What Are Instagram Restrictions and How to Overcome Them

Instagram Action Block Prevention
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Have you ever had a grand old time scrolling through Instagram content and found to your horror, that you’ve been restricted? Thankfully, this occurrence is not the end of your social media career. You can quickly fix this problem in various ways with the help of proxies and a bit of know-how.

There are various reasons why Instagram will place a restriction on your account. It’s best to understand why this phenomenon happens and how you can prevent it. Then, we’ll delve a bit deeper by telling you the easy steps to fix these errors should you already find yourself cut off from your favorite social platform. So, let’s jump right in and find out more about action block Instagram errors and how a proxy from a provider like Smartproxy can help!

What Are the Action Block Instagram Triggers?

An action block Instagram error is a restriction placed on your account that prevents you from commenting and liking certain content. You can also only post new content when your account is unrestricted. So, why does this happen?


The platform will restrict your account when you’re too active. It’ll restrict actions such as unfollowing or following methods with various applications, posting duplicate comments, or reposting the same message numerous times.

Violating Guidelines and Policies

The platform has certain guidelines and is strict in implementing them. It disallows all forms of hate speech, fake news banned hashtags, and more. The app will restrict your account if you violate any of the platform’s Terms of Service policies. If you continually violate these rules your account might even get permanently banned.

Logging in With Various IPs and Devices

The app will block you if you log into the platform from a different IP address or device and can’t confirm your email or SMS code. The app will block your profile and protect it since it assumes that your account is under attack from hackers. It’s crucial to set up two-factor authentication to enable optimal security.

The Age of Your Account

The age of your profile has an impact on the number of actions you’re allowed. This means that as a new Instagrammer, you’ll have more limitations imposed on your account. Accounts that are less than three months old should be managed cautiously. It’s advised that you should gradually increase your activity bit by bit. This will avoid your account from getting flagged as suspicious.


The application tracks all activity on the platform. The application will reduce your daily limitations and actions allowed on the platform if you aren’t a very active user. If this happens, you should also gradually increase your activity weekly. This is recommended so that your account doesn’t get flagged as suspicious.


Automation is a fantastic invention, especially for business purposes. However, you may fall victim to an action block Instagram error if it’s misused. It’s best to mix the different types of actions when setting up your automation settings.

Additionally, you should comment on other users’ posts manually and follow other users automatically. You’ll then be able to later unfollow them gradually without the use of any tools.

What Are the Action Block Instagram Types?

Now, let’s quickly look at the types of restrictions you may encounter.

Instagram Action Block Types And Durations


Typically, a temporary block can occur when you violate Instagram Community Guidelines or due to overactivity. These types of blocks will only last 24 hours.


In this scenario, you’ll get a notification that your account has been disabled, and you’ll be permanently removed from the social platform.

No Expiration Date

No expiration date blocks occur when you receive a notification stating that your action was blocked and you should try again later. This restriction doesn’t expire and generally will be lifted within several hours but can take up to a few weeks.

Expiration Date

This type of block occurs when you’ve shared your account with another service in an attempt to get more followers. This is a violation of the community guidelines. You’ll get a notification stating when the block will expire. Usually, these types of blocks expire between 24 to 48 hours.

Best Tips to Overcome Restrictions

There are several actions you can take to overcome a restriction. Firstly, you should always follow the community guidelines on the platform. If you still find that you get a restriction, you can reinstall the application. Alternatively, you can change your network connection or report the problem.

However, if all else fails, you can install a proxy on your device. A proxy will give you access to thousands, sometimes millions, of IPs, ethically sourced from various verified devices from different locations worldwide.

Having access to numerous IP addresses that comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will allow you to appear to be an average user no matter what you do on the platform. This minimizes the chances of your IP address getting flagged as suspicious. It’s especially handy if you tend to be overactive in specific activities.

A proxy can also be paired with most Instagram bots and automation tools. You can pair with Gramista, Gramdominator, Instmacro, and many more. Make sure that when you choose a proxy provider, you always consider reliable ones. Don’t opt for free ones as they’ll still get your account flagged and might even get it banned. Using a free proxy also opens you up to other security issues.

To Wrap Things Up

Action block Instagram errors can be avoided if you follow the above prevention tips to stop them from getting triggered in the first place. However, our best recommendation for today is to install a proxy to overcome these restrictions more permanently. It’s your best option to ensure you’ll remain actively scrolling and engaging on the platform.

Thank you for reading!

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