How To Transform Your Old Smartphone into Security Camera?

How To Transform Your Old Smartphone As A Security Camera
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This guide will help you transform your old smartphone into a security camera. The world is advancing in the digital world very rapidly. The one significant growth is of the smartphone. Now every month, a new smartphone launches with some extra facilities. Many of us technology lovers and regularly change their handset in nearly six months or a year.

So, what to do with our previous device? As they have not become entirely useless. Selling these old phones for a fractional discount on your new device is not thoroughly recommended. Instead, you can make some fair use of it. One of the best uses is to transform it into a security camera for your home. 

You have to follow a few steps to do so. 

Install a four-star rated security camera app on your smartphone. 

Security Camera

It helps in remote access to your device. Services like streaming and cloud computing are readily available where you can upload the data. You can also use special coupons from Hotozcoupons to have some discounts. You can again buy a unique camera for this purpose. It helps to view the data from anywhere present in the world. Just an internet connection is required.  

Free security apps are giving you a remote view of the live feed and get motion detection alerts. Some apps also provide you with two-way audio feeds. It would help if you used both the rear and front camera. Moreover, other notable features of these apps are zoom capabilities and higher-resolution video recording.

The multi-purpose apps include several non-security features. For instance, you can find a car locator, GPS tracker, and capability of locating your smartphone.

Next step

Now, after choosing the app, you can deal with your new smartphone. With this device, you may turn on and off notifications, set the camera name, add the names of authentic persons, enable low-light filtration, and know the frequency of disconnections.

Thus, after getting the above task done, you can access all the security facilities via your new device. IP webcam is the most favorite app for this work. You will get it on both Android and iOS. Just start the app, sign in with Google, and you are all set to go. 

Pick a good location for the positioning of your camera. 

Transform Your Old Smartphone

As you have installed the best app, you can now identify the location to place the smartphone. Selecting a suitable place to install the camera setup is one of the most crucial steps. It should not be prone to events that can damage the setup. Decides which part of the area you want to monitor. It can either be a front or back gate or maybe the living room. You can search for some waterproofing materials for your cameras. 

Dealvoucherz is a famous online website which provides magnificent offers on the best quality products. You can save money on every deal from this website.  

Depending on the mobile cameras, some sites can work better. For instance, while it is an “ancient” device, its cameras are not as good as the new ones. Moreover, they may not cover a larger scene to capture the footage. Thus, you must always ensure that your smartphone positioning helps in capturing every detail.

Another factor vital for you to is lighting. The presence of proper lighting is highly essential to have clear footage. Without lighting, you cannot detect the motion of any stranger in your premises.

If you have many old phones, one more app can connect all the cameras as one. It will help you monitor a place from various multiple angles. Do not install the camera too far away as the resolution of the recording will deprive. 

Power support to the security camera

The next and final step after fixing your camera’s positions on a specific and secure place is a power source.

You need to provide a constant power supply to prevent the complications of power off. Also, some external wide-angle lenses will enhance the video capturing field.

Power support to the security camera

As your mobile is a battery-operated device, you have to ensure that you have plugged it into the outlet. The battery should have power all 24 hours, especially when you need to capture video footage continuously. Moreover, you must know that the mobile is close to the Wi-Fi setup of your house. It helps in streaming and storing footage to another device. For instance, the old phone, working as a security camera, can send footage to the leading mobile or the cloud platform. You will automatically receive notifications.

It is also better to buy a long charging cable while the position of your mobile is away from the electrical power source.

Streaming and computing services need a consistent power supply. So, it’s good to place the setup near the power setup. The use of a USB cable will come in handy to maintain the flow.

You have to decide on the way of mounting your mobile. Some of us think of leaning it against a pile of books. Others purchase a smartphone tripod. However, a smartphone stand will provide the ultimate stability to the setup. There are mounts with adjustable legs, which will efficiently serve your purpose.

Buying a good quality of the above-listed items is a must.

Transform Your Old Smartphone As A Security Camera Conclusion 

So that’s it. You are all ready to go to make your old smartphones work as a security camera. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and creatively utilize your old product.

Your old phone is no more a piece of junk. You can find value in this old device. Take your old mobile out of the drawer, and instead of selling it, you can reuse them. You may have already installed a security system outside your house. However, have you installed any security device in your room? In this case, you can rely on your old smartphone working as a security camera. You may find it easy to monitor your baby and other activities using this phone. Download How To Transform Your Old Smartphone As A Security Camera mp3 file

How To Transform Your Old Smartphone into Security Camera? FAQs

Can hackers see you through your phone camera?

Yes, it can be, but not all cameras can be hacked.

Can WIFI camera work without internet?

You can use your camera without the internet. Your camera will “Plug-and-Play”.

Can you tell if your phone is hacked?

You notice something you don’t did it on your phone:
1. Apps you didn’t download,
2. Messages you didn’t send
3. Purchases you didn’t make
4. Suspicious phone calls
5. Your phone works slow.

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