Top Business Advantages Of Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Top Business Advantages Of Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
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Cloud services can be used by organizations around the world to reduce storage costs, improve decision-making abilities, streamline development workflows, and increase productivity. However, entrepreneurs usually struggle when it comes to finding the right cloud platform to meet their long-term goals as well as everyday challenges.

There is no denying that the cloud market is keeping up with the solid competition. From large companies to promising startups, so many companies pool resources and try their best to cut through the noise. But, despite such intense competition, Microsoft Azure cloud services are hands down the best of the lot. Microsoft Azure has proven its reliability over the years. To give you a better aerial view of the software, we have compiled a list of benefits that this supreme technology offers to modern-day businesses:

  • Improved scalability

Back in the day, when companies expanded, getting new infrastructure was a tiring and costly process. Microsoft Azure has made life a lot easier for businesses. The reason being, its physical infrastructure has been spread across all the continents, enabling faster access and replication to companies that want to expand outside of the US. Microsoft Azure uses elastic pools for data management systems to provide the same performance levels as companies would expect from local systems.

The unparalleled scalability also has a lot to do with the Azure Expert Managed Service Providers. Mind you, Microsoft does not partner with any service provider unless they match the steeping standards set up by Microsoft.

  • Freeing Businesses From On-Site Hardware Requirement

The cost of building and maintaining on-site data storage equipment can sweep away a huge chunk of your budget. What is more, business owners have to bear the hefty overhead costs along the way, coupled with understanding some business terms – Your business can eliminate the need to have on-site storage by migrating its data and apps to the cloud.

  • Robust Security

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft team developed the Azure cloud services using the industry-leading Security Development Lifecycles (SDL). Microsoft’s global data centers are designed to protect and secure data. You can also count on it to provide excellent compliance coverage, with over fifty compliance options.

Furthermore, the platform provides enterprises with a monitored and maintained infrastructure. It also offers off-site backups as well as a range of security measures, including patch management, security monitoring, and cryptographic protection messages. On top of that, Microsoft’s multi-layered security model helps enterprises protect themselves against DDoS attacks and malware.

  • Access To Superior Data Analytics

The wealth of data enterprises produces valuable insights. Data analytics can help unlock these insights. Today, among other things, an organization can use data analytics to personalize a marketing pitch to each customer. Consider the example of a clothing retailer that has both an online and physical presence. After crunching the data through social media channels, the brand could create targeted social media marketing campaigns that promote their e-commerce sales for products the customers are interested in.

Guess what? Microsoft Azure is equipped with integrated analytics solutions that process data to improve decision-making. With streamlined dashboards that track customer response duration, information processing, data flow, and data analysis, companies are able to improve their bottom line to a great degree. Advanced analytics empower small and large companies alike to categorize customers on the basis of their behavior. It will not only skyrocket the overall business revenue, but you will also end up pulling off a high customer satisfaction rate. Microsoft Azure includes Machine Learning (ML) features that can adapt to new approaches. The sophisticated technology also provides analysis tools to analyze and validate initiatives before they are released to the public.

  • Unmatched Availability

Microsoft Azure cloud services offer high availability and redundancy across its data centers, unlike many other cloud service providers. It is well-suited for companies with global reach as it operates in 55 countries and has access in 140 nations across the world. Microsoft’s massive presence allows it to offer a service level agreement that guarantees a staggering 99.95 percent availability, amounting to less than 4.5 hours per year.

  • Budget-Friendly

With this unique cloud solution, You do not have to pay upfront for resources. Instead, you can take advantage of the pay-as-you-use model. Do you want a server that has 12 CPU cores, 32GB memory, and SSD storage fast enough to run SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition? Well, you will be charged only for what you acquire.

This usage-based pricing structure reduces administrative costs and lowers overall infrastructure costs as well. It also helps to decrease the internal IT management burden. Microsoft offers a prompt 24-hour support service and knowledge base to help users with any issues.

  • Backing Up And Recovering Data

Companies spend an enormous amount of time creating their own data and information, which is often the key to competitive advantage in the market. Data loss due to disasters or threats can upset customers and might eventually lead to bankruptcy. We have seen this happening a lot in recent years. In fact, 90 percent of businesses without a disaster recovery plan are out of business within a year after a major catastrophe. That is where Microsoft Azure Cloud can save your day.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Azure Backup allows you to back up data to the Azure cloud. Backup is built on Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) and uses a Backup Service Vault that connects to Azure storage services. Azure Site Recovery is combined with backup, enabling you to replicate your data across multiple regions in case of a disaster. Backup and Site Recovery together can help you to create a comprehensive plan for data loss protection. The platform facilitates you to recover data from a windows-based virtual machine (VM) hosted in Azure or Windows VMs stored on-premises.

Cloud server with Microsoft Azure allows you to create and deploy servers across a large network of devices using innovative tools and frameworks. With cloud-enabled enterprise apps that are secure and scalable, Azure has revolutionized the way businesses go about their operations. If you want to override your competitors and become an industry expert, this is currently the best technology that can help you accomplish such a lofty goal.

Microsoft Azure stays on the top three list of cloud platform vendors. Cloud platform comparison shows that it is the most universal provider when it comes to customization and documentation.

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