What is a Lag? Top 3 reasons your ping is so high!

What Is A Lag Top 3 Reasons Your Ping Is So High!
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When was the last time you got mad at someone? How bad was it? Let’s put it this way, have you ever cried in anger? If not, then let us walk you through a scenario. We are sure you’ll be able to relate.

Imagine you are in the middle of a very intense game. The fighter jets have set off, and your character dressed in green and brown is all ready to take the enemy down when all of a sudden, your screen starts to act funny, and your game begins to lag.

You start questioning your inner self; did I just waste two precious hours of my life playing a game that did not satisfy my competitive instincts? Well, at this point, we would recommend you put an end to the feelings of self-pity and start wondering about what’s going on at the backend of your network.

However, before doing that, you will need to have proper know-how of the parts that are involved in your computer’s link to the internet. You will also need to understand their influence on your gameplay. Listed below are the three popular reasons why gamers face issues like high ping and lagging while playing their favorite games online.

  1. The quality of your internet service provider
  2. The speed of your internet connection
  3. Faulty bandwidth

We will be discussing all of these factors in detail, but first, let us start with the basic knowledge. Keep reading to enlighten yourself with the factors that can help you in solving your gaming issues.

What do we mean by Ping?

Ping is the measure of the time it takes between a player’s input and the server’s response. More specifically, it refers to the time it takes for a gaming server to recognize an action you do in your game or for the server to accept your input and reply to you. Your ping will increase with the amount of time it takes, and your game will load more slowly as a result.

Milliseconds, or ms, are used to describe ping. A ping of 20ms or less is typically regarded as ideal for a flawless gaming experience. 50 to 70 ms would also be regarded as suitable for online gaming, but anything beyond that may cause latency in your game. If your ping is greater than 100 to 250 ms, your game will be severely hampered and unplayable.

Who is to be blamed for your high ping?

Who Is To Be Blamed For Your High Ping

  1. Quality of your ISP

Choosing an internet service provider is a very sensitive matter. Selecting the right ISP can make your life a lot easier. We also need to understand that internet service providers do not always provide the same attributes and characteristics, and there are several other elements that one needs to consider before choosing an ISP. Like price, dependability, accessibility, information, etc.

Providers like Grande can make your lives simpler; with amazing internet speeds, great customer service, and affordable prices. If you live in the Texas area and are fed up with your frozen computer screens and lagging games, then we would recommend you to check out grande communications Odessa tx, for a better and more efficient gaming experience. To know more about ping and why it is so important to a gamer, let us move on to the basics of it all.

  • Recognize the variations in download and upload speeds

Upload speeds measure how rapidly you can send data to other people, while download speeds measure how quickly data is taken from the server. While download speeds are crucial, upload speeds are more crucial since low latency (or low ping) relies on strong upload rates. Response times and game performance are more affected by upload speeds than download speeds.

  1. Speed of your ISP

The speed of your internet connection can greatly influence your latency. What we are trying to say is that a greater connection rate will aid you in transmitting and receiving information and data at a faster speed, hence downgrading your ping. Similarly, a slower speed can lead to greater latency or ping. And this, as a result, makes lag more distinguishable when competing online.

Cable, as well as fiber connections, provide increased speeds and low latency. In addition to this, a dialup link having a 56k modem, for example, will essentially have a greater ping in comparison to a fine broadband connection.

  • What is the alternative, then?

A fixed-in-place, wired connection facilitates a compatible flow of information and data, leading to lower ping and trouble-free gameplay. Moreover, it makes sure that other systems are not utilizing the internet simultaneously and using up the bandwidth.

Several internet service providers will provide some alternatives for connection speeds at dissimilar rates. So in case you are unable to improve your connection speed via your present ISP, then you do have the option of changing your ISP and choosing the one that offers greater speeds For professional gameplay, it is necessary to have a high-speed internet connection or fiber connection –lags in gameplay are a big NO for a gamer.

  1. Insufficient bandwidth

The amount of bandwidth required for gaming is less crucial than other factors. You must, in any case, ensure that you have access to enough bandwidth to meet your needs. For instance, you must make sure you have enough upload bandwidth if you plan to broadcast video games. Players who play on the professional level need a higher bandwidth as they are not just into the gameplay but maybe live with friends and many others while on the game. The same can be said for multi-player games, which include a hub of gamers playing the same game from around the world within a connected hub like PUBG. Thus, an inadequate bandwidth will affect how long it takes data to be transferred and subsequently received during the gameplay, a higher bandwidth ensures the whole process goes on smoothly without any issues. However, for small phone-enabled games, a lower bandwidth works too.

Final words

We hope this article was helpful and aided you in understanding the basics of ping. We hope that after reading the article, you will be able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience and might impress your fellow gamers with your knowledge about ping efficiency and how it improves the gameplay by miles. Good luck!

Thank you for reading!