Why Are Gamers Moving From Console to PC?

Why Are Gamers Moving From Console to PC?
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PC Or Bust

In the past, most console gamers have been steadfast; console ONLY. PC gamers have been just as firm about their commitment to the keyboard. Console versus PC is a battle for the ages, and it’s been raging for decades. Consoles were a fixture in many homes, long before computers were even cost-effective enough for the average consumer to own. Back in the 60s and 70s, when computer scientists were developing the first “video games,” you can bet they had no idea what an enormous industry gaming would become. The industry, overall, is forecast to become worth a mind-blowing 256.97 billion US dollars by the time 2025 rolls around, up from 90 billion in 2020.

While console games currently sell better than PC games, statistically speaking, the fact remains that more and more loyal console gamers are jumping ship into the deep blue waters of PC gaming. PC gaming offers you many things that console gaming does not: the ability to play for money games like a game, graphics that are leaps and bounds ahead, the option to build your own setup, and the list goes on. Let’s take a look at why more console gamers are switching over to PC than ever before.

PC Or Bust

Controller Options

Each console has its own set of controllers that you’ll need to get used to if you switch around a lot. One of the biggest reasons that players are switching from console to the computer is the fact that most keyboards are pretty much the same in terms of layout. For the console gamers switching to PC, who still want to keep a little of that old console feeling, there is a myriad of joysticks and controllers available for PC gaming as well, most of which are usable across any game that offers those control options.

Comparatively, the response times you’ll have when using a mouse and keyboard versus using a controller are much better when you’re playing MOBAs or any game that requires you to react and respond to in-game elements quickly. Playing a first-person shooter with a mouse is far superior to playing with a controller: this is also in terms of response and accuracy. A keyboard also offers up far more options for mapping your controls. While controllers have this option as well, there are significantly fewer options for you to use. When it comes to racing games and platformers, you might be wise to save up for that controller you’ve been eyeing.


No console gamer, however dedicated, has ever been able to successfully argue that console graphics are better than PC. The hardware available to purchase for PC is just so much more advanced than what comes in the average console. While consoles are moving towards being more interchangeable, PCs are already there; there’s no need to wait. Not only is the graphics hardware up to you, but the quality of the graphics in many games is also adjustable in-game. Usually, there’s a simple set of options: high, medium, or low. This gives PC gamers with vastly different setups the opportunity to play the same game. If your monitor and machine are both powerful enough, the difference can be a little overwhelming. Keep an eye on what your machine can handle in terms of graphics, or you may risk losing on the performance front.

Game Availability

This is a touchy subject for many console gamers, and it should be. It’s been true for decades that there are simply more games available for PC than there are for consoles. The margin is huge, big enough to cause a large number of defections to the dark side; that’s PC gaming. Even the platforms from which PC gamers can purchase games vastly outnumber the ones for console gamers. While you might need to have a few different clients installed to be able to play all these games, the minimal inconvenience far outweighs the huge inconvenience of simply not having access to them.

Mod Support

Modifications, or mods, are tweaks and user-created content that change how a game works. Being able to mod a game adds hours of joy not only creating the mod but also being able to use the game in a way that more specifically suits your tastes. If you’re in the mood to play a few more zombie maps in a game like Call of Duty or to play on a reasonable dialog interface, rather than the factory one in Fallout 4, you can, if you have the skills. For console gamers, the options to mod games are few and far between, compared with the availability on PC. If you’re a tinkerer at heart, PC is the place for you.

Mod Support

Build Your Own Machine

While this does require a degree of understanding and knowledge, building your own machine in console gaming is not even a remote possibility. You can customize everything about your PC to suit your needs. This is yet another way in which PC gaming is perfect for tinkerers and those who like custom options.

Wrap Up

If you were already on the edge, we know that our list of PC gaming plusses will have pushed you over! Will you be picking out a PC sometime soon?

Thank you for reading!