Top Tips to Improve Instagram Aesthetics and Double Your Followers

Top Tips to Improve Instagram Aesthetics and Double Your Followers
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You are on Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing social media site and the favorite of several brands. It is 2021 and IG is not just about posting your selfies; it is beyond that. Today, Instagram is a powerful social media app for businesses, influencers, designers, artists, bloggers, travelers, and more. They upload stunning photos and videos on IG to increase their likes and followers. Thanks to the Millennials, who use smartphones and shop on Instagram or just love viewing the stunning content on this platform.

Instagram is about aesthetics and there is no place for mediocrity when it comes to image or video quality. No matter whether you are a brand or a designer, you need to post exclusive and the best content on Instagram to increase your followers.

According to an article published on, there are several ways to build your brand on IG and double your follower count. Using Canva to design photos, ensuring a style pattern in your Instagram account, and using videos and live streaming are a few things you can do to boost follower count.

In this article, you will learn about how to improve your Instagram aesthetics and maximize your followers and likes. Here is how:

Stick to a consistent color scheme

First things first, you need to think of a consistent color palette or scheme before you start worrying about advanced engagement and Instagram hashtags. It will help to make your IG photos and videos as one curated compilation instead of a haphazard collection of detached moments. A few Instagrammers who have a huge following use consistent colors to make their presence felt on this social media platform. You need to do the same no matter whether your passion is food or lifestyle.

Stick To A Consistent Color Scheme
Example of consistent color scheme

You can stick to greens, blues, slates, and whites to bring about some consistency in colors concerning your Instagram posts. Then, that does not imply you cannot choose warm or bold colors. You should use bright colors to make your Instagram feed pop.

Again, lighting conditions make a significant impact on your Instagram posts. You can use pink to make your IG profile more aesthetically sound. Besides using similar color palettes, you also need to use the same lighting conditions.

You have used consistent color schemes and lighting conditions, but now you need to focus on the filters you use for your IG posts. Make sure you use similar filters and apps for all your posts. It is a good practice because 18 percent of all IG photos have filters.

The best and most preferred filter is Claredon because it brightens and accentuates your Instagram photos and at the same time incorporating, some understated depth as well as saturation to your IG image.

Gingham, Lark, and Juno are some of the other filters that you can use, but avoid being tied down by these Instagram filters alone. You can experiment and never know that you can discover a new filter that adds to the aesthetics of your Instagram visuals. With the best, stunning photos on Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers like never before.

Edit Instagram photos before you share them

Edit Your PhotosDid you know that you could take photos like a professional using your smartphone? To be candid, it is common practice on Instagram. You need not use an expensive DSLR camera only to click pictures for your Instagram profile. Then, you need to edit your photos before you upload them. It is an essential process of Instagramming and you cannot avoid it.

Sometimes, you may click a photo and it looks awesome on Instagram without any editing. Then, that is a rare scenario and does not happen with all your images. You will find loads of apps these days to help you edit your Instagram photos and make them look stunning.

Use your creativity to make composite photos, these look extremely imaginative and appealing to your followers when they are scrolling through the visuals.

Make sure you edit the photos before opening the IG app. Some experts of Instagram use Color Story, an app that improves your visuals significantly even if that means lightening your photo a little.

Some Instagrammers like spot editing and do not use filters. They edit the photos on the spot using tools like Snapseed. You can share high-contrast photos by bumping down the ambiance to create contrasting images to make them stand out from the rest.

Include a theme for your Instagram photos

Just like adding a consistent color scheme to your IG images, you need to stick to a theme. As far as a theme is concerned, it is beyond a subject matter. It means staying honest to specific composition principles on Instagram. Focusing on a theme will help you to build your audience, work on the hashtags, let you stay on track, and increase your follower count.

You need to think of a niche such as food or lifestyle and build a theme around them. Your Instagram photos in such a case will include travel, food, fashion, and things like that. Make sure you build a theme early and ensure consistency. Then, staying consistent may seem challenging, especially when you have a business with a precise vision for paid content.

Select something that you love and have a penchant for, to be candid. For example, you can share Instagram content related to raw food, parenting, hobbies, and more.

Include A Theme For Your Instagram Photos
Cakes, cakes and cakes.

When it comes to a theme, it need not be restraining. You can upload photos and videos to promote your products or services. It means you are not limited to photos alone. You can share videos too provided it relates to the theme of your business or brand.

You can stick to a color theme. For instance, focus on an outdoor nature aesthetic that is in line with your colorful products. If you have a passion for yoga and travel, choose a stunning theme to increase your followers on Instagram. Try these little tips and tricks to benefit from Instagram.

  • By the way, all these little tips perfectly fit TikTok. And if you want a little help with the start, promote your TikTok in your Insta acc and you also could buy TikTok followers.


If you follow these tips, tricks carefully, and implement them, you can build a stellar Instagram profile that matches your business or profession. Make your feed look stunning and consistent and not a mishmash of haphazard images.


Thank you for reading!