Video Marketing: 5 Ways To Boost Social Engagement Using Video

Video Marketing: 5 Ways To Boost Social Engagement Using Video
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Video marketing has now become an essential campaign for every business today. With video content taking over the majority of internet traffic this year, companies are now focusing on using this type of content to help boost their marketing efforts. You can go to video marketing agency Indiana for more information.

Since video is a highly visual format, it allows companies to share what they do to generate greater results and more social shares than other types of content. There are many ways businesses can leverage the power of video marketing for their campaign, including increasing website traffic, bringing in more qualified leads, creating brand engagement, and boosting customer consideration in making a purchase.

The right kind of content is key to converting visitors into long-term clients or customers that help your business scale new heights. And when it comes to leveraging upon this medium for your business needs, nothing outperforms video in terms of its potential to generate great results.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

If you are still not using this powerful tool for your marketing campaign, here are some of the benefits that video marketing can offer your business:

Increase traffic to your website

According to a study, users spend 88% more time browsing on websites that have videos and as the world is becoming more visual, with over 100 hours of videos being uploaded every single minute, it is now essential for brands to include this mode of communication in their social media strategy. This way, businesses can generate more website traffic as a result of using marketing videos.

Boost brand engagement

Video is the most powerful form of digital communication between business and audience. And according to one-third of US consumers, company videos are an important factor in influencing their purchase decision. Companies that use video content receive greater engagement than those that don’t.

According to Wyzowl, a well-crafted video can boost your brand’s recall and make people more likely to purchase and get the word out about your brand. Creating quality content across social media channels is also a great way to boost your brand awareness. Consider hiring a corporate video production company to help you create a winning video that will keep your customers engaged across all platforms.

Generate more leads and sales

Video has emerged as one of the most powerful tools for creating an emotional connection with potential customers, helping brands drive sales and build a loyal customer base. Companies using video can enjoy more web traffic from search engine results, which is now essential for businesses to invest in this essential tool to help their content stand apart from the competition.

5 Ways Video Marketing Helps Increase Social Engagement

Generate More Leads And Sales

The thing is that you can’t just make any kind of marketing video and expect good returns from it. If you want to optimize your marketing efforts by increasing your connection with your audience, here are some tips on how you can use video for your website:

  1. Create product demos

No other format gives you control over what you want to show and say as effectively as a good demo does. Delivering product or service information through a demo video can help you win more customers as it creates a lasting impression of your company on them.

Product videos allow customers to increase their consideration into buying your product. With this type of content format, companies can display the specification, features, and benefits of their products even better than using typical textual campaigns.

  1. Provide training and support

Customers and users sometimes need some extra hand-holding, especially if they are not familiar with your products or services. So, offer tutorials, customer support-related videos, and other kinds of training videos to help prospects understand how they can benefit from your product without spending too much time and effort on this task.

This is especially true if you provide products or services that people aren’t familiar with. For example, non-tech geeky customers will find it difficult to comply with the product instruction if it’s only presented in a complicated, wordy source. On the other hand, visual content like images and videos are easy to catch up with when they encounter difficult terms around your products.

  1. Showcase your expertise and authority in the industry

If you want to establish yourself as an authority in the industry, sharing expertise videos that highlight what you do best is an excellent way to boost brand awareness. This kind of content helps people see what you know about your area of expertise and how you can help them solve their problems quickly and easily, which makes it a must-have for every business today.

When you show your expertise in public, people and those who barely know about your business can get a great, first impression of what you do. In that regard, displaying the brand’s authority on social media can boost a greater impression and engagement. Hence, increasing the public’s trust in your brand.

  1. Share product updates and announcements

Social engagement is all about maintaining connections with your followers and general audience on your social media channels and other platforms. That means you need to provide content to keep them engaged.

You can share videos about product updates, deal announcements, and any other event that may be of interest to your customer base. Just remember not to overdo it, as this tactic can quickly wear out if used too frequently. A simple reminder or seasonal greeting would be enough most of the time, so choose wisely when you want to share such content with your viewers.

  1. Showcase your brand personality

Video is the best tool for showcasing your brand personality and its core values and benefits in a way that truly touches people’s hearts and minds. So, whether it is through your employees or popular customers, video is the perfect medium to convey your company’s personality and help people connect with you on a personal level.

Brands can incorporate a company culture or behind-the-scene video to tell their audience how they work on a daily basis. This form of content can spark the audience’s curiosity about your company, which is essential for building brand awareness and loyalty.


Video marketing is truly one of the most effective strategies for connecting with your target audience in an impactful way. When it comes to leveraging this content format, nothing matters than understanding what the audience really wants to see from you. That’s why making marketing videos alone won’t make any difference if you don’t offer solutions to your customers’ problems. In such cases, when you need to promote your company it will be highly effective to hire a professional  brand video production.

After all, every business owner aims to gain more customers through effective marketing efforts. And when it comes to small businesses, video marketing is the best way to achieve their goals faster and with less effort by tapping into this powerful medium of communication. That’s because video marketing can cut through the clutter, reach, and engage with people who may not have otherwise heard about you.


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