Why Business Professionals Love Using Green Screen Backgrounds

Why Business Professionals Love Using Green Screen Backgrounds
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What do you know about green screen backgrounds? In the past, the term “green screen” was only used inside high-budget movie studios. But, due to the pandemic, video content is no longer an exclusive domain for filmmakers or content creators. All types of professionals are being asked by their companies to participate in virtual meetings, digital events, etc.

The availability of user-friendly video software and high-quality green screens has made it easy for workers to address these demands. However, if there’s one video production tool that every business professional loves, it’s green screens. In 2020, green screen sales increased by a whopping 600%. A lot of these buyers were business professionals.

Why are these tools so popular among business professionals? Let’s explore the key reasons.

The Urgent Need for Professional-Looking Backgrounds

The average professional will own a camera, a mic, and some basic lighting. But, employers can’t expect them to have professional-looking studios. Despite that, most top companies expect their employees to have professional-looking backgrounds at virtual meetings. That’s why many business professionals use green screens to create crisp backgrounds.

They use basic video-editing tools to replace the green background with crisp, high-definition images. Many professionals use green screens to hide inappropriate or unprofessional-looking backgrounds. The green screen ensures that the main focus of the video is the speaker and his or her message.

Travel, Without Traveling

Many companies delayed or permanently squashed their travel plans in 2020. Thankfully, the inability to travel didn’t affect people who use green screens. Business professionals frequently use green screens to create unique and exciting backgrounds in virtual meetings. These backgrounds often feature foreign locations and countries.

From the Sydney Opera House to Mount Everest – green screen users only need to click their mouse to travel. Plus, it doesn’t take sophisticated editing to make green screen backgrounds appear realistic. With very little effort, workers can transform their dull early morning routines into exciting travel-based discussions.

Speak with Target Customers While Promoting the Brand

Speak With Target Customers While Promoting The Brand

The biggest advantage of using green screens is the ability to unleash your creativity. Anyone can leverage green screen technology to make videos of higher quality. Workers can easily add multiple brand-related design elements to their videos while having virtual meetings with target customers.

Smart workers take these steps to promote their brands in virtual meetings or events –

  • They add multiple branding elements to the backgrounds of their videos.
  • They infuse certain branding elements that consistently remain on the videos for long periods.
  • Use recognizable texts, colors, and design elements in each video to generate brand awareness.

These types of steps make the masses associate certain colors, designs, or logos with the brand. Hence, brand awareness grows.

Long-Lasting Tools

Over the last two years, green screen technology has made immense progress. These tools are now available for the masses at highly cost-effective rates. The controlled atmosphere in front of green screens is addictive. Once professionals use green screen technology, they stop using virtual backgrounds, fake backgrounds, and other low-quality tools.

Green screens are cheap, easy to use, and help workers significantly boost the quality of their videos. That’s why all professionals love these tools!


Unlike regular video, virtual meetings and digital events require the use of a photo-realistic environment. The background must make it appear like participants are in the same physical location. Using green screens is the best way to achieve this goal because they allow users to create custom backdrops behind their video characters. For example, if a participant from California is talking to someone located in New York, they can use a green screen to place themselves on an ocean-view beach backdrop.

Participants will also benefit from using virtual meeting software because it allows them to add pre-made icons and images to their video backgrounds. These features create a better sense of connection between people who are working together remotely.


The second reason why business professionals love using green screens is that they can use them to create a seamless background for their video or virtual meeting. Since the user only needs to worry about placing themselves in front of the camera, it’s much easier to create a wide range of video content without having to worry about making white walls or blue backdrops look presentable.

It’s cheap and easy for companies to set up their own green screens because there are free software tools that can be downloaded online. Plus, they can create custom backdrops rather than buying expensive stock images that will only be used once.


A third reason why business professionals love green screens is that they can create a professional-looking space at home or in an office. It’s no secret that having a meeting inside of an average-looking house or outside on the lawn doesn’t generate the same level of trust as a business meeting.

The ability to replace the background with a custom video backdrop is one of the main reasons why green screens are popular among people who work from home or independently. In 2020, it’s estimated that 24% of all workers will be freelancers and contractors because flexible work opportunities have been rising for years.

Green Screen Backgrounds Have A Low Cost

The fourth and final reason why business professionals love using green screens is because of the low cost. The average liability for renting a large green screen video booth can range from $150 to $350. This price might be prohibitively expensive or unaffordable for small businesses that want or need to produce a video for a marketing campaign or virtual event.

However, users can overcome this obstacle by purchasing their own green screens for less than $50 on sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. In fact, thousands of individuals purchased these tools in 2020 because they were tired of having to rent expensive studio spaces every time, they wanted to create a new promotional video.

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