Top 10 Video Editing Tools for Bloggers

Top 10 Video Editing Tools For Bloggers
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Blogs are the oldest form of digital content and have been in existence for decades now. As the digital video made its presence felt, it started dominating the world of digital content. Today, most internet users prefer watching videos to learn about a concept or a new idea. Bloggers have been prompt to adapt to such changes, and many of them already use video editing tools to create videos for their blogs.

Depending on the nature of the blog content, one may choose to create animated, infographics, or any other type of video content. There are hundreds of video editing tools available that often leave people confused about which editor to go for. In this article, we aim to make things easier for you by listing out the top ten editing tools for bloggers.


A classic video editing tool, Lightworks is the go-to option for professional-quality video editing. Here, you can seamlessly edit videos across multiple tracks and achieve unmatched picture-in-picture results.

The tool lets you access thousands of royalty-free video clips from its desktop app. That way, you can experiment and give a quirky touch to your blog videos. Although Lightworks has a free version to use all its features, you need to opt for a lifetime license at $437.99. If you intend to create frequent videos for your blogs, then this investment will give you a good ROI.


The USP of Avidemux is the fact that it supports multiple video formats and performs a variety of flipping, rotating, trimming, and other basic editing functions. Thus, if you are working on AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, or MP4 format, Avidemux is the ideal editing tool.

Avidemux has some advanced text features that will come in handy for editing your subtitles. Other than that, this tool is intuitive and is an ideal choice for novice editors.


Magisto simplifies the process of video creation into three simple steps. All you have to do is identify your style of storytelling to decide on the video editing format. You then choose the video clips and photos.

At the last stage of your video making, select the appropriate music from Magisto’s music library. The tool leverages artificial intelligence to automatically organize the footage into a video. Magisto is available in both Windows and Mac systems and is suitable for videos shorter than 3 minutes.


Often bloggers do not have the luxury of devoting a lot of time to video making. With this tool, you can create videos with a few clicks. All you must do is select the template, add the relevant media files and personalize the content. It also has the provision of creating a video directly from a blog.

Another advantage of InVideo is that you can create and edit videos in more than 70 languages. This is especially useful when you are writing a blog in a vernacular language. It’s a free online video editor, and its premium subscriptions are priced at $30 per month onwards.

Video Editing Tools For Bloggers

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a comfortable video editing tool that you can use from Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices. The tool allows multi-track editing, and you can layer music in a few clicks. If you are looking for a quick way to edit your blogging videos, you can use the mobile version of Filmora X.

Wondershare Filmora is free and comes with several easy-to-use effects, filters, and stickers. The desktop version supports more advanced features such as multi-track audio support and is priced at $50 annually.


InShot is the preferred tool if you want to avoid intensive editing and prepare your video on the go. It boasts a huge library of royalty-free music for you to browse. You can also add your music or record voiceovers.

While this is a quick way to create videos, the free version does not give you access to filters or stickers. By upgrading to the paid version at $2.99, you can use all the media features and create watermark-free videos.


iOS users can use the Splice tool to effectively bring together several video clips and make them into a collage. You can trim and edit different parts of the clips and alter the transition lengths. The tool is simple to use and lets you work on multiple layers of timeline editing. The videos created with the free version do not have a watermark. For that, you need to opt for the premium version that is available for $2.99 per week.


WeVideo is another cloud-based video editing tool that offers advanced editing features and gives you 10GB of free storage. The tool supports 4K quality video editing and lets you download the edited file directly to your hard drive. WeVideo is available in iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. It is an ideal video editing choice for situations when you want visually enticing content without having to spend long hours at the video preparation.


Blender is one of the oldest editing tools and has a long history of being used across multiple platforms. It lets you model, and sculpt videos to perfection. If you are keen on animated videos for your blogs, Blender is the perfect tool to consider. While this tool offers unmatched editing precision, it comes with a steep learning curve that may not be convenient for newbies.


If you do not want to leave any stone unturned in perfecting your blog video, then you should use the HitFilm express. It has advanced mask rendering capabilities and lets you export unlimited tracks and transitions. You can export queues and simultaneously work on multiple video clips. For those who are keen on adding voiceovers, HitFilm comes loaded with built-in voice recorders and offers advanced audio editing.

Thus, with the right set of editing tools, you can create a delightful viewing experience for your audience. Understand that the more people enjoy your content, the better will be your digital visibility. As you leverage the power of video to attract better traffic to your blog, we wish you an enjoyable video-making journey.

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