The Best Money-Making Apps For 2022

The Best Money Making Apps For 2022
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The Best Money-Making Apps

InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, iBotta, M1 Finance, and many other popular money-making apps are great for boosting your bank account. However, you need to note that while they will allow you to earn money instantly, it can take some time to get a decent amount to withdraw. The best apps are listed below. Read on to discover the best money-making apps for 2022!


This app pays members for online tasks. As members complete tasks, their account credits increase. Once they have accumulated enough credits to cash out, they can choose to withdraw their money as PayPal Cash, gift cards, or other options. InboxDollars also offers a $5 sign-up bonus. Whether InboxDollars is the best money-making app for 2022 depends on the individual.

InboxDollars also offers paid surveys for $0.01 to $5. Users can complete these surveys for 5 to 20 minutes, but it’s best to carefully read the terms and conditions. InboxDollars may try to pose test questions. Your account may be flagged if you unusually answer demographic questions. However, if you don’t mind this, InboxDollars offers other ways to earn money. is a platform that allows people to earn money by completing surveys and sharing their unused internet bandwidth. The international team behind developed the platform with the goal of enabling anyone in the world to earn money with minimal effort. Initially created as a network to help businesses and individuals access the internet without censorship, the platform has since grown into a full money-making app. Users can earn cash, gift cards, and bitcoin through the platform on their smartphone or desktop PC. The company is dedicated to helping people worldwide afford a happier life by providing them with ways to earn passive and active income in their free time. aims to make a positive impact and contribute to income equality globally.

Survey Junkie

If you have a smartphone and a few minutes to spare, you can earn cash through surveys. There are many survey platforms to choose from. Still, Survey Junkie stands out in its ability to provide quick responses and high-paying surveys. The surveys on the site are relatively short, but each survey carries a good payout. When you have enough survey points, you can redeem them for rewards later. You can also earn points by completing your profile and tutorial. These steps will help you match relevant surveys and avoid being sent irrelevant surveys. You should also keep your goals realistic. Only then will you be able to stay motivated and focused.


With more cashback offers, Ibotta is becoming one of the most popular money-making apps. It offers rewards for shopping at participating retailers. In addition to cashback, Ibotta also lets you earn extra cash for specific products, such as groceries, and it offers incentives to refer friends. Users also earn cash bonuses for meeting certain milestones, such as spending $200 on a single item. The app works like a marketing business, featuring products of different companies and paying the retailers to promote them. This app is free to download and does not require any kind of sign-up or registration. Users can earn up to $5 in cashback with just a single transaction.



Swagbucks is another money-making app that pays you to perform online tasks and earn rewards. This app works with many different marketing companies, so you can make money by playing games, watching videos, filling out surveys, and shopping online. You can redeem your points for gift cards, PayPal accounts, or gift card codes. There are no fees and no minimum amount to join. It also has a daily checklist feature that helps you keep track of your earning opportunities.


The cashback offers on Rakuten are similar to Ibotta. Still, when you click on one of the offers, you will be directed to a Rakuten affiliate link, where you can redeem your cash. In addition, you can also earn cashback when you check out using Rakuten. Depending on the merchant, you can earn up to double the cashback, which is excellent news for anyone who wants to make an extra dollar.

It’s never too late to start making money on your smartphone. Secret shopping, taking surveys, renting your storage space, selling unused items, and even investing are just a few ways to earn cash. The possibilities are endless, and you can even make money by building a side-hustle. So start small and work your way up to making a decent amount of cash to withdraw.


Providing skilled workers with a platform to connect with clients and manage projects in one go, Upwork is a leader in the gig economy. Upwork wins best overall for its convenient profile-building features, broad selection of skill categories, and unlimited earning potential.

Upwork makes it easy for anyone, regardless of previous experience, to create a profile and apply for jobs. Over 1,600 skills are available to freelancers, including digital marketing, coding, translation, admin work, and more. Almost anything that can be done on a computer can be done on Upwork.

It’s easy to find one-off opportunities or ongoing contracts through Upwork. You will be more attractive as a candidate for future opportunities with new reviews and a rising Job Success Score. Successful freelancers may receive invitations to exclusive opportunities.

Payment Protection holds project funds in escrow, ensuring safe and timely payments to freelancers. Direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, and other methods can be used to receive your payment. Freelancer fees can range from 5% to 20%. The more money you earn from an individual client, the lower your fee percentage. After the weekly billing cycle ends, funds are not credited to your account for 10 days.


With its simple, easy-to-use platform, OfferUp makes it easy to sell online after it acquired competitor Letgo. OfferUp wins as the best money-making app for old goods because of its straightforward listing process and the ability to sell locally or nationally.

A new product can be listed by uploading a picture, entering a description, and setting a price. You can either set a price that’s open to negotiation or set a price that’s open to the first willing buyer. Users of the app can ask questions or express their interest directly to the seller.

Users can also ship products through OfferUp, which facilitates local transactions primarily. You can set an item to “buy now” with a fixed shipping cost, rather than monitoring offers and messages.

Due to the nature of local transactions, most buyers pay cash.

Before a sale can be finalized, a buyer has two days to evaluate a shipped item. The seller receives payment within five business days.

Potential buyers can find your items by promoting them. By purchasing a membership or a one-time transaction, you can promote your item.

It is possible to verify a user’s identity by confirming contact information or linking a Meta account. Offering a safe public meetup location based on factors such as lighting, surveillance, and more, OfferUp protects users during local transactions.

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