularly crucial.

  1. Refrain from making users think.

Even if consumers want what you’re selling, they will give up if they have to think too hard about utilizing your website or app. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s real. The key is recognizing the user’s potential needs before they become apparent. Say, for illustration, that you are creating a website for an online garment rental service. By employing icons to help users navigate their selections, you may improve the experience. Be straightforward and precise when communicating with your consumers so that even if they decide not to buy anything from you, they will at least enjoy their visit to your web design Atlanta Company.

  1. Grid-based planning

Grids support design organization and content organization. The grid makes the page look neat and aligns the elements. The grid-based layout improves a website’s appearance, organizing content into a neat, rigid grid structure with columns and sections that feel balanced and impose order in web design companies.

  1. Mobile responsive

It is crucial to consider if your website is mobile-friendly because viewing websites from various devices with different screen sizes is now typical. Suppose your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices. In that case, you have two options: rebuild it with a responsive layout (which means it will adapt to multiple screen sizes), or create a specific mobile site (a different website explicitly optimized for mobile users).

  1. Keep the visual hierarchy.

When we covered eye-scanning patterns and navigation, we briefly mentioned visual hierarchy. However, it merits its point because it’s such a crucial principle. The website design must be original and aesthetically beautiful, but it must also make sense. You must purposefully organize your material so the user can understand it, even subconsciously. A good example is this webpage for the Bitcoin mining firm CTSO. The navigation sidebar appears below the header text in the designer’s visual hierarchy. However, this is used to lead users through the many anchor points on the single-page homepage, not to divert them from the homepage.

    1. Enter the time

A website will lose visitors if you wait for it to load. Nearly half of website visitors anticipate that a page will load in two seconds or less, and they may leave if it takes more than three seconds. Optimizing picture sizes will speed up the loading of your website.

  1. Avoid using long text blocks.

You only have one chance to make an excellent first impression on a new website visitor. Making your brand proposition immediately evident to your audience is crucial. While your copywriting (the written content) plays a part in this, your web design company also has a significant impact. Because of this, you are employing large blocks of text on your website is discouraged, especially on the homepage. Your website may appear cluttered and disorganized, which can weaken the message associated with your brand.


Design concepts must be taken into account when creating a website. The creation and implementation of the website will balance these concepts by a competent web design company. This post helped you better understand web design companies and the concepts you should consider while creating a better website layout.

Thank you for reading!