Ways Apps Can Help in Keeping You Motivated

Ways Apps Can Help In Keeping You Motivated
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In the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, most of us have a monotonous life, and one needs some motivation to keep healthy and wealthy. Whether you want to stick to a healthy diet plan, plan for workouts at home, or want some directions to stay motivated and focused. Experts say that the key to accomplishing all your goals is accountability. And it is the most challenging task to stick with new habits and resolutions. Do not worry! We have got you covered. All you require at this time is a smartphone!

We have gathered together a list of smartphone apps ranging from cooking and home training to habit tracking and meditation. These are the most useful apps that offer revelation and advice to keep you motivated and productive in your daily tasks. So, have a look and stay happy.

Personal Trainer Apps

Our list of Personal Training Apps has some distinguished apps related to staying motivated and living-focused. Habit tracking apps, home workout training apps, and cooking apps. So, dive in to find the best one for you.

Apps to Assist You in Staying Motivated


It is a research-proven fact that most of us get motivated by inspirational quotes and ancient proverbs spoken by influential people. Listening or reading to these quotes is indeed the best way to invigorate your passions and feelings with words conversed by the most influential people and dreamers of the globe. DailyQuote is a free mobile application. And the users will receive daily an empowering proverb or quote that strengthens their daily endeavors.


What could be better than envisioning your dreams? Visualizing the dreams can support making them a genuine reality. DreamItAlive is an app that creates a dream board in digital format. The dream board showcases the most magnificent goals and envisions the completion of dreams for the user. As if we can see it, we are notably more inclined to take it to completion.


iWish is an app that provides the user with lots of ideas. When you have some leisure time, start speculating about life objectives and dreams via iWish. The app is inspiring as it provides numerous ideas that help users set goals and track their progress and achievements. The significant features offer the perfect organization because of the to-do lists, reminders, and priorities. Users can also design mission statements and vision boards to stay motivated.

I Am

Positive affirmations and declarations are significant to jazz up the dull life routines. And I Am is the app that provides you the inspiration and positive, motivating affirmations throughout your day.

I Am app is a refreshing experience for its users. The app provides customization of setting reminders as per the user requirement. With lots of varieties, the app has a long list of topical declarations. All affirmations are best to alleviate the dull mood of the user into a cherished smile.

Apps That Help the Users to be Focused

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People who want to approach their life matters in a new way via meditation. Headspace app will assist in refocus and address life matters more mindfully. It provides the users greater space to explore their passions and dreams. Headspace is the app created with the mission statement, “brilliant things happen in calm minds.” And no one can deny the fact that a peaceful mind is more productive than a restless mind.


For people who perform better with short breaks, PomoDoneApp is an ideal app for them. PomoDoneApp is a productivity app that instructs the user to put their mind on the current task for a given period of time. In normal circumstances, the time is ten minutes. And after completing the job, the user gets rewarded with a small break.

The app features customization that compiles a personalized to-do list for each user, accessible easily in the app. Later it uses the timer to hit each task simultaneously. Whether you want help concentrating on work, daily mundane activities, or school. The PomoDoneApp is the best choice for you.


Whose message on the phone? What is that noise? If you are a person with the same distraction level, the Noisli app is for you. It has a collection of numerous sounds ranging from white noise all the way to the calm seaside and a crackling bonfire. The app allows the user to be in a distraction-free environment. Users can pick from a blend of different noises to keep themselves in a state of zen.

Habit Monitoring and Tracking Apps

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Coachme is a habit monitoring and tracking app that assists users in setting their goals. The app will keep users on the right track simply by illustrating their progress reports. It also provides some useful tips that can help the user get succeed. Additionally, users will get the assistance of a similar dreamer community. Furthermore, if your idea could use a lift, try the paid version. In the paid version, users will get real-time access to coaches that are real.


For people who look for a mobile application that needs minimal stress, this app is the right one. It uses the minimal time to track your activities in a day. Users can recognize and change some habits that are potentially holding them back.

Users can fully personalize any of their goals to achieve in their life. Users will get powerful suggestions and reminders for staying motivated. The app allows you to monitor negative and positive trends over time, all created to encourage the user to make modifications to help in self-improvement.

Habit Share

Why do you adhere to a set goal firmly when you can ask others to keep you vigilant? You don’t have to now. HabitShare is an app that tracks your social habits. It enables users to join and share their habits with family and friends for more accountability and motivation. The app features include schedule notes, personalized pages, and options to share progress with family and friends!

Home Workout Training Applications

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7-Minute Workout

With a fast-paced life, it becomes challenging to reserve daily 30 minutes for exercise or body training. Now one can compress in our daily workout training in just seven minutes. You don’t have to make excuses anymore. The Seven apps provide no-equipment seven-minute training sessions. These sessions are peculiarly designed under expert trainer guidance and will make you sweat within one minute.


Whether you have never practiced yoga or not, DailyYoga gives a diversity of classes and poses that cover almost all fitness levels. There are a variety of session timings. Pick from a session as short as five minutes to longer sittings extending to 70-minute. The app has a mission to proffers all options that fit the lifestyle of the user.

8Fit App

For people working on their eating habits and fitness, 8Fit will provide full help to assist them in their fitness and wellness journey. The app features customization and provides no-equipment workout regimes ranging from fifteen to twenty minutes. The user also gets the benefits of meal plans, nutrition guidance, and additional wholesome tools to achieve their targets.

Best Cooking Apps

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The Big Oven App

For food lovers who love to try something new, the BigOven app is the perfect app for you. It gives users more than 350,000 varieties of recipes. Keep yourself at the top of planning user meals and with a simple meal director function. And its grocery list is an add-on for organizing respective groceries. Have any leftovers to manage? It can assist with that as well! If a user wants to gain motivation from what others have been creating, the app has features that enable the users to take a peek at what others are stirring up.

All Recipes Dinner Spinner Application

The app features more than fifty thousand recipes, and food lovers can check Allrecipes to relish some flavorsome treats. Not confident about what to prepare for lunch? The app suggests a single fast spin! Swipe off a recipe that you do not find palatable.

The app proffers enjoyable cooking guide videos that will make everything easy for anyone, be it a newbie or a professional cook.


Whether you are a professional chef or setting off to the kitchen for the first time, SideChef will definitely have a recipe tailor-made for you. It has twenty-five hundred recipes to relish. Every recipe has an easy-to-understand guide. Users will gain something to satisfy their taste buds. Users can enjoy integrated timers and voice guidance for a memorable experience. The social feature empowers the users to connect with like-minded people.

Final Thoughts and Take Away

Everything has changed due to technological advancements and the current COVID-19 situation. Time is indeed challenging for many of us. And to keep in pace with daily life routine and achieve set goals, one needs some assistance and support. For modern problems, technology and digitization provide advanced solutions. We have provided you the some of the best-sorted apps that ensure positivity in your daily life routine.

Managing yourself inspired, motivated, and focused could be a perplexity. With our carefully selected and simple apps, you can fulfill all your goals, and these apps will make your routine work much more peaceful and efficient. There are infinite other apps that you could employ for a similar purpose. We believe these apps will do the cover for you as they did for numerous people.




Thank you for reading!